Instagram’s Most Famous Eight-Pack

Instagram’s Most Famous Eight-Pack

COMM: Bodybuilder Chul Soon has one of the most famous eight-packs in the world. A staggering 328,000 people follow the ripped South Korean on Instagram. COMM: Known to his friends as the ‘Asian Arnold Schwarzenegger’, it’s taken 15
years of work to get from 125lbs to 220lbs. COMM: But not everyone’s a fan. COMM: Girlfriend Su admits that the attention he gets can be overwhelming. COMM: Being so well-known has forced Chul to defend the way he maintains his muscles. COMM: The bodybuilder has already won a number of titles. But has no plans to take it easy.



  • Bighit_Wifey

    His chest is bigger than mine, even tho I'm a girl!!!??? 😂😂

  • Erick Martinez

    One paper cut

  • mega0876

    This idiot Jackie Chan has a short man syndrome. That's it

  • Irrelevant .

    Baki out here wildin

  • Yabancı

    he looks scary to me

  • pau boyzmAk47

    Bro I like your body how can I have same like you.??

  • Sullivan Pleass

    Weird flex but ok

  • Subscribe me for no reason

    He's Huge!!

  • Darkspecter

    His early life made him famous.

  • Mazdy Soraya

    He still got chicken legs, and then there is something unnatural with his shoulders.. i dont know, maybe i am wrong.

  • Kate

    All of these comments hating, because you guys could never achieve what he has. You lack the required ambition and dedication.

  • Vorname Nachname


  • Tom

    chicken + banana, didnt some dumbass chef from Kitchen Nightmares had that on his menu?

  • BodhiZaffa

    Gotta be honest.. not really impressed with those abs.

  • GrimReaperGaming LT

    That chest thought

  • Jawad Hassan

    "Sexy Body "

  • AK 47

    'Asia's first Chicken banana orange smoothie'

  • ninix007

    Should have left some efforts to build his butt —

  • iWillWakeYouUp

    2:37 lmao he just walks away without shaking his hand

  • Christian Viliame


    "I used to do 3000 sit ups a day "

    Me: 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Kim Taehyung

    Jungkook left the chat

  • Iris

    Jungkook in 10 years

  • Soobunnie

    atleast it isnt oil

  • Simmonds

    how the hell is this man even getting clothes in south korea. he stiching together 4 regular size clothes. please

  • AffeLaffe

    Chul's girlfriend is probably getting destroyed in her bed

  • Mack riggs

    He face doesnt match his body and its scaring me

  • Torva Messorem

    I always wonder why people go to such lengths to get superfit and muscular. It really serves absolutely no purpose in modern day life aside from bragging rights.

  • rose lavender

    * jimin has left the chat*

  • じょうじ

    orange chicken gone to another level

  • Tee Blake

    He’s a good looking guy

  • not original enough to come up with a cool name

    As a girl, this is not attractive at all to me and I know that I am not the only girl who thinks like this. Like good for him, he is obviously very dedicated and disciplined but this is not necessary at all to be attractive to girls.

  • Ike Christian

    As a skinny guy who was looked down on, he didn't cry out like the pathetic Obese Body positivity movement instead he worked on his body and not only is he a media sensation but also HEALTHY!

  • •Fader•

    when an asian man is buffer than american man

  • PaperParody

    He has bigger boobs than most girls

  • Yolanda Luz

    Mmmmmmmm u r so hot

  • Chelsea

    His last name is Joestar . It has to be Joestar. I won´t believe you if you say his last name is anything else then Joestar.

  • DrCube84

    “I just got bigger”
    That’s a stretch

  • Saca Scdvev

    Ew chicken and banana and orange

  • The Revenger

    Kleanfit??? More like Clenfit

  • Henry Zhang

    girlfriend so pretty.

  • Henry Zhang

    He so humble, great guy.

  • Jessea Katsuki Malfoy

    There is always an Asian better than you.

  • termitater squared

    I'm confused how I legitimately lift the same amount he does every day and I'm not that size.

  • Zana Geravi

    Sniff sniff do I smell steroids


    “He attack”

    “He Protec”

    “But most importantly….He Inject”

  • yves rioux

    he used steroids for his upper body only

  • Kenneth carter

    3000 sit-ups a day?! I don't even know if I could count to 3000! Dammit.

  • Anime Fangirl445

    Yo I feel so bad for his girlfriend imagine when they’re having se-

    sorry children of god

  • Debbie Smith

    He looks deformed/weird

  • Zaira Cadena

    Thats a whole lot of dianabol 🤭

  • Shell Peters

    Holy crap not cute at all looks gross!

  • Samantha J

    His foundation doesn’t match

  • Gunnar Teterissa

    He is just a loumpia with sterouds, thats all

  • Sara Shelton

    I pressed this vid in a heartbeat fr!😂😂

  • Jennifer Aguirre

    People like that ? That’s WAY to much for me ahah. Like good for him but it’s Way more then i would like on a guy lol.

  • K C

    NFW is this guy "natural", he actually looks deformed. Nice try bud but we ain't buying it.

  • Catherine S

    Well I guess I better start blending chicken in all my smoothies

  • Cody Gardner

    Chest to big and legs to small

  • Nara Baniya

    Lier Natural


    My favourites Chinese natty bodybuilder chul son

  • KingsColas


  • Zayan Ahmed

    When are you going to take steroids
    Chull: soon

  • Andrea Zabinki


  • yoo im high

    Bet you his pee pee still small

  • CC Z

    Hmm, it’s the small things that make me wonder how natural he actually is. Something about his proportions are off, could just be from poor form, those curls were atrocious. Chest looks a bit weirdly smooth, would have expected more muscle striations, but with all the sugar he’s getting in from the oj and bananas, it could just be excess fat. If he’s bulking, there’s going to be a bit more fat than usual, but even in his competition photos, they still look way too smooth. And speaking of diet, all that sugar in that smoothie would make me vomit, even as a post workout shake. Also, another thing thats strange to me, if you’re showing off a body builder, why film his curls, tricep extentions (is that what those were? Never seen them off to the side like that) and bent over row? Why not film something more visually impressive like a squat or deadlift? Those weights get really heavy, so why not show that? Unless he can’t actually life that heavy? These are just some questions I have

    Edit: wait, he’s actually pretty cut in those completion photos, so maybe he is bulking in the vid, if that’s the case, then it’s possible he is “natural”, or just using legal supplements🤷‍♀️ either way, people who laugh and assume he’s not natural as if they know just don’t know anything about bodybuilding

  • C m

    A ripped and masculine asian….. very rare..

  • Ahmad Rozak

    Doesnt have a penis

  • Supremo Syndikat

    Is someone actually this stupid and believes that he is a natty😂

  • Jamz Adañuc

    His arms are bigger than his legs!!

  • Brielle Aaberg

    What cooked chicken in a smoothie!?🤢🤮

  • Kmcyo Artist

    but i heard bodybuilder is bad at fighting?

  • NiN yO

    3000 sit ups a day
    Saitama:Am I a joke to you?

  • yakuza mafia member

    Photo Ji sooki

  • Global Prong

    Most likely going to die Early . From enlarged organs or something

  • Lyra M

    3000 sit-ups a day? Nah

  • salman khan88

    Arnold bast bodaybalder

  • inkaz Yep'Z 77

    That's why I see Koreans has villagers living in remote area they only listen to their own songs not knowing what is going outside the world it would be a boring life for me to be a Korean lucky me!!

  • ReadyPlayerSixtyNine

    When steroid kicks in.

  • Lar

    You can't get this kind of size without steroids.

  • Astro C

    Not natty that's for sure.

  • shoaib

    He has biggest boobs 😂😂😂🙊

  • Oliver Berdgin

    He forgot to wear bra

  • James Yong 勇

    His abs are too bulky he should cut down on body fat and possibly cut down on a little bit of muscle

    He looks terrible

  • Tristan Kluivert

    Korean hulk

  • darockk

    all you whingers laughing at his claims he is natural, well what do you expect him to say? do you expect him to admit he's using?

  • Jordan Vallejo

    looks more like a seven pack, lol

  • Kid

    Firstly, i thought, that is some gachimuchi video

  • Samantha Tenorio

    If the rock and him was in a fight who do u think would win? I just thought Of it.

  • ddaeng I'll hit you with my lightstick

    Banana , Chicken and Orange juice…for a smoothie ?!
    My guy , you could have eaten them separately ☠️ .

  • Binsy Koshy

    He looks like Jackie Chan from the cartoon

  • Sangma Chuang

    0:31 guy on the right haven't discovered steroids

  • lilli wds

    Julien bam?

  • Zarriah Mason

    Bro I’m good with like the banana and the orange juice in the smoothie BUT CHICKEN?!?!

  • Lopas As

    He attacc

    He protecc

    He use steroidd for six pecc

  • Trulyありがとう


  • trolli polli

    He's a handsome man but that body is horrible.

  • Andrew Maae

    HOLD UP, he said that Koreans prefer slim body looks…they choose to look like that?? Bro, if all the Koreans start working out now, in 15 years they'll be like him.

  • Arii;笑

    His body doesn't match his face

  • Buck Dewey

    Real life Baki

  • then benagcz

    He should Play goku in dbz movie

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