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just go ahead and get started the first question that I’m going to be answering
today is what were some of my go to meals when I was living in a dorm room
and going to college so I’m going to answer this in two parts when I was
going to college and living in a dorm room I had access to a mini-fridge and a
microwave and I also bought a kettle and a little mini blender both of which all
we’ve linked down below so a lot of my meals focused around what I could make
with these three kind of kitchen appliances I also had access to a dorm
dining hall but that was only open for certain hours of the day so I wanted to
make sure that I was able to have snacks breakfasts and things like that whenever
I wanted so one of the biggest things that I did was I stocked up on frozen
fruit fresh fruit nuts seeds and snacks it made a lot of fruit smoothies with
also spinach and hemp hearts chia seeds flax seeds nut butter things like that
that I could have for a morning smoothie and I actually have a breakfast smoothie
recipe and another one of my videos which I’ll have linked down below my
go-to for snacks was hummus with veggies and crackers I also had a lot of nut
butter with fruit and bread things like that and I also would keep ramen packs
room and I would eat them with boiling water and I would add frozen veggies
into that too if I missed the dining-hall
dinner or something like that my biggest tip is to make sure that you’re stocked
up on really delicious snacks so things like hummus nut butter fruits vegetables
crackers breads things like that and also convenience bars if you don’t have
time to make your own energy balls or something like that that you can bring
with you to class in terms of what I was going to college and living in a house
as my friends I relied really heavily on soups stir fries and nourish bowls I was
prepared for this by not prepping the entire meal for the duration of the week
but instead prepping the separate components that I could use in different
meals throughout the week so what I mean by this is roasting sweet potato and
chick peas on a Sunday that I knew I could use a nourish pulse or at the
entire week cooking a pot of brown rice or quinoa that I could add into these
bowls but could also add into soups and stir fries and things like that I also
made sure that I had tons of frozen fruits and vegetables stocked up as
those are just as nutritious as fresh and are often more convenient and less
expensive for every single day essentially during my undergraduate
career I basically ate a nourish bull that had roasted sweet potato roasted
chickpeas spinach and either brown rice or quinoa with a tahini lemon and maple
syrup drizzle and that was perfect for me because I never really got tired of
it because I was able to change up the spices sometimes I would use cinnamon
sometimes I would use garlic powder smoked paprika things like that and it
didn’t need to be heated up so I didn’t need to go off and find a microwave in
the middle of the day or at the library something like that so that was a really
convenient food option for me I also made sure that I was always stocked up
on fruits and vegetables because those are some of the most convenient food
when I got home at the end of the day I always wanted something really quick and
easy that I could throw together so I relied on soup stir-fries curries chana
masala things like that and I always cooked for two or three days rather than
just that meal I was eating so I knew that the next
night I would have dinner as well or lunch for the next day the second
question that I’m going to answer that is such a common question it deserves
its own video is is soy dangerous now like I said I am going to make an entire
video on this topic because I get this question so often it’s probably one of
my most asked questions my clients and people on Instagram but the short answer
is no there is no good scientific evidence based research that shows that
soy at a normal consumption level of one to three servings per day is harmful for
our health soy at one to three servings per day for
both men and women can be extremely healthy in reducing LDL cholesterol
which is kind of our bad cholesterol and also decreases risk of developing breast
cancer in women and prostate cancer in men the studies that showed that soy
consumption were bad for us we’re done on two men both of which consumed almost
all of their calories per day in soy products so one of the men consumed 14
to 20 servings of soy products per day and the other man consumed his entire
calorie consumption per day in soy they did have adverse effects that then when
they brought down their intake to the normal 1 to 3 servings per day all of
their adverse effects went away and they were healthy again because of this I do
recommend soy consumption of 1 to 3 servings per day if you like it and this
can be done in tofu tempeh edamame and soy milk the next question is is two
tablespoons of nut butter per day healthy so my first thing with this is I
am NOT able to tell you exactly what is healthy for your body you have to be the
designer of that so what I mean by that is there is absolutely no way that I am
able to give you advice like that over the internet because I don’t know why
you’re eating day in and day I don’t know what your regular eating
patters are only you know when you are hungry and when you are full I would
never tell someone to eat less food if they are hungry so if you eat one
tablespoon of nut butter and you’re fighting yourself still hungry
absolutely have another tablespoon of nut butter nuts and seeds are some of
the healthiest food that we can be consuming so definitely do not shy away
as someone who practices intuitive eating myself and who promotes intuitive
eating in my clients I like to say that you need to listen to your own body and
what your body is telling you if you are hungry you need to be eating more and
it’s important for us to listen to what our body is telling us that it wants us
to eat I also got this question about pasta it’s pasta healthy there’s
absolutely no reason to be scared of pasta
we’ve demonized carbs in this day and age and that is so dangerous if our
bodies are telling us that we are craving pasta then eat it there’s
absolutely nothing inherently bad about pasta if you want to have something
that’s a bit higher in fiber and might keep you fuller for longer try going for
a whole-wheat pasta or even a brown rice pasta something like that but if you’re
craving white pasta then just have the white pasta when we start to demonize
certain foods it actually creates in our brain a craving more for it so if you go
and tell yourself I’m never allowed to eat pasta again then we’ll start to
crave it and that can actually lead us to want it more and create really
unhealthy habits around food pasta can be a great source of nutrients and carbs
and especially if we’re eating it with some protein so something like beans or
lentils even tofu things like that and if we’re throwing in a few vegetables a
really great tomato sauce something like that then it can be a really nourishing
meal for both your body and your soul but again if you’re craving white pasta
with some plain sauce then go for it enjoy it and move on the next question
is about quick and simple breakfast ideas and for this one I’m just going to
leave a link down below because I shared three easy
plant-based breakfast recipes in my previous YouTube video someone messaged
me and said I’m constantly tired recently and I follow a whole food
plant-based diet is there something that I’m doing wrong what I would say is
please go to your physician or registered dietitian and ask them to get
your blood test done to make sure that you are not deficient in any vitamins or
minerals I would also say to make sure that you are eating enough when you are
following the Whole Foods plant-based diet it oftentimes is lower in calories
than a diet that’s high in animal-based products this can mean that you may not
be eating enough to give you the energy that you need to get through the day it
can be hard to get accustomed to eating a bigger quantity of food but I
encourage you to listen to your body eat when you’re hungry and stop when
you’re full and try to incorporate some more snacks if you’re finding yourself
hungry or more often I would also say to make sure that you are getting a good
vitamin b12 supplement because that can really affect your energy levels as well
all in all you should definitely go talk to your physician or your registered
dietitian as they can work more closely with you to pinpoint exactly what might
be the problem someone asked what is the number one food that you would recommend
someone incorporate in their diet and this is such a hard question this is
hard because I don’t know you and I don’t know the types of food that you
are already eating and I don’t really believe that there’s one food that every
single person should be eating I do believe though that many of us could
probably benefit from having more vegetables and fruit in our eating
pattern and specifically I think greens are really nutrient dense foods so many
of us probably don’t get enough of the most important thing when incorporating
more vegetables and fruit into our diet is to make sure we’re enjoying it now I
am someone that absolutely loves kale but there are so many people that I’ve
tried roasting kales they’ve tried blending kale putting it in soups and
curries and they still absolutely hate it because of that you should not be
eating kale if you hate it there are so many vegetables and fruits out there
that you can enjoy and indulge in that you don’t need to be eating
anything that doesn’t excite you and you don’t love adding to your diet I always
say that the most nutritious vegetables and fruits are the ones that we are
going to be eating most often if you buy a ton of different types of vegetables
but you don’t like any of them chances are you’re not going to actually use
them because of this try and stock up on the vegetables and fruits that you do
enjoy and try incorporating them in your diet in new ways don’t be afraid to rely
on frozen vegetables and fruit either as they can be just as nutrient-dense as
they’re often picked and frozen at the peak of their ripeness and there are a
lot of the times less expensive and easier to prepare as they’re already
chopped and things like that for you I also got a bunch of questions asking
about my specific path to becoming a registered dietician and starting my own
private practice and I think I’m going to save that for its own video because I
could go on for a little while about that so leave me a comment down below
letting me know if that’s something that you’re interested in watching ok last
question that I’m going to be answering and this encompasses a few different
questions that I got if do I count calories and macros and the answer is
absolutely not I used to be someone who used the apps like My Fitness Pal and
things like that to count the calories that I would eat in a day and I found
that it really kind of brought up disordered behaviors trying to restrict
the amount of calories that I was eating and I was not listening to my body
whatsoever instead I really encourage people to
listen to their bodies listen to your hunger cues when you’re hungry when
you’re full and what your body is telling you that it wants if you’re
craving pizza with a side salad great have that if you’re craving mac and
cheese great have that if you’re craving a really beautiful fruit smoothie then
have that if you’re craving a portable house that if you’re craving a cookie
habit all of these foods are meant to be enjoyed and meant to
beehad we need to tune into our bodies and listen to what they’re telling us
our bodies are much smarter than we are and the problem is when we start
counting calories and counting macros it takes us away from listening to what our
internal body cues are telling us and instead is going from a number that
we’ve pretty much pulled out of nowhere that says what we should be eating and
what should make us feel full and satisfied and happy to reach a specific
goal when we count calories or macros instead of listening to our bodies it
brings this arbitrary number that we’ve maybe calculated on the internet or even
a professional isn’t going to be able to tell you exactly what your body needs
only your body can do that so I encourage you to listen to your body and
listen to what your body is telling you and follow those cues it can be hard at
the beginning but I can do another video on this if you want just leave me a
comment down below letting me know I think I’m going to wrap it up here I’m
sorry I didn’t get to all of the questions but I will definitely be doing
another one of these please give me a thumbs up if you would like me to do
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