hey guys Suz here welcome back to our
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weekly keto cooking videos today we are doing how to make corned beef
cabbage in the crock pot this is the best keto friendly and low carb corned beef recipe and will probably be one of my shortest videos
ever because it’s just that simple if you’re ready to get your St. Patrick’s
Day cooking on then stick around okay so to start with I’m just using this corned
beef brisket with the seasoning packet included this one is a little more than
three and a half pounds and I always get the flat variety you can find this one
right at your Costco store and I’m taking a pretty large crock pot I’ll
link this one down below and adding about 12 ounces of radishes and just
scrubbed these really well trimmed all of the green and any excess rootage
off of this and I’m just pouring them straight into the bottom of the crock
pot nothing fancy there these are gonna be our potato substitutes on top of that
I’m adding about four cups of just rough chopped green cabbage you could add more
if you like especially if you’re cooking in this size crock pot next we’re gonna
add our beef brisket to this now for mine this beef brisket is well prepared
and ready to just go straight out of the packaging and most of the fat is trimmed off of
it but if you just have a regular beef brisket that’s you know soaking in a
marinade that’s a brine you may want to rinse it before you put it in the
crock-pot or it’ll be too salty for you and also a lot of people like to cook
theirs with the fat cap on the top now you can see this has got some nice fatty
places on the top of it still but I went ahead and put the fat cap of mine on the
bottom because I like it to be as close as possible to the heat source and to
really get into those veggies in the bottom of the crock pot to make sure
those radishes are nice and cooked through and soft and brown and looking
like potatoes when they come out you know what I’m sayin’ I also like to have my
seasoning directly on top of my beef brisket so that flavor can get all the
way through it so I’m adding that seasoning packet directly to the top of
it on to the roast itself and in addition to that I’m adding a tablespoon
of caraway seeds and you can see I’m putting most of this directly on top of
the brisket some of it I let go to the side and now today in light of the times
we’re in I’m adding three cups of water now if you watch me cook you know I
always add bone broth beef broth chicken broth some kind of broth or wine I do
not cook with plain water but I don’t want to use all my broth up in case we
run out and can’t get any more from the store at the moment so I just poured
that around the roast you know just a little on top so that seasoning kind of
stayed in place lid on cooking it low and slow ten hours here it is all done
you just put this on before you go to bed and by the time you get up and get
situated get your coffee or whatever in it’s all done here it is plated up I
just sliced that brisket a little bit of cabbage a little bit of radish with some
chives on top to make it a little bit prettier but nothing fancy here just a
good old keto st. Patrick’s Day meal ah that’s it guys that’s this week’s video
I am so sorry I didn’t have more recipes for you today but our whole household is
still sick and so I figured this would be a good recipe to make quickly for you
guys and appropriate for the time of year for you that are celebrating st.
Patty’s Day I hope all of you are staying happy and healthy and until next
time bye guys music


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  • EZKeto

    Love radishes in crock pot! I love easy recipes! Cabbage is a amazing! I have never used caraway seeds or had corned beef for that matter. So this is going to be very new to us. I grew up in an Italian family. I have never had corned beef. I'm going to try this out! Looks so yummy and delicious! Thanks so much for giving us a new meal to try! I'm so excited for something new! 😃💖

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