Is your BPI Sports ISO HD FAKE ? | BPI Isolate Protein Powder FAKE or GENUINE

Is your BPI Sports ISO HD FAKE ? | BPI Isolate Protein Powder FAKE or GENUINE

Hey ! What’s up warriors , it’s Amit. Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist And today I am going to tell you Whether your New BPI Sports ISO HD As you can see it’s written “Even more chocolaty” and even you can It’s also printed on safety seal “Even more chocolaty” This is a new flavor which is launched in the market recently And I am going to tell you whether your product is original or fake Please watch this video from beginning to end Otherwise it may that by skipping the video you may end up eating fake supplement. As a consequence of it, you will damage your kidneys First thing which you should check is safety seal Please look closely at this seal in a well lit place Because many a times it may happen that Fake sellers generally try to make this seal appear as if it was never broken before by sticking the seal again with glue Secondly, you have to check this seal should not come out by applying little pressure from top There should be ChromaDex quality verified printed in the bottle This is because chromadex does labratory testing of bpi sports protein powder Original BPI Iso HD contains twelve digit bar code By looking at the bar code from it’s first two or three digits Even you can know from where does this bar code issued please note that you will not be able to identify from where does this product was manufacted 0-19 , 30-39 and 60-139 these comes under US GS1 prefix As you can see my product’s bar code starts with the number eighty one As eighty one lies in between sixty to one hundred and thirty nine This means that my product is genuine Some other day I will cover more about bar code As it will be out of context if I start discussing about bar code There should be one QR Code in the bottle If you scan this QR Code with your mobile then it should take you to BPI sports quality assurance page Please check your product’s flavor BPI sports ISO HD is currently available in 2 different flavors first is chocolate brownie and second is cookies and cream If your product contains flavors other than these than your product is fake Please check the serving size. ISO HD is currently available in two different serving sizes first is twenty three and second is sixty nine If your serving size is not matching with what I have mentioned then your product is fake Product’s packaging is very shiny which if you watch in a well lit place then it should shine If your product is looking dull and not shining at all then your product is fake Please look at the bottle carefully. There should not be any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors At the bottom of every US made tubs there is a crease due to mould mark from plastic thermoforming At the bottom of the bottle, there should be an embossed warrior. Standing with a shield and spear above that there should be a number 760-737-7995 just under the warrior should be printed the letters “CBM” Under the bottle should be printed in black ink jet print Lot number, expiration date and manufacturing date Please look carefully the manufacturing and expiration date the difference of these two should be exactly two years The format of expiration and manufacturing date should be MM/YY If there is nothing printed with black ink jet under your bottle Or the difference between manufacturing and expiration date is not exactly two years then your product is fake ISO HD is a trademark symbol and chromadex is a reg mark symbol This means that where ever ISO HD is printed there should be a TM symbol nearby and where ever chromadex will be printed, there should be a R symbol Please check the address of your product BPI Sports 3149 SW 42nd St. Suite 200 Hollywood, FL, 3312 If your product contains any Indian address printed then your product is fake If your product too is imported by Pearl International Then there should be one hologram. Which if you see in a well lit place then it should emit rainbow like colors Always purchase your product from official importers So that you get less chances of getting a fake protein powder There are currently five official importers of BPI Sports in India Muscle House India Private Limited , Global Impex Shri Balaji Overseas , Redasoft and Pearl International As soon as you take out the safety seal and open the cap . You will get an inner seal which is white in color Please look closely at this seal Because many times it happens that Fake sellers generally stick it with glue. Then try to resell the product There should not be any cardboard under the cap of vacuum barrier which most brands contains Original BPI Sports ISO HD contains transparent scoop which is of very good quality in which there should be printed 80 cc Follow me on my Social Media @amitphysique Please subscribe and press the bell icon so that you get regular notifications of such interesting videos Your product should not contain any clumps If your product contains clumps. Then this could be because of two reasons First reason , someone already opened your bottle Second, your product is near it’s expiration date Let’s check the mixability On one hand I have BPI Sports ISO HD Chocolate Brownie Flavor And on another hand I have around 300 ml of water Here goes my protein in water I will not cut the camera so that you accurately know how much time it takes to dissolve in water And this is a new flavor of Chocolate Brownie available in the market Recently BPI Sports changed it’s flavors Let’s see how it dissolves compared to previous version of BPI Sports ISO HD Chocolate Brownie It’s dissolving very quickly If you use shaker or a blender then it will dissolve more quickly Almost dissolved as you can see Please check the mix-ability , it’s almost dissolved But in between the shake, I do not know whether you can see it in camera or not there are small clumps formed so compared to previous version BPI Sports Chocolate Brownie There is a small problem in dissolving as I can see still it’s good at the top you can see , there is a foam like substance formed Now , it’s time to taste. I have new chocolate brownie flavor of BPI Sports ISO HD let’s compare it with previous version in terms of taste Even there is written on the label “Even more chocolaty” Moment of truth has come let’s check Awesome ! I can’t express the Taste in words This is very delicious very tasty If you want a protein powder which tastes good or more kind of flavor or taste oriented Then I think personally BPI ISO HD Chocolate Brownie is one of the best One very important information which I want to tell you all is All the points I have said , maximum will match with your product If everything matches then it’s fantastic. Your product is hundred percent genuine If some points does not match with yours Then it means that For one brand , there are many facility centers across the globe due to which small variation may occur If this creates a doubt Then you can definitely connect with my social media. I will surely help you out. Currently on Amit Physique Youtube Channel there are 4 Fat Loss and Muscle Building programs Ripped Matrix, Mass Machine , Body weight Beast Mode , Body weight Sculpt You can go the playlist then you can select any program depending upon your fat loss or muscle building goals where I have made meal by meal recipe videos , daily workout videos workout pdf and nutrition pdf and everything I have mentioned So that hundred percent you get guaranteed results that too in very small span of time Please like the video if the video helped you Thank you so much for subscribing to my channel Please Share the video as BPI Sports is mostly sold fake in India and if you do not share the video then my video will not reach the people who really needs it and this may happen that by consuming fake supplements , someone damages their kidneys So kindly Share. I need your support to stop fake supplements in India Peace ! This is Amit . Signing off.



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