• Natalie Thornton

    This is so chaotic

  • Lucas Tan

    how about some instant coffee type ii

  • Grant Clark

    i forgot they collabed with julian smith…what a youtube legend

  • Andrew S

    4 hours? Rookie numbers

  • My patronus Is literally Voldemort

    I looked in my settings and my daily average screen time on my phone is actually 4 hours and 5 mins

  • Geralyn Trejo

    LINK keep your hands to yourself!!!!

  • STSmokeOut Baby

    Links the only person to mess something up and be mad at you for him being wrong lol

  • RainbowTea

    pour over drip coffee is so good.

  • Meg Fallon

    Rhett and Link : something about this is relaxing Also: 19 full minutes of absolute chaos

  • Stefan Schäfer

    I think Link is the type of guys that jumps 18 steps in a funny interaction and goes straight from super funny to punchable.

  • Colin Tripp

    Link gives me so much anxiety LMAO

  • Weird Uncleburger2

    Is it weird that I have never had instant coffee

  • Novux Gibbon

    Nescafe Clasico is easily the most BREWED coffee taste you can get from an Instant coffee… Hands down.

  • Darrell Perry


  • TheBobon123


  • scott guzman

    Where did u get those clear glass mugs?

  • Victoria Chapman

    Absolutely DIABOLICAL hahaha

  • Jake Schaefer

    Trader Joe’s Instant coffee is amazing.

  • James Haskell

    You don’t weigh fluid ounces. D’oh!!!

  • Jess Pepper

    I think the spoons clinking against the glass will haunt me in my dreams.

  • Z

    Just got an image of these two working a project in science class.

  • eric jacobs

    Link with the marker lmao

  • Captain Planet

    1st thing's first: start a timer.
    Link: man… i don't like timers. Lolol you don't say. God, I feel like Link and I are the same person lmao

  • Captain Planet

    That last sigh from Link sums up this video. Hilarious lol

  • Carly Dreyer

    Rhet slowly turning into aqua man

  • What The Helz

    Beyond stressed right now 😭

  • Joanna

    This was the most stressful episode I've ever seen

  • newluke500

    Did you guys not rinse the paper filters?!!!??! Heratics

  • Heather P

    So frustrating watching this.

  • Castanedars Vlogs

    Are we sure there not secretly married to each other and it really doesn't matter how you pour the water into the bask for pour over coffee

  • fai

    Of course they know Julian Smith. They’re that cool.

  • Sauna Mad Man

    Ugh! That’s new to me! But I’m tea guy anyhow

  • Kirsch Rot

    Just a shambles

  • Grace Quibi

    You guys could’ve used some stickers to differentiate those mugs

  • Garebear

    9:59 ahhhgheghemmehdehmehmhhhhh

  • Jade Burrell

    Gurl u iz a juicy peach

  • sube tube

    I just dump some grounds into the french press, put some boiling water into the press, mix it until it's like a tar, and them press it. Easy and extremely strong

  • MJ Noce

    The easiest and best coffee is Folgers singles – similar to a tea bag. Makes a perfect cup every time.

  • Thomas DD

    Next time try Nescafe frappe for instant coffee

  • james friel

    we only talk trash about Starbucks because of the price, not the flavor of the coffee.


    They grumpy before they get their coffee

  • Ayla Atkins

    you ever spend 20 minutes working/thinking really hard and after 20 minutes you feel like you accomplished nothing. I think that's how Rhett and Link felt at the end of this video

  • Walls Are For Climbing

    I’m pretty sure I spend more than four hours a day on my phone…

  • Liyah Watters

    Who cares about how much time anyone spends on their phone. Technology is advancing each day. How can anyone not be on their phones? We all need to accept this and move on.

  • ZionForman

    pour-over coffee is my preferred method but you do have to be patient when brewing

  • keem

    just so you know link, i said tractor when you said lube 😪

  • ravenwda007

    Nabob Full City Dark 🤤

  • HPManiac123

    If I lived in Cali I would you guys a nice shot of Cuban coffee, made the way it was supposed to be made. Ever since my first colada I have never gone back to American coffee.
    Personally, I think if you were going to use the Supreme Cafe Bustelo, you should have used the Supreme Freeze-Dried Instant as well, but I'm not sure how much of a difference that would have made. I've never bought it cause I drink Cuban coffee


    7:48 Chill, Neal

  • Charming nowhere to hide

    Link: "put your mug in front of mine" Also Link: proceed to grab the front mug

  • noahmanc2

    This was trash

  • Grand Papi


  • Jennifer Satow

    four hours is way too short of a time

  • oza

    8:21 this is why link cant have pointy objects

  • MeliFaceify

    Ohhh BOY.

  • pho3nixmatt

    When Link mentioned a mantra, I was hoping he'd start chanting that he's the serpent king.

  • Erica N

    Who in the world is really going through all that effort for instant coffee? Definitely defeats the purpose of "instant". Lol

  • Predalmond

    Rhett be looking more and more like a lion lately

  • Matt Klaus

    Before watching, im going to assume that the instant will be better, UNLESS the pour over was just barely ground. Otherwise any ground coffee you buy from the store is old and the oils in the beans have gone rancid aka nasty and bitter

  • Rosario Camuglia

    This episode gives me anxiety

  • Mad Rian

    Is Link ok?

  • yaliso gioouy

    “I don’t like timers, seems too much like sports” same, Link, same.

  • Pitsolu

    I thought I liked GMM for the wierd stuff. Nah! I like it for the innocence! It inspires more people than you could imagine!

  • khedira ze

    Americans tasting real coffee…to describe it with an expression Link used: it's like lipstick on a pig.

  • Doggy Woof woof

    at time 5:24 Link shows anger at the scales

  • gtoss chddy

    When Link said "around the outside" I finished with "around the outside, around the outside" can't help it, but you gotta say it 3 times

  • Olivia Theresa

    This was not a good taste test lol…hilarious

  • Nazareth Simons

    I’m watching this from Panama 🇵🇦😁

  • TheGameMakeGuy

    pours cold water over coffee like 3 times

    tHiS lOokS weAk

  • TheModelOmega


  • xtinneee

    I actually like cafe bustello lol 😅

  • Marney Olson

    Folger's tastes like dirt. Instant or ground.

  • huttio srreu

    Having them work on tasks together always makes for the funniest Mores lol

  • montyql


  • Miss Springss

    They're ability to coordinate this properly is so stressful XD

  • Jared McDaniel

    rhett and link gave me and hubby a reason to cuddle every day!

  • Ian V

    I don't do my pour over like that at all, i just do water through it til my cup is full

  • Craig Hinkle

    Mr. Coffee…(link in the description below)

  • bilisha coli

    I get anxiety with all the damn cups and so many teaspoons being used.

  • Murphy's Law

    No, for camping,use a French press! Never consume instant coffee!

  • Erin Kingsford

    Can someone take the marker away from them?!?

  • Baylee Bezona-Jackson

    This episode was so chaotic and uncomfortable lmao

  • Dreamscape

    Wait… So is instant or pour over better?

  • bssni touir

    Having them work on tasks together always makes for the funniest Mores lol

  • Andrew Wells

    Great episode so much work for a cup’o’coffee lol love it

  • Δημήτρης Μπαλφ

    I am sick and tired of seeing these his face on my frontpage.

  • Chelsea Barrios

    Link i swear 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Drgnflms7

    I was hoping Link would drink from Rhett's mug with all this chaos and it happened! 😂

  • BAMBAM3316

    They should've labeled that cluster of cups from the beginning.

  • ImThePolice

    Does link not know the difference between fluid and mass ounces?

  • Drewnax

    “Bein’ all science-y” does absolutely nothing science-y

  • Meghan Decatur

    This episode gave me anxiety.

  • stecky87

    When Rhett said that he puts a little something in his coffee, my first instinct was that it was Bailey's . . .

  • Kate Gunn

    Suez is not a country Link it is a canal in Egypt

  • Melanie

    Word of the day: "Smewthe"

  • Adam Rash

    As a barista for 5 years, this was massively painful to watch. Unrinsed paper filters? Nooo. Starbucks? UGH NO.
    Paper-flavored bad coffee.
    I still love you guys.

  • danielle guy

    Geez they fight like my grandparents 😂😂😂

  • danielle guy

    This was painfully funny to watch😂

  • Zakiya Briggs

    2 cups of each coffee 😂

  • Dizzy D

    yall complaining about bustelo have clearly never had to drink sanka

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