KaSaiyan and Kaitlog – Joven Sagabain (IFBB PRO) TIPS & TRAINING| TEAMKG| NITROGEN package | vlog11

KaSaiyan and Kaitlog – Joven Sagabain (IFBB PRO) TIPS & TRAINING| TEAMKG| NITROGEN package | vlog11

Okay, so. Welcome back, Saiyans! We’re going to a gym at Makati. With Boss KG and Joven. And then, we’re now preparing the
things we’re going to bring. And before everything else starts, Don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE! Also, click the notification bell so that you’ll
always be updated on our latest videos. We’ll bring our pre-workout meal. Post-workout meal. And then, the post-workout whey. Then our BCAA for our training. Now, let’s go. See you guys later! I’ll go fetch Warren at SM Megamall
because he’s got a video shoot there. I’m now with Goku. Yes.
– What do you call them? – Hmm?
– What do you call them? – So. So, guys. I’ll call you guys, “ka-tuko” because… M*****F***** Can’t I just call them, Krillin? – Anemic, right?
– Anemic. It’s because we look like we’re anemic guys, that’s why… Anemic for now. “Ka-Anemic!” Someday, we’ll also become a Saiyan. You’ll also become a Saiyan. Now that we’re here, we’ll wreak havoc. – Hey. Hey! Stay! – You’re going crazy. “Ka-itlog~!”
– That’s it! What’s that? – So, we’re not going to play Mobile Legends anymore. We’re going to play MU again. Okay. Ka-itlog’s here. Welcome back! We’re going to see, amazing workouts. That’s it. We’re now heading to Anytime Fitness. We’re with Boss KG. And also. Bro, Joven IFBB Pro. And of course, Rookie. Okay, Joven and Sir Kerwin will teach you
guys on how to work on your shoulders. How about that one? The one like this. How do you do it? Tala. So. For those who want to get online coaching. Just follow me on IG, and then DM me. Or email me at [email protected] IG: @Vhensthetics FB: Joven Sagabain And by the way. Watch out for KG Classic.
For those who are going to join, Prep as early as now, so that you’ll
be in good condition on… August 7 – 8, 2020. Now, it’s his turn. He already told the date. – They still don’t know the venue.
– That’s okay already. That’s okay already. For those who want to get handsome. Just PM, Ken Hanaoka. And he’ll bring you, Japanese collagen. Okay. So, we’re now done training. You saw how Boss and Joven trained their shoulders. If that wasn’t enough. Just like what he
said if you want to get online coaching. I’ll put down the details in the description box. For Instagram and Joven’s email. And don’t forget about KG Classic. That’s our boss. He wasn’t able
to tell you because he’s shy. – So, we’ll play against each other at the event.
Ken Hanaoka and I will join the event. Okay. Of course, we’ll enjoy it because we’re Pinoys. – S***. They might believe you. – And then, nobody joined. No, we were just joking. Just a joke,
we’re not going to join. Okay, Saiyans! Shoutout to our client. Our client in Japan gave us this. Boom!
– Let’s see if you look alike. You really do look alike. Good girl. – Heavy, right?
– She’s strong. That’s it. Okay, Saiyans! We’re back at Boss’ house. So, Joven “Kaitlog” just finished eating. And he still wore a cap. “Kaitlog” is done eating. He ate salmon and rice because it’s his favorite here. Really awesome, right?
– So, to all… Salmon restaurant owner’s out there,
Please deliver us some. Free shoutout from Ken Hanaoka. – Mine is only cereals while Boss is having oatmeal. And it’s still in the pot. Oatmeal in a pot. Share some of your tips. The popcorn one. Share your popcorn diet. So guys, as you can see. The popular diet in which you’ll not eat carbs. – Give him a shoutout. Shoutout to coach… I forgot the name. Okay. So, guys. Of course, don’t be afraid of carbs. That’s your No. 1 source of energy. Okay. And then it also helps… In muscle retention, so that you won’t look flat. So, as you can see. Those who go zero carbs. Really dry but in terms of muscle fullness, you’re flat. So. Number 1, post-workout meals are very important. It’s like when you get fueled up. You ran the car, then you ran out of gas. Will the car still run if you don’t have gasoline? Very simple. – What do you have to say about “Longganisa”? – To the “Longganisa”, Oh no. – Stop selling already.
– Oh no. – His style is okay. Although, he toyed on how to sell it. That’s why he’s going overboard too much.
– Yep. He’s doing on an aggressive style. He’s ruining other people’s reputation just so he can sell. That’s all. But nothing wrong with that because… Of course, he just wants to sell. But not to the point that he would make
up stories about other people. – Yep. He shouldn’t make up stories about other people. So, now this is good news. Because Ken is now under Nitrogen-fit. – mHm!
– Right? Nitrogen-fit, do you have something for us?
– Do you have something for us? And of course, we just got back. That’s why we don’t have much flexing to do. So, this is the new…
– What are you so focused on? – This is our new game. So, we’re back on MU. Okay. So, to all millennials out there. If you remember this game. Okay. This game we’re popular alongside with RAN.
Though this was released earlier than RAN. I think it was released alongside Ragnarok. Right?
– mHm, Ragnarok. – Ragnarok. Okay, as you can see the skin. Cool, right?
– That was popular in computer shops, back in the days. – Yep, and you would buy gems. Right? – So, that’s that. You’ve seen our different post-workout meals. – Different.
– Individual preparations… – Different preparations but… Same content. Right? So, there are carbs. There are proteins, right? So, comment down your favorite… Post-workout meal below. Let’s see if what’s the usual… Post-workout meal of Pinoys. Then. It’s done. Okay. So, we’re now heading home. The day is done. Don’t forget. The tips of Joven. “Ka-itlog” Then, he’ll show. We’ll show you guys, what he worked hard for. Okay. Watch me work 2020. Watch out for Ken in November.
– That’s it. Let’s feature it now. S***! You forgot your helmet.
– Oh, S***! Oh, I forgot that I brought my car. – That’s it!
– Let’s go see. That’s what he got for his pure effort and hard work. So. So, guys. This is a US brand car. That’s why the steering wheel is on the right. Just joking. No, guys. This is my real car. – I think this is Sir’s car. – This is my real car. You never know, next year, right? – Right? – Thank You! 2x Take care. – Take care. – Guys!
– Don’t beat it. – Take care of Ken. He might go
somewhere else before goes home. So. Bye, “Umagang kay Ganda”! Watch out for me on “Century Tuna”. So. We’re going to buy a healthy drink. Post-workout drink. Post-workout drink, guys. What should our post-workout drink be? Of course, we should pick one in which our body needs. It’s high in protein. High in carbs. So that we wouldn’t be… “Ka-tuko” And then. That’s all. So, here it is guys. So. This is our post-workout drink. Healthy, right? Green. So, guys. I forgot to tell you. The most important tip there was… The drink you’re going to buy. The drink you should buy is your favorite one. Now you know. Go. Okay. So, we just got home. Traffic wasn’t congested. Rookie fell asleep earlier. And you saw his post-workout drink. So, I would like to apologize earlier.
Our voice was a bit low. So, now we’re a bit louder. So, there are the first few things we got from Nitro. Thank you! So, visit “www.nitrogen-fit.com”. It’s now available. For those who are asking if it’s
available in the Philippines. It’s still not available as of now. But let’s see in the future. So. There are caps, there are belts. There are leggings. There are shorts and then t-shirts. Soon they will also have for sleeveless for training. So, that’s all. Thank you very much. This is where our video ends. We’ll keep on going. Help each other. And don’t forget about KG Classic. This August 2020. Watch out! So, that’s all. Goodbye, Saiyans! Thank you very much! Always remember. All of us are destined for greatness. We only need to believe and take action. So we can achieve it, okay? See you in the next video!
Thank you very much for your support! Thank you! Okay?



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