How To Stop Procrastinating – The 321 Trick

How To Stop Procrastinating – The 321 Trick

When I was in college, I was the type of person
that would hit the snooze button at least four times before finally waking up just to
rush out the door because guess what? I was already late for class. I had this uncanny
ability to almost always and I mean always hand in my essays and my projects literally
minutes right before the deadline. This was definitely not something that I was proud
of. We all have amazing things that we tell ourselves that we are going to go outside
and do, but for the most part we have trouble finding the motivation and the inspiration
to actually go out there and do them. And I am sure you can relate to this. What finally
helped me was this little trick that I learned from a mentor of mine. It’s called the 3 2
1 and it’s actually very simple and very effective. The next time your confronted with a task
that you don’t want to do, even by the slightest bit, you start counting down from 3. You go 3…2…1
and once you hit one, you stop whatever you’re doing and then finish that task. The only
rules are that whatever it is has to be something that’s possible and it has to be something
that you can do right then and right there at the moment. Let’s say for example you just
came home and you notice that the trash bin is full. “Oh man…I should go and take out
the trash. You know what I’ll do it after I check my email. Wait stop. Take out the
trash 3…2…1 and you have to drop your phone, stand up, and you have to take out
the trash. Now the key to this trick is to make it into a habit. They say that it takes
about 21 days to form a habit. However in my personal experience it didn’t take any
longer than about a week and a half for this trick to settle in. The key is to apply it
to just about every single annoying task that you find throughout the day. “Oh the dishes
are piling up. Well 3…2…1 go and wash the dishes.” “Oh the dog looks hungry. 3..2..1
go feed the dog.” “Should I brush my teeth? 3…2…1 go and brush your teeth.” “Oh I
am kind of hungry right now too! 3..2..1 go cook yourself a meal.” After doing this for
a while you’ll find that your met with less resistance every time you count down from
3. And it’s at this point that you’ve unlocked the true potential behind this trick. The
point of this trick was not to give you a way to take out the trash or always hand in
your homework on time. Yes that is going to be helpful, but the true potential behind
this trick is to give you the ability to build positive new habits. Let’s say that you’ve
been trying to go to the gym for a while now. You know all of the positive benefits. You
know logically that it is the right thing to do. Yet you’ve never found the motivation
to actually go out there and do it. Now all you have to do is say, “Sign up for a gym
membership online, 3…2…1, and you’ll go and do it.” And then immediately afterwards
you can say, “Get dressed and go to the gym, 3…2…1 ,” and you’ll go and do it. The
key here is to make sure that the 3 2 1 is ingrained enough in your mind so that when
you do say it, no matter what it is that you’ve challenged yourself to do, you will do it.
And the same thing can be applied for quitting negative habits. Things like smoking or drinking.If you’ve ingrained the 3 2 1 strongly enough in your brain, you can resist those temptations. But the biggest
and the hardest thing that you have to do in order to make this trick work is to take
that FIRST STEP TODAY to start implementing the 3 2 1 trick into your lifestyle. I challenge
you to think of something right now that you have to do. Something on your to do list,
that you’ve been pushing aside. 3….2…..1 GO AND DO IT!



  • ToBeDetermined

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  • Livin' Great

    One tool that can help relieve procrastination so you can take consistent action is hypnotherapy. In the 1940s, the American Medical Association and the British Medical Association said that hypnosis seem to be very effective.

    Of course, it's not a magic pill. Even after a 20-minute relaxing hypnosis session, action is still required.

    But it will give you momentum to act.

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