How To Meal Prep With Just 5 Ingredients | Eatbook Cooks | EP 17

How To Meal Prep With Just 5 Ingredients | Eatbook Cooks | EP 17

Eh you clean! Hello! So Suphon, your challenge today is to do a meal prep. Meal prep ah? Just meal prep only? But the twist is… 5 ingredients, 3 different meals. So I can choose the ingredients myself right, is it? No, we’ve got someone special to pick the ingredients for you. Someone special? Chiara: Hello!
Suphon: Oy! Suphon: You ah? Chiara!
Chiara: It’s me! Eh you confirm going to choose all the mala, brown sugar, blue pea! Eh I where got so basic all the time?! What’s this huh? I’m going to eat the food you cook for the next 3 days so, I didn’t give you some IG-worthy, gimmicky thing to you. I got chicken, cauliflower, carrots, onions and potatoes. Wah, balanced meal. Still have protein, carbs But I thought I would make you a 5-course blue pea meal. You said 5-course blue pea meal? Blue? BLUE. Chiara: Do you know that I hate blue colour now?!
Suphon: Sorry sorry. Can try, but would you help me not? Chiara: Help you for what?
Suphon: You need to work for your food. What do you mean work for my food? Eh just cook la! Suphon: Cook for you ready then you –
Chiara: Yeah la, okay sure. So the idea of meal prep is that it’s a very modular system. As long as you have one carb, one protein, and as many veggies as you want. You can come up with as many possibilities as you want. So what do you want me to do? You can help me cut some stuff. Okay. To make sure we don’t eat the same thing over and over again, we’re gonna try to variate how we cut the food and how we prepare the food as well. So, different cooking methods and different techniques. I think it’s perfect that Chiara chose a chicken for me, because with a chicken, we can utilise different parts of it. It can get a little intimidating when you cut a whole chicken. The trick is just to make sure that we do very clean cuts. You don’t cut through any bone I’m not going to use the neck for any of our main dishes What you want to do is just cut through. Make a slight incision over here. So when you cut, make sure you don’t cut through the bone. Be very gentle, and cut though. Feel for the joint, and just slice through the tendon. There’s no blood. So now that we’ve removed the feet and the neck, we are going to remove the thigh. This here is the thigh. Then I want to separate the thigh meat from the drumstick. So this is a nice thigh meat we will use for our first dish. Separate the breast from the back. This is the only moment where we have to do some heavy chopping. So here is the carcass, we don’t really have much use for it so we put it in the soup as well. There are two sides to the chicken breast, the left and the right. So we are just going to separate the chicken breast from the main body. So what we do is we cut through. Here is one piece of chicken breast. Eh I also want to try. Try ah! Try to put your knife closer to the bone so that you don’t have much wastage. Wow! This is the first time I’m cutting chicken from the bone raw eh! Omg this is fun. Do you want to weigh the one I cut and you cut? Eh don’t like that, my first time cutting chicken leh! And this carcass just cut into even smaller pieces. Now we’re going to marinate the chicken thigh to give it a little bit of flavour. When it comes to marinade, there’s no hard and fast rule, you can just put whatever you want inside. Actually I don’t know what to put, so I’m just going to turn behind and see what we have in the Eatbook pantry. Okay let’s take a look. Oregano, garlic powder, onion powder, some black pepper, salt. Just a bit here and there Just go by feel one. You can just put a bit, put as much as you want Then we need some oil so that it goes together – Sesame? Chiara: I like sesame oil.
Suphon: No. We put a neutral oil. We need to put a neutral oil so that it doesn’t – You said we can put anything inside! Ya, but you’re putting something that’s too strong. Just put a bit here and there Okay! Can already! So we’ll put this in the fridge while we do other stuff. For the soup we start with the spare parts here The carcass, the feet, and the wings. We’ll save the drumstick for later. Cause’ we’re going to tear the meat up for some nice shredding meat topping. So we’ll just dump the carcass inside here. Remember the onion and carrots you gave me? They have a lot of flavour, but they can only be extracted when cooked in hot water. We add water, about 2 litres to cover the chicken. So we’re going to boil this for 1 hour. Alright! The soup has been boiling for about an hour already. You can see that the colour is a bit darker and so it’s been reduced for a fair bit. We’re going to add our chicken drumstick to it. Our potatoes, and our cauliflower here. And we’ll go with a touch of seasoning, some black pepper. Cover this, and boil for another half an hour more. So we’re going to do the second dish which is the cauliflower rice with roasted vegetables. Cauliflower rice has been getting quite popular recently The only difficult part is that you have to grind it up into really small pieces. So can you help me with that? Can! Then we’re going to fry it really lightly with a bunch of spice over here. So we have ground chillies, black pepper and salt. The potato, carrot and onion. We’re going to put it all into the oven and roast it up really nicely. Not forgetting the chicken which we marinated just now. I have the cauliflower here I need you to help me grate it over the cheese grater. Grate it like this, until you get these small pieces. I think girls like me will actually enjoy preparing cauliflower rice because nowadays, we are all trying to cut on carbs. How is it? It’s okay. I have like ten thousand more florets to go. Your perseverance is very good. This is only the first one. Okay, actually I scammed you. You scammed me? Yeah, actually there’s a food processor to do it. But I wanted you to – Rage. You wanted me to rage right? I wanted you to understand the food better You wanted me to rage in front of camera right? You failed! I let you do one only right? Okay so what are we supposed to do Dump it all inside and lightly pulse them. Now we’re going to fry the cauliflower fried rice, it’s going to be quite simple. So whenever we cook we need to make sure that the pan is hot before adding in the oil. Add the cauliflower and some seasoning. Stir it around until it’s cooked then we can serve it already. Alright, we are now going to roast the vegetables So we’re going to start off with potatoes which we’ve cut into quarters. Some onions for flavour, carrots, and to season off with salt, black pepper and olive oil. We need olive oil to ensure that the vegetables dont dry out. Ohhhh okay. If not the heat will directly Chiara: Attack!
Suphon: *sounds* onto the vegetable. Just going to mix it up. So now that the vegetables are nicely coated in oil, what we’re going to jazz it up with, is a technique that we’re going to do with the oven. So we’ll make the oven as hot as possible. Once it gets super hot, we’ll remove the tray and add the vegetables on it. The vegetables start cooking almost immediately. So they’ll start to crisp up, start to caramelise, to get that nice Chiara: crunch on the outside.
Suphon: crunch to it. Pop it back into the oven. Put it for around half an hour, then put it for another 10-15 minutes after that. So now we’re going to start off with the chicken. We’ve already marinated the chicken just now, so we’re going to put it on a cold pan. Cold pan? I thought just now you said must always use hot? Oh ya, okay. So we are going to put it on a cold pan because we’re going to put it skin side down. So when you put it skin side down, it starts from a low temperature. The skin will start to render, so eventually you get very crispy skin. That’s what we want for our chicken. So now we’ve been cooking our chicken on its skin side for around 15 minutes already. So we’re going to go on high heat to finish cooking on the other side. Serve it on the skin side up. So once we take the chicken off the pan, you’ll see all these nicely rendered chicken fat. You don’t want to waste it, pour it all over the vegetables instead. Okay! What are we doing now! Okay so for the last dish, what we’re doing is that we’re going to pan-sear this chicken breast. It can get a bit plain because it’s just plain chicken right, so we’re going to put a brown butter sauce. Then for our carbs, we’re going to do a whipped potato. And the last dish is some steamed veggies, the healthiest way possible. So now we’re going to steam the vegetables but I need your help to cut this. Yay can! Cut this into a circle. Can, I love arts and crafts. So this is like the dim sum stall, they line the baking paper because they don’t want the vegetables to stick to the bamboo steamer. Chiara: Is it okay, chef?
Suphon: Yeah I think it’s a very good effort, but actually there is another way of steaming without cutting the thing. What? You trying to trigger me again? It’s the last time I’m triggering you. Huh? So what’s the – For for people who don’t have a bamboo steamer at home, you can steam vegetables using the microwave. Okay… Take three pieces of kitchen towels, lightly damp them with water, put in microwave at the highest heat. Cook it for around 6-7 minutes. It looks not bad. Cooked all the way through. A bit limp. Put a bit of salt to bring out the flavours a little. You season me? So now we’re going to boil our potatoes before we mash them up. So the mashed potatoes we’re doing today is the fluffy kind, the very light one. It’s important to remove as much starch as possible. We cut them as small as possible, and keep rinsing them with water so we rinse away the extra starch. Just going to put all the potatoes and cover it with liquid. Okay so the potatoes have been fully boiled, you know they’re done when you can put a toothpick and it goes through very cleanly. Now that we have drained the potatoes, we’re going to let it dry a bit, on low heat, on the frying pan. Pass it through a sieve over here, this makes the potato extra smooth. Chiara: So I just smash it like this?
Suphon: Yeah. Then scrape the bottom. I’m back. Nice! Well done! You sure this is not a prank? Yeah I’m not pranking you. We’re just going to put some melted butter and some salt as well. The last protein we’re going to do is pan-seared chicken. But since it’s a bit thick, we’re going to butterfly it, split it apart, then coat it with flour, so it doesn’t dry up. We’ll start by heating the pan first, add oil to it, then we add the chicken breast skin side down. Cook it really quickly, one and a half to two minutes on one side. Flip it over, and cook it for one more minute on the other side. Then serve. Very fast, very quick. Okay and it’s done! Nice! The last sauce we’re making is a brown butter sauce. It’s not too difficult, all you have to do is put butter and melt it up to the point where it browns and not burnt. So the key thing is also not using a non-stick pan. You’ve to use a nice silver pan over here, so you can ensure that the butter does not get burnt. Brown butter has an additional edge over normal butter because it has this really nutty aroma as the milk solids start to get cooked off. And the last part, which is the plating. We’re gonna add a bit of greenery to it, so let’s sprinkle some parsley. Hi! Welcome to another episode of Eatbook Cooks. And today, Suphon is our special guest. Actually I’m the special guest. Okay so we have three meal preps done, and we only used five main ingredients. There’s chicken, potato, carrot, cauliflower and onions. Looks-wise, I’m pretty impressed because of the different styles. The first dish, chicken soup! Supposed to be very comforting, nice to drink on a cold day. Looks wise, I’m okay with it. Looks like something my Auntie has always been cooking, something homecooked. Tastes exactly like what I drink at home. Yeah, very comforting. It’s great for a rainy day, it’s great for days that I want to take a break. Especially after working at Eatbook for so long, sometimes you just eat overly oily and savoury food. This would be a nice break for lunch. I think it’s quite nice, quite plain tasting but at the same time not very boring as well, so it’s a good mix. The next dish would be the chicken thigh with cauliflower rice and a medley of roasted vegetables. It has the texture of rice but it’s juicier. I don’t really like the taste of cauliflower but I love the heat that we’ve added with the ground chilli. You like chilli right? Add more chilli for you. There are some components that I like, and some that I don’t. Let’s talk about the ones that I like first. The chicken is full of flavour and the texture of that chicken skin. Wow, I think that’s my favourite part of this meal. And also the roasted onions that is kind of like, caramelized onions. I love the sweet charness of it. Potatoes and carrots, nah, normal. I will minus the cauliflower rice, and x10 the chicken and onions. Last one! It’s like a cookie-fied chicken breast, because of how aromatic the brown butter is. It’s a different flavour as compared to the boring chicken breast that I always make for myself. I just squeeze some lemon, then add some salt and pepper. It is not tough at all. Not too dry, because we butterflied it. Mmmm okay. I think I learnt some good tips and tricks while meal prepping. This is one of my favourite hacks today. Don’t need to steam and boil stuff, just put it in a microwave for 7 minutes, with tissue paper on top, that’s it! But you got to know that it’s 7 minutes for cauliflower. If you’re cooking carrots or broccoli, it might be lower, so just experiment. Go on two, go on three, and try seeing how cooked they are. The most tedious component of the entire day, very buttery. Woah, you know what would make me even happier with this dish? If we put truffle oil inside Right, wow! Truffle mashed potato! I meal prep when I’m trying to lose weight, and all these flavours are something that I don’t taste when I meal prep. Because when I do it, it’s really boring. I just boil everything and i just season with salt and pepper that’s all. This one you use some butter, you brown the butter a bit, you roast the vegetables, you add some spices to it, I think it makes it really different. Flavour wise, I love this. And I would think this is kind of the healthiest, and the fastest to recreate. If you don’t sieve the mashed potatoes. Because the vegetables can be easily done in one shot in the microwave while you prep other stuff. And chicken breast is healthy, and it still tastes good because of the brown butter. So it’s really easy I feel. This would be my favourite. Same here. So what are your thoughts on the versatility of these ingredients? I’m really surprised, because we are just using the 5 common ingredients, and kitchen essentials, and you get to have 3 different kinds of food. All these cooking methods are highly doable. Ok, steady. Next week. Chiara: Huh?
Suphon: Make for me. Er what er huh? Thank you! Er busy la. Er sorry ah busy. Thank you for watching this episode of Eatbook cooks! If you liked this video you can check out more over there. And don’t forget to like, share and subscribe! BYE! Eh, so next week mala, bubble tea, brown sugar altogether ah? Brown sugar cauliflower you eat ah! Okay nice. Chiara: Okay deal!
Suphon: I will eat!



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