• George Cheung

    And yet people still think this is all a joke.

  • Richie Tattersall

    The buildings is there, we have the technology, go for it!!!

  • Enlightened Perry

    We do this every flu season relax

  • Getty Gets

    Governor Cuomo is not joking ! He is doing his thing. Excellent job!

  • Tem

    awesome content I loved it

  • Tem

    great video I really liked it

  • Crood

    7 to 10 days? Too slow. China build a tent hospital from ground up in 10 days. And they worked 24/7 to complete it. These people workers will do 8 hour shifts and go home.

  • To Be Honest

    God Bless Gov. Cuomo
    he's a great crisis-time leader

  • Serenity

    A fema hospital in the Jacob J center whoa 😳

  • James Chow

    Our Mayor still in the gym working out

  • Red Dead

    And all of this could've been avoided if we had proper border and immigration control. But this is fun too. Enjoy New York.

  • j Miller

    Want to Save yourself, mom and the economy ?

    "Asking the right questions, saying the smart things."

    Watch: Cuomo on coronavirus: We won't put elderly at risk to boost the economy

    More comments:

    "Nailed it!!

    A true leader.

    Smiling through the tears.

    So intelligent, love him!

    Not just the elderly, 1/2 of people in other countries like France under 50.

    Sure wish we could find someone with this guy's Intelligence, Compassion, and Leadership!


    His words were stately & admirable.

    Leadership, a plan, stern speech, reassurances of the future. No Ventilators? Let’s innovate." Try using the corona virus immunity produced from those who have had it and gotten better

  • aimee glatt

    But yet Trump is telling us we will be good enough to lift the isolation bans by Easter Sunday. 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Wow.

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