JUMBO BOX BRAIDS FOR BEGINNERS (elastic band method)

Hello everyone and welcome back to my
channel. If you’re new to my channel welcome. Today I’m gonna be braiding my
hair, but first we’re going to start with a protein treatment. So if you go back to
the beginning of my channel when I first started my channel I got my hair
straightened. When I got my hair straightened my hair got destroyed. So I
had some heat damaged so I’ve noticed that my hair has thinned a lot. And this
is my first time doing a protein treatment, but I wanted to see if it
would do a little something because like I said my hair had heat damage. I’ve
loss so much hair guys so I’m trying to see if I can repair what has happened. So
all I’m doing here is taking a blow dryer and just drying out that APhogee
protein treatment. You leave it in your hair, it gets really hard, it’s really
sticky, like my whole body was really really sticky, however, I found that my
hair already felt like shinier. And then I used that moisturizer to detangle my
hair and it worked really really well. Look how thin my hair is. I wish I had a
before picture to show you how much thicker my hair was. So here I am
starting my box braids. It’s 1108 and I’m starting my box braids.
I was inspired by The Chic Natural so I’m gonna actually link her video down
below if you want to check it out. But what you do here is you just part it in
sections and then you tie the sections up with rubber bands or elastic bands. I
used both, like I said, check out her video if you want to see how she did it.
I’m gonna do this whole hair journey. I’m gonna probably take you guys along with
me. I don’t really do much. This is gonna be my protective style. My first time
actually doing this on my own. I’ve never single braided my
own here so here you go. We’re gonna take one section and then, I grab some Mane
choice. I like to moisturize my hair if I’m putting it in a protective style. I
love to keep it moisturized underneath so that’s all I’m doing here. And then I
detangle it. Now I’m going to show you guys how I put these braids in. So you
take the hair, separate, not fully separate as you can see there’s one
strand and then two strands which makes for the three strands that you need to
do a plat, a braid, it’s a plat because it’s single so there
you have the three strands. I just twist it to keep it in place. Go to the root of
your head. So you want to go to the root of your hair and then grab that piece
and begin braiding. You want to make sure that you are doing this tight. Not tight
tight to where you’re pulling out your hair because then that defeats the
purpose of protective styling, but you want to have a good grip and you want to
braid it pretty tightly. As you can see, I’m kind of pulling it tighter and then
I just braid it down. It’s 12:45 and now we’re starting our braiding. At 11:00
a.m. I started the parting and the sectioning and now it’s 12:45 and here
we are braiding. I’m going to show you again. Detangling, grabbing the hair, we’re
going to separate it there. We have the two strands. Twist the
strands together, that just kind of just keeps it in place. Twist
the strands and you begin to braid at the roots of your here tightly. Remember
you wanted it tightly and then just continue braiding. From there that I
realize I did or worked best on the ones that I used like in elastic band for a
scrunchii, if you want to call it that. For the ones
that I used a rubber band I did not braid it the same way if you
pay close attention. I’m going to show you later on in this video how I
found it easier to do it. So this is actually one of them. So I just took the
hair in the regular two, and use my hair as the third strand and began braiding.
And then as I’m braiding, I’m grabbing hair from the other strand
to give my piece, the piece with my hair, extra hair. So here we go again.
Just two strands, put it on the roof of my head. If you pay attention, one strand
is my hair, the other two is the braiding here. I begin braiding and then I grab
hair from the other strand. There it is take some hair and put it to the section
where your natural hair is so that when you’re braiding it down one it blends in
and then you have an equal amount of hair going all the way down because if
you don’t do that then your hair the amount of your natural hair will stop
and you’ll be left with two strands of hair so you want to borrow or take hair
from the braiding here there you have it guys this was actually
very easy it took me a solid maybe three hours
my parts weren’t perfect but like I said this was my first time in this is just
me protective styling remember that that at the end you want to use hot water to
set the hair so that’s what I’m doing right here I’m just using some hot water
setting it drying it off and be careful because the water is really hot so I try
to lift the hair off of me so that I don’t burn myself then I just added a
gold piece here and that was it you can do whatever with this you can style it
leave it out put it in a up-do bun many things you can do what your hair like
this I want to apologize really quick because I think I was saying strand but
I actually meant take pieces from the hair when I was showing you how to braid
but yes I plan on taking you guys along with my hair journey I don’t really do
much with my hair to be honest I do a lot of braids a lot of braids because
that’s the way I don’t touch and manipulate my hair much but I’ll show
you guys the treatment all that kind of stuff that I’m gonna be doing with my
hair also if you’re watching this video and your hair has been heat damaged in
the past and you’ve been able to repair it please let me know in the description
or the comment section down below if you enjoyed this video then please give it a
thumbs up like I said this was very very easy guys I’m gonna be showing you guys
the time shortly like I said I started at 12:45 it’s now 3:40 this was really
easy fairly quick and as you can see you can do so many styles with it remember
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