Jaquelyn Kastelic’s Training & Fitness Program – Bodybuilding.com

Jaquelyn Kastelic’s Training & Fitness Program – Bodybuilding.com

My name is Jaquelyn Kastelic,
Team Optimum Nutrition. I’m also 2010 BodySpace
spokesmodel, I own a CrossFit box and I’m a national level
Bikini Competitor for NPC. I got started in
fitness at a very young age. I used to watch my dad work out
when I was probably 3 years old and he had his own little garage
gym so I used to sit in there and watch him and then, as we
grew up, he always said, “Oh, you guys need to get into
fitness,” and we didn’t really know what that meant
until high school. I did a weight training class
for PE and my gym coach noticed that I was strong for a girl
and that kind of motivated me. I like to be strong. When I was in college, is kind
of when I really picked it up so I had to start, you know,
kind of, making sure that I was staying motivated so I started
hitting the gym really hard. Then I started meeting people
that were really into competing and bodybuilding and figure and
stuff like that and so that’s how I, you know,
originally started. I had a very
traditional training regimen. I would go about 5, 6
days a week and split it up. I would do, you know, my legs,
my upper body, back, just the basic bodybuilder routine
is what I started with. I switched over from the
traditional bodybuilding routine in 2009 and it was because I
was training for a women’s tri-fitness event. Women’s tri-fitness is a
obstacle course and benchpress, box jumps, a lot of running. One of my friends had mentioned
to me that, “Oh, that sounded like CrossFit.” I said,
“Where–what’s CrossFit?” I had never heard of it before
and so she told me about her gym that she went to and said
I should go try it out. I was hooked instantly from that
first day because it reminded me of being an athlete again, of,
you know, running track, running cross country, very
competitive so I fell in love that first day. A lot of people think that if
you lift heavy you’re gonna all of a sudden become this
big and bulky person. I’m a very small, petite person
so, you know, I like to show people that I could lift
heavy and do bikini shows. It worked well for me because I
don’t have to spend, you know, 3 hours in the gym doing
weight training and cardio. I get all of that
in one session. I’m there less, you
know, less than an hour. So it worked well
for me in my schedule. What’s nice about doing the
CrossFit is that we’re doing a lot of stuff that you would
do if you were an athlete in a sport, it’s at such a high
intensity, and we’re doing a lot of intervals and stuff like
that, that for me and my body, it works better. I burn fat way quicker, I stay
lean all year round and it’s much more fun than
doing 2 hours of cardio. I opened up my own gym, CrossFit
Unrivaled, and we started with 20 members and most
of them were women. And now we’re at about 130 and
probably half and half male and female. And it’s been amazing. I’m very busy but I wouldn’t
want any other job in the entire world because daily I get text
messages from my clients and they will send me before and
after photos and they’re just like, “I can’t believe how much
changes I made, you know, in 3 months, 4 months, it’s amazing.” They’re always thanking me and
it just feels really good to be able to help people and so I’m
actually trying to constantly motivate people that, “Hey,
you know, we’re getting older. We’re not getting
any younger here. You guys need to kind of take
charge of your health and take charge of your fitness
and do something about it.” Because I do own a gym,
obviously I’d like to preach doing CrossFit and the time
that you’ve saving by doing it because a lot of people have
jobs, lives, kids and they have a hard time and everybody’s main
excuse is, “I don’t have time.” That’s the main thing that I
hear for them not to work out. So, you know, I always
tell them, “Just go try it. Try it out and CrossFit is fast. You’re gonna be there and done
within hour,” so there’s really no excuse because it’s not
really that much time out of your life. My training approach is CrossFit
and what CrossFit is it’s high-intensity
functional fitness. And we do power lifting,
we do Olympic lifting. We do plyometric workouts,
body weight, a lot of running, pushing, pulling, everything
that we do is a compound movement so it’s gonna combine
multiple muscles and multiple aspects of fitness and we don’t
do the same thing every day. We’re always changing
up what we’re doing. The only time we ever go back
and do the same workout is if we want to measure our strengths,
if we, you know, if we gain strength or, you know, endurance
or quickness in a workout. Just so I know that my
training is working with me. With CrossFit, we have a WOD,
and that’s a Workout of the Day. I program that for our gym and
every gym runs differently so every gym is gonna have a
different WOD for that day. For my gym specifically,
everybody’s gonna come into my gym and I take everybody through
a group warm-up and we want to reduce that risk of injury
and then we’re all gonna do the workout together and we all
start it together so it gives you a push because everybody
else is doing it the same time with you. If you look over and you’re
resting and the person next to you is working, you’re gonna
say, “Oh, crap, I need to get up and do this
because they’re working. I can’t be lazy.” So it gives you that extra push,
you know, when you’re doing your workout just to make you work a
little bit harder, make you work a little bit faster. I train usually five times a
week but if I can get six in, I’d like to get six in. But because I own a gym and I’m
really busy, it’s hard to get 6 days in. We have a bunch of workouts
that are named after military or firefighters or police officers
that lost their lives so those workouts are gonna be really
hard, like, compared to a normal WOD. There’s one that’s called Murph. He died overseas. His favorite workout was to
go run a mile and then do 100 pullups, 200
pushups, 300 squats, and then run another mile. That was his favorite workout. So now that’s like a
big CrossFit workout. We do it on Memorial Day. Me and one of my girlfriends, we
decided to do the weighted run and so we had 15-pound weighted
vest on and then we went and did that workout and it was
probably 90 degrees outside. It was horrible [laughing] but when you do workouts like
that, they’re called Hero WODs, when you do those workouts, you
kind of have it in the back of your mind why you’re doing it
because, you know, somebody was protecting us overseas and they
lost their lives so it kind of motivates you to get
through that pain and not suck. I follow the Paleo Diet. It’s a grain-free diet. It’s also a dairy-free diet. However, you’re gonna see
different variations with the dairy because if you have
dairy when it’s raw, it’s healthy for you. When you have dairy when it’s
overly processed at the grocery store, it’s not that healthy for
you because you’re not really getting all the nutrition
stuff that it says that you’re getting. You don’t absorb the calcium
that it says you’re getting because of how
overly processed it is. I’m gonna say I’m like 90% Paleo
because 100% Paleo you’re not gonna have anything artificial
and I do take protein powders and wheys that do have, you
know, artificial sweeteners in it. But when I’m eating my
foods, I just eat lean meats. I eat a lot of
fruits and vegetables. I eat lots of nuts and avocados. Just really healthy fat. Sometimes I eat the raw
cheeses and I’ll have raw milk. One of my clients actually, she
owns a farm so she’ll bring me fresh goat milk,
which is really good. Sounds kind of weird
but it’s really good. And then as far as like regular
milk in the store, I will have it every once in a while because
my husband drinks it, so I’ll put some in my coffee but if
that’s the case we do like organic whole milk. When I go to the grocery store,
I really try to find anything that is hormone-free. I like to go with the grass-fed
if it’s not ridiculously expensive. And then getting everything
fresh, really fresh, that’s my favorite thing is, like, the
fresh fruits and vegetables. However, I know that stuff goes
bad really fast so I do still do a lot of frozen
vegetables and stuff like that. That way, it can last
me some time [laughing] and I do a lot of eggs. Eggs are my favorite thing to
eat because they’re so quick and so easy. And a lot of chicken
and a lot of fish. I usually eat four to five meals
a day and it just depends on when I get up. I try to eat every 3 hours. Sometimes it’s like 2 hours or
2.5 hours because I’m hungry all the time. I eat a lot of food. And then the way that I plan my
meals is a protein, a carb and a fat every single
time that I eat. I would say my favorite Paleo
meal is anything I make in the crockpot [laughing] because I don’t have to spend
too much time sitting around cooking, I just chop everything
up and throw it in the crockpot but I can think of,
like, my exact favorite. I put chicken in there,
frozen and then I stick a can of coconut milk in, tomatoes, and
broccoli and then I do sea salt, pepper and then
Italian seasoning. And I just let it cook there for
probably 5 hours or something and it’s amazing. It’s creamy. Creamy goodness. Me and my husband like
to have a cheat meal at least one time a week. And our cheat meal will be
completely not Paleo because we both love pizza and we
both love Mexican food. So we’ll go have that like
usually on a Friday night or Saturday night. If I’m trying to get ready for
a show or an expo or a shoot, I just cut the cheat meal out so
I won’t have anything that’s a non-Paleo food, so no Mexican
food or no pizza for me but what I eat on a regular basis I don’t
really cut out much other than my fruit at nights and
that’s pretty much it. When it comes to
supplementation, I believe that less is better and taking stuff
that is, you know, more natural. I try to stay away from
things that don’t have a lot of ingredients so when I go for
supplements, first thing I do is I turn it over and I look
at the ingredient list. On the front label it might say
one thing but when you turn it over on the back, there’s a lot
of other stuff in there that you wouldn’t know so I always
make sure to look at those. I take a post
workout protein shake. In the morning, I take a fish
oil, a vitamin D3, and then a calcium supplement. Probably twice a week, before I
work out I’ll take a preworkout energy drink. But, like I said, those
usually have a lot of artificial sweeteners in them so that’s why
I only take them a few times a week. If I feel like I’m training
extra hard or maybe when I’m adding in those extra-strength
training days, I will take ZMA at night because I really like
that as far as recovery goes. I sleep a lot better
when I do take that stuff. And my schedule’s crazy so sleep
is really important for me. But I do notice that when I take
a ZMA supplement, I’m not nearly as sore. My supplementation stays the
same just throughout the year. I don’t really
change anything up. I used to, a long time ago, take
a fat burner for competition but within the last few years I’ve
realized that I actually like just drinking coffee
better for that [laughing]. So I took that out of my diet
completely and I mean that’s really it. I just stay the same. I stay consistent. I don’t feel like I really have
to ever change, you know, what I’m doing. Clients come in that they’re,
you know, they’re brand new to the whole working
out and nutrition. They do ask me a lot of
questions about, you know, what they should be
eating or supplementing. So I do recommend to take a
protein shake after they work out as far as, like, vitamins
and stuff, I usually tell them to take a multi because most
people don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables so the average
person definitely needs to have that, you know,
vitamin supplementation. Everybody always asks me about
a preworkout drink so I usually will recommend them, you know,
to just look at the ingredients, find something that is,
you know, that’s minimal. You don’t want to go crazy
with that kind of stuff. So that’s it for my training,
nutrition, and supplementation. And if you guys have any
questions you can go ahead and find me on
BodySpace at Jaquelyn Kay. If you want to follow my full
program, you can find it on the page below and for more content
and videos just like this, keep coming back to Bodybuilding.com.



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