How to Get Bigger Arms, Book Offer and Live Q&A with Victor Costa Vicsnatural

How to Get Bigger Arms, Book Offer and Live Q&A with Victor Costa Vicsnatural

Infrareds Viktor Costa how you doing piece? 11 muscles. Hope you’re well trying to go live here, and I’m trying to get you guys to interact with me and There we are Alright, so let’s see if we can get some questions if we can’t get any questions, that’s okay What we’re going to do is I’m going to share with you a couple of tips and tricks and talk with you guys about some interesting topics So, how about I just go ahead and talk to you about some interesting topics Let’s see. How can I get? I don’t know if I can get comments. That’s okay So let anyway, we’re gonna go through a couple things. You see the mess. There we go, right Thomas Peace love and mussels to you. How are you? How you doing? So I did a video a couple of weeks ago and what’s really weird is I don’t know that you guys are actually getting my videos when I post them and I’m not so sure what’s going on with a sub page and so forth, but I’ve been posting some videos and they’ve been getting about Maybe 1,500 to 2,000 or 3,000 views and sure some of the you want to talk Broadway and musicals Hang on. I’ve got an agenda here today We’ll talk Broadway musicals later on in fact mrs. Castles gonna be walking through the door it a little bit but Bfr training don’t know what that is don’t know what that is Alright, let me just get into what I’m talking about And then we’ll answer as many questions as possible and I’ll try to accommodate everybody. I really appreciate you guys coming on so Some of the videos that I’ve been posting or subtle, you know, they’re like subtle things that really are helpful and it’s not always about you know how to get jacked the most how to You know how to get the most ripped and so forth. There are things that hopefully will make you think and somehow Contribute to what you’re trying to do So I try to create content that sticks in your mind so that you remember these things and they’re valuable to you throughout your life how to do a set of biceps Some of my videos or like that where I try to say things that will kind of trigger some things in the gym So that you’ll remember them But some of the other things are more About your wellness and I wanted to point out one of the videos that I did recently But I’d love for you guys to look at which is cheat meals versus cheat days and I thought to myself, you know, I Always see these videos about you know These epic cheat meals and what people are doing and some of the celebrity guys who just you know Take an entire day and eat, you know, whatever all day long and Hey Vinny, yeah, how are you Randall? How are you? you know, there’s a difference between You know Having a something that you enjoy right that that tastes good on your palate that you haven’t had in a while That you feel is a treat or something delicious that may not be you know part of your daily intake Because it is either super fatty or super rich or super sugary or whatever But the quantity is that some of these people are showing that they eat you know, I Started to wonder whether or not we’re talking about really, you know a series of deprivation and then abuse rather than You know Participating and enjoying and something that you haven’t had in a while. So there’s this fine line between You know a, you know, enjoying something and then also a disorder and to me in terms of using the word disorder I know that that’s that’s potentially Cheapening or sullying the folks who have other types of disorders that are much more well-known like anorexia and bulimia and so forth But that doesn’t mean that We can’t have disorders too. What I think of disorders is disorderly eating and some of the Programs that talk about you know deprivation for certain hours and then loading Are similar in some ways but to deprive oneself for a very long period of time and then to go into this mode of abuse Which you know, I’m not even sure that people speaking You know actually taste the food after a while when they do this tremendous gorging afterwards And I feel that that’s disorderly eating. So what I would suggest in terms of cheat meals and so forth, please watch the video It’s on my channel But you know enjoy what you like, you know throughout your life, you know not just on a specific day, you know, you can have a little something every few days or every couple of days rather than you know loading up and On a particular day because you haven’t had it in such a long period of time. So there’s this fine line between you know abusing the body and treating right which we tend to think of so I Wanted you to watch the video because I feel that that’s very important Another thing People talk about squeezing at the top of an exercise is what I’m noticing Is that the sensation and the idea of squeezing really happens not so much in the muscle It happens in this area. You know, I see people you know, they they get to the apex of the repetition Or the contraction or whatever you want to call it and that’s when they force energy rather than you know in this area I see the energy in here. So they get to the top of an exercise They throw this in there rather than sublimating the energy into its particular muscle group that they want to work so I wanted to address the squeezing at the top the squeezing at the top is very It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me because if I’ve been doing the repetition The proper way throughout the beginning of the repetition There is no more concentration at the top than there has been at the bottom of the rep Halfway through the rep and the completion of the rep There’s been a squeezing in a connection in a concentration all the long so rather than just getting doing anything you can and then getting up here and then oh Right, what about the journey along the repetition and if I hear another trainer using the word journey along with the repetition I’m gonna call ya. Okay as much as I love you And I like to see you know, if everybody is if people see all my ideas, it’s obviously the ultimate form of flattery But mmm, you know, what about copyright? Does anybody care any more about anything myself copyright? But I wanted to talk to you about that. So let’s talk about not skipping over in general the repetition Let’s talk about a mindful repetition all the way throughout the exercise. So there is no squeezing at the top when you’ve been quote-unquote squeezing all belong or directing the muscle all along and we do this by being connected and we have you know, By being connected throughout the repetition and being in a concentration mode of really focus and bringing yourself back into your body Rather than the mirror the music the noise the person walking by that you think is attractive It’s bringing you can see who’s in their body and who’s outside of their body know, you know There’s a guy there was a guy in my gym who had everything out at the hat tilted to the side He had sunglasses on he had this whole setup and he wasn’t in his body He was he was voguing for the rest of the gym rather than being inside of his body So I think there is something really really important about the concentration of connectedness to one’s set and that goes along with Not throwing the energy out all over the place with the earth it’s more of an inward Connection and inward concentration about feeling the body rather than counting the reps moving the body deliberately along the Plane of the exercise and not necessarily worried about squeezy squeezy squeezy at the top because you’ve been connected the entire time right So it’s lifting the weights up and then lifting the weights down moving the weights up and moving the weights down Moving the hand up moving the hand down. However, you want to think of it and I want to leave you with something else There are some subtleties to the way that I train that I think that are very valuable to you and I think that there’s a couple of ways to think about it and I’m going to show you a demonstration with the dumbbells in a minute, but Anybody have any questions real quick never seen a bicep like you been trying to find one as good for a year? You’ve been trying to find one What happened? Why don’t you try to make one? Mr. Ward? Greg Thomas. Thank you very much, Jose What are your thoughts on VFR? I don’t know what that is and the morning that good morning. Mr. Olmstead so Anyway, let’s talk a little bit about The repetition since I can’t see any more comments, maybe that’s only 19 people here But before I do want to remind you guys of something so I’ve been giving Here’s my book. Peace, love and mussels. That’s a good read. There’s some interesting things in here. I want you to know there’s a the way that I do the exercises are actually in here and I’ll show you some pictures and These pictures came out pretty good. You know, my wife actually took these pictures in a gym and Many years ago. I actually loved this picture. This is good. We took this at a place. I think it was called It alternately became a powerhouse gym it might have been called diesel I think so And it was on in Manhattan on 23rd Street between 6th and 7th Avenue, which coincidentally is near the YMCA which became a davidbartongym and then a crunch? But that that YMCA is featured in the YMCA video from the Village People. I grew up in Greenwich Village. That’s why I’m so cool anyway Greenwich Village is still the heart of New York, here’s some videos and pictures that my friend Brad Cal Catera took of me and this book goes through all the exercises it goes through also philosophy the first Half of the book is about philosophy. But here’s the story. A lot of people don’t want to buy the books. It’s 25 bucks It’s on Amazon. Whatever I’m giving the book away For anybody that makes a contribution on PayPal the address is Vic’s natural at So any sum whether you throw 50 cents a buck three bucks five bucks Somebody sends $25 in the day, which was really really generous but they wrote this note about thank you for all the other stuff you’ve done for me and I appreciate that so it’s PayPal Vic’s natural at is my Receive and no matter what you send. I will send you a copy of the book a an email PDF version of the book and a portion of that will go to Action against hunger. Okay, none of that. Let’s talk about the repetition I have some room back here and I’ve got a dumbbell over here I carry dumbbells for every I got a dumbbell in every room. Just kidding. Here we go So Maybe you guys can see me. Hopefully you can see me, right and so when I do this Repetition a lot of people kind of they move this weight up and they try to get up as much as they can I’ve seen a lot of this right you’ve seen this in the gym. This is everything but trying to get the bicep this is actually avoiding Avoiding your muscles, deliberately when you do something like this, okay I need you to have a straight arm completely. This is how I do all my training This weight is probably about you know, 15 pounds or something like that Everybody box Vic. How do you You know get big with light weights And I’m telling you because the muscle is going to move the weight my entire structure Can easily throw around 15 pounds or 20 pounds, but that’s not what this is about This isn’t about how much my back can lift. It’s not about how much the energy can throw up. It’s about this connectedness So even if I hold this weight in my hand And I hold my arm out straight I start to feel something I start to feel a connection when you grab the weights and you start getting into it You know You don’t have a connection to your body you feel that connection as soon as you touch the weight and then you really kind of start relaxing all the other muscles and putting the energy into One area of your body. Okay, and this actually starts to not only bring the concentration into the area that you want to work It takes the stress off the rest of the body and it actually makes you feel Results-oriented rather than me picking this up Feeling tired elsewhere and then all of a sudden feel like I did a set you guys a lot of people are missing Exactly what they want. So this is what I need for you to do I need you to hold the weight and just keep your arms extended That’s it. This is how you begin to the connection. Now you start to squeeze the weight with your With your grip or loosen the hands you can feel the difference. You can feel the connectedness to your body You’ll notice that my traps aren’t up like this, right? Very relaxed and as I start keeping coming up with a relaxed hand, I don’t pull anything The first idea is to gesture as if I’m going to move this weight up Excuse me, without moving the weight up So I’m gesturing as if I’m going to do it And I want to remind you what that means you do a Segway or the Segway is you know You leave forward and the Segway moves because it understands where you’re moving that’s kind of like this what you’re going to do is gesture as if you’re moving up and then you’re going to gesture first which Activates the area that you want to work. I’m going to think about it I’m going to start to pull as if I’m going to do the exercise without doing it and then I’m gonna move up Nice and slow as soon as I’ve made that connection if I miss this connection right here It’s over it’s over because here’s what happens If I miss the most vital part of the connection, why am I really I’m not really connected throughout the rest of the movement I need you guys to start from the very beginning of the exercise from the Eccentric part of the movement. I need you to make your movements broader I need you to do that because people come to me and they say why do I have why don’t I have this area of My body developed they show me a rep and the next thing you know, it’s like elementary. What have you been doing? You’ve been actually having what you’re supposed to do Solely half the story. You’re only doing half the arm. You’re only doing half of the movement if I do this If I do this, what am I doing? I’m gonna miss this right? I’m coming up here So, theoretically I’ve got the weight about 15 percent up and I haven’t used my biceps yet. I’ve gained it up. Okay Now this isn’t about how much weight you can move if you’re trying to move as much weight as possible Yes, you have to do that, but that’s not what you’re trying to do. You’re trying to pump up the guns hands relaxed arms extended gesture is if you’re going to move up keep your hand relaxed and move up nice and slow gesture as if as soon as that little connection happens That’s when you start moving the weight up deliberately nice and slow to build your connection You find the apex of the exercise, which is the area where you’re most contracted not up here And if you’re doing this, right, you’ll feel the bicep connected and contracting around here. And that’s what you’re really going for, right? that’s what you’re kind of going for and Then you move the weight down again. Same thing controlled on the way down You’re moving the weight up and you’re moving without letting it fall. So if I see this Anything like this if anything moves other than my arm first, you’re off base So it’s okay to start with light weights. It’s okay to maintain a connection to your body It’s okay to get reconnected to your body. And that’s really the most important part about My training it’s not about how much abuse or how much stress you can put on your body. It’s about really just getting that connection it’s about just really kind of getting in back into your body rather than Being all out here. The energy comes back in people say hey How can you do this? How can you do this hope we’re still live yeah, I think so People say how can you do this without drugs? How can you do this without steroids? I don’t think you can do with steroids I don’t think is these concepts make sense? With drugs, they don’t because the drugs are in charge of how things are going to go this is satisfaction this you you’re directing this you’re Crafting your body. You’re not letting the drugs do it and then catching up you are in charge of this and Sure There’s elements of diet that are very very important about this. Absolutely and there’s Rest as well. You know, I see some guy yelling the other day about cheat days. No cheat day or there’s no arrest days No rest that he hasn’t noticed. He really doesn’t know what I saw. It’s not a qualified trainer You know, it’s fun and cheeky and everything like that, but there’s not really You know, it’s not a science-based model. It’s not an intelligent based model So what we want to do is want to get connected to our bodies and that’s in everything no matter what we’re doing We try that movement now. There is a there is a element of bodybuilding that has some momentum Well, what happens is a lot of people don’t really understand how that works either So what you have to do is you have to understand the first part about getting into connectedness and then after that, that’s when you can and continue with the pumping iron aspect of this you can start moving into the body with this pumping iron momentum to an extent so First we get connected and that’s sort of how we do it We do that for like a couple of weeks we start to really feel our bodies and then we get a little bit more liberal about how we’re doing sets and the exercises so I’ve spoken for 20 minutes super quick I hope we’re still connected Facebook keeps saying on the side. You don’t have permission to do this. I don’t know what that means This has permissions, I don’t know I’ve got a couple of different channels and stuff. Sorry. I love you guys peace love and muscles I hope you’ve seen the video. I hope you are all still there. I’m gonna just like So anyway Again, if you want the book peace love and muscles a PDF copy sent to you. I will send it to you for any contribution To Pay Pal. It’s fixed natural at Yes, it’s still an AOL address and like I said inside are all the exercises and how I Do them and there’s even a homework out in the back and we filled this actually or we did this on my roof different exercises So anyway, peace love and muscles take care of yourselves. I hope you guys have an awesome day Love you all. Don’t forget to Like share sub my channels and you can hit me up on Instagram if it’s natural. Take care. Thanks Love you guys



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