It All Starts With Food | Bastyr Nutrition Programs

It All Starts With Food | Bastyr Nutrition Programs

More and more I feel like in our society
people are turning to natural health and to be educated at an institution like
this that is so avant-garde with their exploration of research in these
different natural medicines is really I don’t know where else you’re gonna find
that the way that. The way we incorporate whole foods and also alternative medicine into
our programs I think really sets us apart and is very remarkable and
exciting. So food a Bastyr is important throughout all the programs and it’s
really intense not only in the nutrition programs but if you think about
naturopathic medicine the basic foundation the therapeutic order starts
with food acupuncture and Oriental Medicine starts with food
many nutrition programs focus on nutrition they focus on metabolism they
focus on nutrients but they don’t actually talk about food which sounds
really ironic but it’s the reality and so when students find that there is a
program and a department that really focuses on food and the fact that we
have a fantastic organic garden where food is grown that’s what draws been
here if you’re looking at Bastyr you’re
invested in Whole Foods you’re invested in community research-based science
Bastyr is a great place to go you know as a prospective student you want to
surround yourself with inspiring people and you can definitely find that here



  • Alex Kasinskas

    brought me to tears!

  • Bailey Z. Leone

    I did research on this college and every website that I hit said that y’all can’t keep yawls professors and there’s a lot of twisted fucked up stuff going on at that college no doubt that they’re awesome professors there but if y’all can’t even keep your staff your professors and y’all continuously are changing president as frequently as I heard y’all do and even students are seriously making accusations on The university about messed up stuff that the college president does to other professors. I really wanted to go to this college but after my research I think I will go to NUNM Instead

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