• Cowsep

    Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: ✅ PC: and get a special starter pack 💥Available only for the next 30 days

  • Sweaty Samurai

    im a better yi

  • Master Yee

    So you are telling me that in 31 minute game 9:22,you had 1 kill?

  • Long Nguyễn

    Raid shadow legend huh, my boi getting pay. More raid pls, it make my day whenever i see this pathetic game give away free money for soul

  • wilson0213

    song at 5:40?

  • Gia Phúc Trương

    dude!! this guy is really a beast!!! i mean COW BEAST

  • Nights walker

    Oh man he is just so fucking good at this game


    1:29 i know how that feels man.

  • Arves

    You're a beast

  • Sam Tries

    yeah yuumi and yi is busted, i made a vid on it with a friend

  • Johnathan Kennedy

    I normally skip past the raid ads but damn you cowsep i actually watch yours. Still not gonna download it though

  • ★ChiĐô★

    1min ads to get 10min vid
    200iq Editing

  • Cleaner White

    Im surprise RAID still keep on sponsoring him.

  • Slick Sauce

    That spider jump scare at 8:44 lol

  • Hung nguyen quoc

    If you can't beat them, join them "Stopwatch"

  • Minh Nguyen

    You try to master master Yi speed up the phase 😀

  • 鏵歌

    Cowsep: Putting a 1 min ad in a 10 mins video

  • ZyKe SaBLeS

    I think that vieg try to protect that Mf… Thats why he flash..

  • quoc thanh Tran

    1v1 me

  • Bill Liu

    if you reply to this comment I will install and play

  • Joshua D.

    What's the song at the end of the video? It's not in the desc

  • Blue-eyes sage


  • Zen

    Play on EUW cowsep i bet you wont get higher than Silver 1 youre playing on bad Servers and bro learn more difficutl Champs so you can acutally say youre a best bc pressing rqew isnt hard no Front man

  • Angelo Baquiano


  • Kaka KarrotCake

    These Raid ads seem to be getting more and more insincere

  • Công Nguyễn

    Penta kill moment

  • iFace The Wind

    Wtf alpha strike works??? 8:18

  • Plano

    Welp was going to watch you but then raid…

  • Kenneth Benoza

    you said that already!

  • Hyper Kayn

    For everyone :

  • YogiTheDon 4


  • Bánh Bao Chiên

    I love u = dit me may

  • Ashley Garcia

    Is fiddlesticks is not yet reworked in your server?

  • Choose Your Adventure

    Cowsep your mic has been scuffed for the past videos

  • Cauliflow Games

    Spicy work cow

  • Walter Clements

    0:54 perfect clip to use

  • Magna Sorata

    Dear RAID SHADOW LEGEND: your game is too heavy for my device, so please give me permission to skip every second of your useless advertisement!

  • --

    8:44 Corona virus on its way through your device.

  • Young Spoopy

    Isnt yi q just a mini stopwatch?

  • rguajardo95

    Love the voice crack at 2:19

  • Phạm Văn

    How many time did he said it???

  • hi I am yasuo

    oh :v
    best master yi ever

  • Khoa Nguyen

    Love u cowsep. Btw, what's the outro? Wrong link/music in the description

  • VietnamNumber1

    Raid shadow legendddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  • Linh Nguyen

    0:08 nah

  • Green Mt Bear Giant


  • EDM VN

    cowsep trẻ trâu 😂😂

  • Rẻ rách Đầu buồi

    Th đầu buồi rẻ rách nguyễn văn toàn thắng

  • Silver Player

    Cowsep: are you tired of all the youtubers telling you to play the same game?
    Also Cowsep: RAID ._.

  • Thái Trần

    Hey CS, what champ should we ban when we play Yi??😐

  • Noisu Wan

    Raid shadow legends everywhere

  • Sang Doan

    Hello mấy ông Việt Nam nha

  • Ranko Kanzaki

    No one:
    Literally no one:

    Cowsep: 7:00

  • Okanid

    B E A S T

  • Stefan_

    for some reason i like to watch your ads. lol.

  • Anh Hơi Ngu

    All fan of u is vietnamese

  • Anthony Cha

    At 5mins. That shit was clutch asfuck

  • Loyal


  • Ümit Berber

    That phone screen?! Dude, it is commercial… 😪

  • Senku Ishigami


  • 5555Thecrow

    I solve his issue with STOP WATCH.
    How about DON'T waste your ALPHA STRIKE on a champion that has non used STOPWATCH???

    Maybe try to make him/her use stop watch before you ALPHA in…or attack another player close.
    You never look who has stopwatch, that's your own error. you can look who has stop watch and formulate a strategy based on that info.

    Stop blaming an item for your own laziness.

  • Tùng Dương

    play ap Yi

  • Hoang Truong

    pls no more waid: shwadow wegend ads uwu

  • minh khong co keo nen ma lam Duong


  • Đình Ngọc Official

    I like you . Việt nam ❤️🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳

  • Thai Son Ha

    0:56 barney stinson :))

  • Pierce O'Neal

    Garbage advertisements in the middle of a video. Links everywhere… One more like that and I'm out of the channel.

  • No Signal

    Nobody :

    Cowsep in every game : I was in alpha – Im a beast – Where's my penta – Im so good in this game – Something about Stopwatch

  • Houssem Bouguerra

    True Yumi and yi are broken

  • amazarashiロリス

    7:20. Been a while since I had a sincere chuckle.

  • Nitro Gaming

    Don't say… don't say =)))

  • Saulo Goki

    grats for the sponsorship

  • Doubleplayer1000

    Take a shot everytime cowsep says: I am a beast or I am so good at this game

  • Kymkiboy Entertainment

    Cowsep: RAID: SHADOW LEGE…
    Me: time to tap

  • HasmaBoss

    Are you tired of all the youtubers telling you to play the same game? NO? EXCELENT!

  • Nguyễn Linh


  • Bob tremblay

    Good as yi🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • {_ TaPPiE _/}

    No you

  • Hồ Hoàng

    Hay vc

  • icetwister2000

    Ya man nice raid ad. A gamers gotta make money somehow during this virus outbreak.

  • Light B

    Click pleas -.-

  • Makku Mark

    I'm obese 😷

  • Dong Hoang

    Chán vãi suất ngày xem ông đánh thắng k có một trận nào ông thua cả. Khi biết bộ phim một kịch bản vậy ta xem làm gì nữa đổi gió tý đi. Giải trí nhưng nếu nó chi toàn 1 chiều thì xem lam j

  • raidX •

    Trash game use my name

  • Astelki Mobrez

    Also if you want an actual good game play Pathtale its in alpha. Like Cowsep


  • A Random Cuber

    your version of the raid ad was the only reason i watched the whole thing lmao

  • Fatih Gürel



    Barney Stinson

  • Mohamed Mostafa

    cowsep : are you tired of youtubers telling you to play the same game ?

    me : YES FFS

    cowsep : no ? excellent

  • ThanhTZeussks

    yesterday i see u, u drive white SH and in Quy Nhon city ??

  • Tan La

    Wrong, it’s 650 gold item

  • ZabuzaMomochixLoL

    gg ez <3

  • Nobi Giang

    Trong giao tranh hình như ổng ấn q liên tục 😂

  • patchling


  • Minh Nguyễn Hải Nhật

    Would you play another champion besides yi?

  • Joana Woodard-Lewis

    I've been told to play Raid Shadow Legends by at least 400 youtubers, might as well support you when I actually give in to try it.

  • Haziq Kirito

    Cowsep tips "How to counter stop watch is by playing like him"

  • Kyou Kamei

    This comment is sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends

  • black show

    Pha đầu hài

  • Jacky Vang

    Yuumi with ANY movement speed champ is nutty :O

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