hmm..oh yeah the next client is a huge guy, kind a bodybuilder. Let´s see what interesting stuff he wants.. Oh here he is. Come in! Hey! Hi Darko! Are we finally ready?! Hey, hi Mike. I’ll be ready in a minute. You said you want something small on your forearm? Yes exactly! Here on my forearm The first letter from my sweetheart! There is a lot of place, look at me how huge I am! Okay okay…. I got it Good. You can take a seat. I will prepare the needle. Well fine! This chair is clearly to small for me Me, the huge bear! Okay well then….tell me Darko Does it hurt ?! Are you serious? Such a huge guy asking me about pain? Nothing hurts you anyway! C´mon. So let’s get started. OUUUUU… MOMMY!!!! BREAK, BREAK!!! PAIN !!! CIGARETTE, CIGARETTE!!!



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