How to Make Clover Leaf Rolls – Behind the Recipe |

How to Make Clover Leaf Rolls – Behind the Recipe |

Behind every great meal, there’s a story. And behind every great recipe, there is a journey. Behind the Recipe. My grandmother, in the
depression, had five children, and not a lot
of income, so she had to get up very early in the morning
and make loaves of bread, and rolls, to sell, so she could
supplement the income. and keep the family going. There are four girls in the family, so they
would switch off, although my mother was the youngest, and the other girls
would have been a little older at the time. So, probably most of the ownness
fell on my mom. I just know it wasn’t easy. I totally remember growing up
that my mother would make huge batches of bread
a couple times in the winter, and we had put away jam
during the summer. And so she would make 10 or 12 loaves
of bread, and we’d deliver them to the neighbors, with, you know, hot.
They were still hot out of the oven, with a jar of jam. And that was, kind of,
one of my fondest childhood memories. I learned by watching my mother.
Baking bread in our family was an all day affair. Uh… she would start it early in the
morning, in the afternoon, you know, she would form it and put it into
the pans, and put it in the oven. So, basically we have this
wonderful yeasty smell in your home for the whole day. She’d always make clover leaf rolls. So there was like three little rolls,
within a roll. I never had anything but
clover leaf rolls. I love bread. I love both to make bread,
I love to watch it grow, I think it’s alive. I think it’s, you know, this wonderful thing
that you can’t really see in any other baked good. Or, anything else you cook,
for that matter. You can actually, you know, watch this product be alive, and grow. Which is, you know, fascinating to me. I’ve got people asking me recently,
you know, what would be the one thing you couldn’t get along without,
as far as food goes, and I think bread is probably it.
Bread is necessary, and it did help my family at a time when
they needed help, and it certainly gone full circle
with me. I make my living making bread.



  • sjsawyer

    I read this quickly and thought it said "Cloverfield: Behind the Scenes"

  • shysterkme

    that looks good..

  • KissHope

    I have only been making bread about a year and love it so much, still learning each time I make. Have seen recipes for these rolls but none included oats. Does the addition of add a different texture? Can you taste the oats? Thanks so much.

  • Alberto Gomez

    Wow what an awesome story and recipe 🙂

  • MrGlennJohnsen

    @sjsawyer That's such a good movie! 😮

  • katzcradul

    Wow! I just posted a video last week on making cloverleaf roll…I show the process start to finish. Love the art of making bread.

  • Stacey M

    I got distracted by the story, lol, I have to watch it again for the recipe!! I think you did that on purpose! They look amazing!

  • amasayspfft

    i love the smell and taste of fresh baked bread 🙂 i never grew up eating it though.

  • Jojeezful

    Great video. I love a recipe with a story behind it. Makes you appreciate it so much more 🙂

  • TheVittleVlog

    Great vid!

  • D Bolt

    i love most of all is making bread the house smells so inviting ty for sharing

  • Pradnya Paramita

    nom nom nom om nom nom nom

  • Ronda Goodlet

    After many searches I LOVE your recipe for the Cloverleaf Rolls! Can I make the dough this evening & Bake tomorrow ? If so how LOL. We have a special Holiday Dinner at 5 pm tomorrow would prefer to have the rolls fresh, but have to use my Oven also for other dishes as well. Thus will be busy most of the day.

  • Julie Biddle

    One of my favourite stories about my Mother involved her first attempt to make these rolls. She was a young bride and saw the recipe and tried it out. The dough didn't rise properly but she thought maybe it would rise in the oven and started to bake them. My Dad came home and she had just taken them out of the oven – a muffin tin full of little black balls. My Dad said something about mouse turds. They laugh about it now…

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