• tdreamgmail

    This is just what I needed to see. Thanks Doc.

  • xxx xxx

    I'll keep asking for Corona Virus videos until Dr. Greger is compelled to make one !

    Well, reducing Sodium Intake is one thing, I began making chutneys with Hibiscus Calyx which is a better alternative to brewing it as a tea.
    I began consuming Nitrate rich vegetables as well as seeing the Sodium to Potassium ratio.

    Adding Magnesium supplement would help me as well

    I'm 29 years old but they say prevention is better than cure. It's best to take that seriously.

    I've began meditating and aligning my Biological Clock to beat depression.
    My brothers and friends think I'm too paranoid with my health.
    But seeing my mom die right before me, not even a year back , for a woman who had jo health issues ever, never been been to a hospital all her life, It has changed me awakened my consciousness.

    Life is very precious stay safe guys.

  • Sono2

    When I reduce salt in my diet my legs start to cramp at night. What am I missing?

  • rebeltoo37

    Do you really think blood pressure is important issue of the day. Something this way we could comes. For those fans of Shakespeare. PREP And good luck and God bless

  • sooooooooDark

    fasting with nutrional deficiencies is best
    its hell on earth and pepega advice made do it
    thanks obama

  • Tyler

    cool video keep it up

  • Tyler

    cool video keep it up

  • nonchalantd


  • duncan pickett

    Simply amazing. Lifestyle medicine is powerful and practical.

  • Pickle Beaker!

    Gee whiz doc, I think Beaker may end up with negative blood pressure…will he collapse into a black hole?

  • Red Pill Vegan

    Game Changers fixes all: Bean Burrito 🌯

  • Citizenthirteen

    Amazing results for fasting . It would be nice to see how high it bounces back after going to a normal diet. Sodium restriction is tough . I gave up the Beyond Meat stuff because they put way too much sodium in their product . Never again. You really need to make everything from scratch to get away from sodium.

  • Vincent Esposito, MS, DC

    It's amazing how this still isn't the first line of treatment for those with high blood pressure.

    I really hope this paradigm begins to shift starting with this decade. Probably because there's not a lot of money to be made on lifestyle medicine, but what do I know?

  • Reverend Al

    I'd love to go on a long fast at True North, but I'd have to save up $$$ first.

  • Soy pusher

    Yes I lowered my Blood pressure too by cutting out refined carbs and replacing them with meat. Thanks for the info

  • Eelke Aptroot

    The suspence of the clifhangers is killing me.

  • First time playing

    Hello doctor, when will the next live streaming Q&A taking place?

  • Tom G

    How long she fast?

  • Jake And Sarah Health Nuts

    wow 37 points that is amazing. everyone is worrying about the virus while this is actually the stuff that is killing millions of people. this is the stuff the public should be focusing on. not some disease that kills 3% of the people that get it.

  • tom smith

    How long was they fasting for

  • Iñaki Sarazola

    A video on coronavirus!

  • Joe Silkwood

    Now your reeeeeeeally helping people

  • roger7918

    I've been a fan of doctors like Greger and Barnard who emphasize proper nutrition for a couple of years now. Up until two years ago, I was a meat eater but lived a very active lifestyle – running, working out daily ,etc. I was also on BP meds, which did drop my BP to normal. However, I do like the idea of skipping the meds if lifestyle will suffice. Long story short, I've been off BP meds for two years now that I do not eat meat. I haven't lost a lot of weight, but never really needed to anyway. I probably exceed Greger's recommendations for daily intake of fruits and veggies, and I feel pretty darn good. And after watching a recent slaughterhouse video on Youtube, I'm just fine not supporting factory farming. Seems like a win-win to me.

  • Lloyd Naylor

    Advice on Covid-19 ASAP please?

  • Shane Creamer

    For those wanting to know COVIND-19 supplements that can stop or kill it in its track, here you go. Backed by Science

    How to signficantly prevent you or your loved ones contracting Influenza like Covind-19 (Coronavirus) and greatly reducing the time to full recovery.

    Here are the (4) supplements and the clinical trials that support their conclusions. These studies appear to be well designed, and my personal experience is that these compounds can absolutely drag Influenza. Bronchitis, or Covind-19 into the street and kick the ever lovin' *#!$! crap out of it.

    God made these for us, and combined they are very potent.

    Case in Point: I gave these to a friend's son who had walking pneumonia for 2+ weeks, and 2 rounds of antibiotics and still could not kick it. These four compounds taken (3) times a day cleared it under 48 hours. They are all synergistic and specifically upregulate your immune systems capabilities in the upper respiratory pathways of the body.

    From my functional medicine doctor:

    NAC – Inhibits virus replication and expression with highly pathogenic Influenza virus –

    Selenium – Effects of Selenium supplementation on Influenza –

    Grapeseed Extract – Extract for Control of Human Enteric Viruses –

    Quercetin – Quercetin inhibits Influenza A Virus Entry –

    All of these can easily be purchased at your local supplements store, or in my case Amazon Prime to the rescue.

  • Per Karmblad

    I wish there was more details on what sort of fasting to adapt to lower blood pressure. Intermittent or fasting for days?

  • Path to Wellness

  • Zel

    Could you point me into a direction about supplements?
    I was curious, do they actually work?
    I keep seeing super food mixes around, basically it seems too good to be true. Take this scoop of powder and you don't need to eat your veggies anymore.

  • Kirk Tremblay

    I have hypotension.

  • Verda

    This video is too vague. What does fasting mean?
    Intermittent fasting = skipping breakfast?
    Fasting 1 day?
    Fasting 3 days?
    Please respond to me by specifying what "fasting" means because I have an ear problem caused by high pressure so I absolutely need to lower it! Please respond

  • Verda

    Ok I found the study, they fasted for 11 days.
    That sucks a bit… I don't think I can fast for that long…

  • Chris

    Long live the drug companies

  • daxis 1234

    I wonder how many people can avoid eating a chicken, roast beef, turkey, tuna sandwich by watching this

  • AwsomeAwkwardMoments

    Is fasting okay with high blood pressure and diabetes? What if you need to take medicine with food later at night?

  • Sergio Malkind

    Yo tengo presión alta y una tendencia a aumentar el volumen del abdomen
    Yo no como alimentos animales ni alimentos vegetales refinados desde hace varios años y me cuesta bajar la presión y la grasa abdominal
    No soy gordo (62kg) y ,1,70 de alto
    Muchas gracias

  • Daniel de Souza Pereira

    what is the name of the program that you make the slides?


    Reminder that captions for our videos are available in several languages. Click the settings wheel to turn them on.

  • G. Dave3

    Had a medical recently and the Doctor said rather surprisingly that I had the blood pressure of a 20 year old, I’m 58 and a 35 year Vegan. The power of plants! 🌎🌻✊🏽

  • Nelson Holz

    You should make a video about Covid-19 and great work once again!

  • Doug Vegan Paradise Builder

    What a surprise!!!
    If you are fat and sick how would you get your food in nature?
    You wouldn't.
    So you starve (fast).
    You drop weight and so health returns…
    Except now we have supermarkets and family that bring food to ever growing family members.
    In nature at some point you would be left behind if you became too unfit and a burden or even danger to your band.
    See you later!

  • Eric Thomas

    I have mild hypertension. My pressure only rises when I eat bad foods. Like fried foods, and any food with chemical preservatives such as fast food or frozen foods.

    Since I've started eating healthy my pressure hasn't been a problem for me AT ALL. The greens that I eat makes it stay low. I really wish more people took diet seriously because eating fresh green foods have changed my life. Its sad that people are so blind as to what they eat. Only if they knew the benefits smh

  • Rod Purvis

    I dropped mine from the ER level of 220/110 down to 110/70 now, but still on a bisoprolol. Resting heart rate can run high, like 100. never had that problem before. HOW do you finally get off these inhibitors?

  • House Of Owls

    Yes, but what about all of the mental health damage on fasting?🙄

  • Mike Skylark

    Yeah… For how long…

  • Stacie Jung

    With everything going on right now, you are focusing on blood pressure? What about immunology and anything that will fight viruses and lung inflammation?

  • Kirk Tremblay

    Hypotension video please

  • michael onello

    Thanks Dr. G………
    Whole plant based foods on Instagram == mikewakethefoodup

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