Jania Getting a New BOD

Jania Getting a New BOD

Hey guys. So, tomorrow I will be at Golds Plastic Surgery. Getting a non-invasive buttocks lift. There’s absolutely no downtime. So I don’t have to worry about sitting. It’s fast, it’s effective, and yeah I’m super excited to see my results so make sure you guys stay tuned for my procedure tomorrow. What’s up everybody. So, y’all
just heard that Jania Meshell is getting some work done tomorrow and I
don’t know why because she looks like she’s already getting thicker to me
and I don’t see anything wrong with her shape the way it is but you never know
how a person really feels about themselves on the inside. I just hope
everything turns out well and she was talking about taking some Apetamin
a while ago but it looks like she gave up on that pretty fast. And I know what it feels like to want to get your body to look a certain way but
ladies I’m just gonna give you a little tip if you’re trying to get your
derriere to grow all you need to do is this low weighted squats on a smith
machine and go all the way down don’t stop like you sitting in the chair go
all the way down as low as you can go and you don’t need to do a lot just two
or three sets and add as much weight as you can handle the goal is to build bulk
and lifting heavy weight with lower reps builds bulk, you don’t need to spend an hour in the gym humping and pumping and wearing yourself out five minutes in and
out low squats and you’ll start seeing some results that’s the easy way to get
some actual results where you don’t have to actually go under the knife because
getting work done is a risk and I don’t mean any harm but her chest is
most definitely lopsided and somebody asked her on Twitter about who did them
and she said ask her again after March 31st so I’m assuming that she’s planning
on getting those fixed around that time as well but you guys just let me know
what y’all think about this in the comments and I will see y’all in the
next video



  • Katrina Hillard

    let me say one thing …baby I ain't mad about it!!! do you Jania….when I say this is the best comeback from hurt I've seen yet!!! Jania going places and i cant wait for her to become everything she is destined to become.

  • Preciousgem Stylez

    I just hope they make her ass match her frame. So over the Kim k, Chloe K, and black Chyna asses that don't match their frames or thighs. But go Jania👏👏.

  • ZzechozZ TM

    I would too if I could 💁🙋🤷‍♀️😁 no shame in it imo
    She's right tho squats will do it too.

  • ZzechozZ TM

    Ommmg they are lopsided! 😱😳 idk if I'd risk that twice on second thought. You make good points 🎯

  • Duwa Nova

    I'm so scary I'm not volunteering to be put to sleep to do anything. Im staying in the gym, everything is not a quick fix. I hope she don't start messing with her face, specifically her lips. Ppl around here looking a entire mess with these lips. And white women should just stop that lip ish all together looking like duh🤢 gross.

  • King Dayy_

    Ayy nba youngboy deleted everything off his insta 🤭

  • Anonymous65

    She tweeted that she changed her mind.



  • Sagittarius Que

    I respect her honesty

  • Kaybeauty

    I hope she think dat ain’t gone get kentrell attention

  • Amber Thais

    Facts!! Thanks for the tip on how to get a thick butt naturally!!

  • marie clark

    I love Jania but she doing too much……she damn near died after her breast augmentation, she's already pretty and her shape is nice, she need to just love the skin she in no need for the extra, but I pray everything goes well for her.

  • kim will

    Ummmmm here we go with the changing the body
    I think the breast or enough!! she ready have a cute shape she dose not need to enhance it And her Real friends should tell her if she have any .. But what’s going on with the bottom of that dress 👗 tho ?!?! Like why she can’t walk in it

  • Simply Erin

    New subbie

  • J Woo

    K. Michelle
    Warned Everyone

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