How to make waffles and pancakes out of protein powder

How to make waffles and pancakes out of protein powder

– Hey guys, today on
Low Carb with Jennifer I’m going to show you how
I make my protein waffles and the protein pancakes. They are one of the most
popular recipes on my blog. I’m going to show you all
that we need to do it. You can find the link to the recipe in the description below, or you can go to and
search for protein pancakes. (upbeat funk music) So whenever I wanted to
make some protein pancakes, and you search on Google protein pancakes, you’ll find oats, bananas, all this stuff that doesn’t really have a lot of protein, but what does have a lot of protein is protein powder of course, so here I’ve got a cup of protein powder, and I like to use Premier protein powder. It’s really good, and I’ve
heard other people use like Quest protein powder. I can’t guarantee that your
protein powder’s going to work. If you have some crazy protein powder that just has egg whites in it, it’s probably not going to work. I would try the Premier protein powder. You know, they’re not paying me, I wish. So anyway, I’ve got a cup
of protein powder here. This is vanilla, and we’ve got two eggs that we’re going to put in here, and this serving, this
is enough for two people ’cause it’s two scoops of protein powder. And this is different than
what was in my original recipe. The original recipe called for water, but someone in the comments
said to use sour cream so I’m going to try it and I think it’s going
to make it not so dry. Maybe people think they’re dry sometimes so let’s see how this works, I’m excited! But I love this waffle recipe, I usually. (waffle maker beeping) Shut up waffle maker. Let me get this almost
stirred and then I’ll talk. But I love this waffle recipe. It’s so easy, it makes like
two really good-sized waffles, and it looks, whenever you’re mixing this, it looks like it’s not
going to come together, but then it just does and it’s
like the perfect consistency. I don’t know how it works, just like that. Love to eat these with
some sugar-free syrup and lots of butter. Okay, we’ve got our
pre-heated waffle maker here, and I’m going to spray it
with a little cooking spray. (cooking spray hisses) It is hot. And this is 1/3 cup measure. Actually, I’m going to
do a little bit more. Okay, cross your fingers! Okay, our waffle, oh
my gosh, look at that! It is perfect. Oh, looks yum yum. (waffle maker beeping) Oh, I’m guessing it’s done (laughs). Oh look at that! That looks so good! Those are some perfect-looking waffles, but the ultimate taste test is when they are with no syrup, no nothing and they’re super hot. Mmm. Those are good. Very good. Okay, now we’re going to
move on to our pancakes. I’ve got a hot skillet here that I’m going to spray
with some cooking spray. You could use butter. There’s nothing wrong with butter. There’s nothing wrong with cooking spray. So now let’s make some
pancakes with this batter. So I used just the one serving of batter to make both the pancakes and the waffles, but if you just made
pancakes or just make waffles of course it would, you know, make more. So I just flipped the first pancake and look at that. It is super fluffy and it’s looking delicious. Okay, here’s our second
pancake and it is super thick and delicious and perfect. Okay, here are our pancakes and waffles. Let’s see how our pancakes are, oops. Let’s see if they’re delicious too. Mm hmm. Those are good too. This is really good. They’re not too sweet. They’re perfectly, actually
they’re perfectly sweet if you ask me, just perfect for put a little butter on there, a little bit of syrup. You don’t need a whole lot, and they are going to
be perfect and delicious for your next breakfast, and then you’ll get an
extra protein boost. Guys, I hope you like this recipe. You can find the link to the recipe in the description below, or you can go to and search for protein
pancakes or protein waffles. Either one, they’re going to be delicious, and I will see you guys later, bye! (upbeat funk music)



  • Ella Swick

    Add some fried chicken to the waffle with sf syrup….😋😋😋

  • Renee Brooks

    Jennifer, what is this that you put in the bowl at 1:53? Thanks!

  • Johnna

    That's amazing seriously

  • Erica Strada

    2:12 "Shut up waffle maker…" omg I laughed so hard 😀

  • Stacy Hackney

    Yum. Thank you.

  • Erica Strada

    So my question is, how much sour cream did you add? I don't think you talk about the measurement, and it's not updated on the original recipe. Please let me know as I'm going to be making this recipe soon! 😄

  • Raphael Ferrero

    Soooooooo do I need to put sour cream? Your page doesnt mention sour cream

  • LittleEmperor

    Looks good, but how much sour cream?

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