Hypertension and Vitamin K2 & D3 Testimonial – Dr. Eric Berg DC

Hypertension and Vitamin K2 & D3 Testimonial – Dr. Eric Berg DC

hey Dr. Berg here in this short little
video we want to talk about a great success
so we’re talking about blood pressure now before we get started I want to just
let you know we’re not making any claims to cure blood pressure or any medical
diseases what I do is I like to work with the person’s medical doctor as a
kind of a team to work on the nutrition part to help them increase health so
then they can reduce the medication so now you were on some medications tell us
a little bit about medications you’re on and your blood pressure was pretty high
right yes I was taking lipitor beta blocker and Norwex and I forget the
other ones it was a concoction of few different medications basically very
high blood pressure 160 by 110 and since I’ve been coming to you and seeing but
now for for a while I you introduced me to d3 and k2 and when I started to do
that along with the kale juice and all that my blood pressure kept on going
down and my physician kept on reducing the dosage of the medication that I was
taking and actually I’m completely off the medication and I actually have low
blood pressure at some times just came off of the month of fasting in which it
was a little difficult to take the D in the d3 and k2
maybe transposing the numbers but any event I’m back on track and I’m taking
four and four everyday and my blood pressure is completely normal I would
say about 120 by 75 which is remarkable even with the medication I was taking I
was 135 hundred and thirty by eighty eighty-five but now without medication I
am even lowered that’s interesting because you know the medication
obviously was not working your wife is the radiologist and I’m
sure she was happy that you’re kind of reducing your medications but I want to
explain what k2 is in d3 vitamin d3 in k2 don’t directly fix
blood pressure what they do is they help mobilize calcium in the arteries and you
yeah I’m going to I’m going to get to that and so the calcium that plugs up
the pipe sort of speak to vessels and they makes it more like hardened
arteries the blood pressure go up because they K 2 and D 3 and I like to
do like four of each per day I like the D 3 to be 10,000 IU’s and the K 2 to be
at 100 micrograms and take four of each in the morning and then what happens is
that it starts to mobilize calcium out of the vessels not just the heart valves
and the blood vessels but the arteries through the carotid through the neck up
into the brain because you had a problem when you tilt your neck back remember
you actually had pain yeah I could not do this and I could not lie down and
look up and the whole you know I I used to the the ceiling would be turning and
I don’t have that problem and the only thing I’m doing different is really
taking these three and you had predicted that that that’s what triggered actually
you putting me on those things and also inside of my teeth I just had my
hygienist she felt that I had a lot more of calcium or deposits on my inside of
the teeth and now I’m going every three months so there was certainly a surplus
of calcium buildup which my body I apparently was releasing and it was
sticking to my teeth what happens is that k2 helps mobilize calcium out of
the wrong place and and it helps get it out of the system if there is an excess
amount and sometimes it can come out through the pores of your body
I’ve had even someone coming out of the tear ducts but most the time it just
goes into the bone so yeah so anything like soft tissue calcium arthritis
bursitis tendinitis blood pressure calcium buildup in the joints where
you’re really stiff can clear up with these two nutrients so it’s it’s it’s
such a no-brainer I think within the next three four years you’re going to
see a lot of people doing this combination because it handles so many
issues with people I mean as people get older they turn into a stone they become
very very stiff and they get heart problems women that take calcium without
the k2 and the d3 end up with a lot of problems with the heart so even the
medication for blood pressure one of the medications is calcium channel blockers
what’s that that is a medication to get the calcium out of the heart right now
they’re doing even a better scan for for the heart which is a calcium scan they
looked for plaquing calcium which is much better than so cholesterol is a
whole different thing over here but calcium is a and more important
indicator right now for overall health so I just wanted to say this is awesome
and thank you for sticking to it in your success and I wish you the best in the
future thank you very much you’re welcome



  • real man

    Great now I gotta have k2 and d3 .

  • Yvette H

    Thank you for this video Dr. Berg. I have been diagnosed with carotid artery calcification of almost 50% and given no treatment. I went to YouTube to help myself and learned about vit K 2-7. I started taking it but really wasn’t sure of the dosage especially coupled with vit D3. I took 300 mg of k2 and 5000 up vit d3 for over a year and did feel an improvement. I was not so dizzy and winded easily. When I increased my vit d3 to 30,000 ui, as you suggest, I noticed my teeth were covered with plaque shortly after. I had a cleaning two months ago and need to have it removed again. I’m assuming this is a good sign and that my dosage is now correct. Also, i have been Keto/Carnivore for a year and dropped 30 pounds so far and many inches. Blood pressure is now normal. Thank you, again ❤️

  • L.M. Green

    I am convinced healthy food is better than taking any supplements! You just need to do moire research on the specific foods!

  • brian woodward

    He looks pretty physically soft compared to Dr. Berg. Need exercise? Moy's tai chi is good for preventing stiffness.

  • Yair Kerr

    Do natural high blood pressure treatment like Hybetez Remedy really work and if so, how effective are they? I have heard several amazing things about this high blood pressure treatment.

  • Hank Nelson

    Very first thing is water weight. If you are overweight the water on the heart is the main culprit. You need to drop water weight first and than focus on K2. It is harder to get K2 at a therapeutic level than D3. D3 and K2 are more bioavailable with vinegar and water . These hormones can become resistant if not properly digested in the stomach.

  • andrew filipowicz

    Dr Berg you were right, more and more people are using it and the CAC score is becoming normal

  • Ruben Ibarra

    My D levels were at 29 and doc said range should be from 30 to 100. I asked if I should take D3 and doc it's not really necessary. I didn't listen and started taking 2000IU of D3 with 100mcg of K2 Mk7 once a day. Should I increase it or keep it that way?

  • Step It Up Morons

    thank you,,, greatstuffff, God Bless

  • Prima Lux

    Vitamin D toxicity? That’s a very high dose

  • andrew wong

    Im glad you’re a doctor that emphasized on nutrition instead of medication. I’m starting to take mk7 along with a multi vitamin. Thanks again👍❤️

  • Onelove

    What Dr Kale has a son. He is taking "four n four". What !!

  • Charles Matthews

    Love this ! 🙏

  • Fine Curls

    Which brand of vitamin D3 and K2 do you recommend?

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