• Bruce Mikka

    How can I send you a picture so you can let me know what to do

  • Peter O'Toole

    Would that not damage your back though?

  • Greg Patterson

    Good call and nice tweaks. Will start altering those moves. Thanks

  • Arijeet Dasgupta

    What is the size of his biceps 💪

  • ZF Secret

    Chest is small bruh

  • Abdimalik Bishar

    Guys help me here……. Can I do three to four days triceps and biceps then rest for some two days

  • Tim the Italian Business Man

    I’m actually suprised that there were no thanos comments when he flexed

  • Charles McKinley

    Could this be done with the EZ curl bar?!

  • GTA Online

    Can those biceps defeat a tryhard!?

  • Finn Krygger

    Would never want biceps like that

  • waaazup D

    Dudes got some crazy massive arms with virtually no fat on his body, that's a lot of dedication right there

  • lindsey607

    Seems that incline dumbbell curls would be the way to go. They give you a nice stretch that would definitely benefit your upper biceps, allowing you to develop that peak that he refers to. They have worked well for myself. Just sayin.

  • Alex2614

    The beach is 💪that way

  • Tabitha Black

    His arms scare me tbh😂

  • Petar Cvetković

    No offense, but this biceps looks so weird

  • Ashraf Muhammed Ismail

    Thank you brother 😊👍🏻🤝

  • Hunter Lacasse

    How to grow tumors really fast

  • benjamin massie

    show me your junk !!

  • Marqui Rasheed

    Why do I feel like your face is photoshopped onto the body

  • Shane Bod

    I’m just putting it out there: size doesn’t always matter. It’s one thing if ur arm is 18 inches and ripped, but if it’s 18 inches and soft and flappy, it means nothing

  • DiBBagE

    Thats not a bicep thats a rock in your skin

  • Jimmy Powell

    You got a licence for those guns?

  • Pat Pat

    It kinda looks unnatural

  • ニサン

    I am single

  • Hussain Siyad


  • depressed cat

    your nipples moving

  • depressed cat

    do 100 push up 100 sit up 100 squat and 10km run every single day for 3 years

  • Doug Davis

    I just started to watch you videos and they are going to be very helpful, I am 56 and need a link to a meal plan that I can get started with so I have enough energy to go to work every day, and start a wight lifting program please help in this area. and keep up the good work.

  • Yōshanai

    All of the lame jokes in the comments.

  • Paul B

    Great video, I tried them out yesterday and I can feel the pain 💪🏼👍🏼
    No pain no gain, appreciate the video. 👌🏼

  • Boy

    Your gunna burst

  • Jack B

    Weight and reps for beginner? Time between sets?

  • Jack Bissmeyer

    that muscle is about to pop out of his arm


    When he flex i see Mount Everest

  • El Tigre

    He has a bicep in a bicep

  • cahaps

    When i used to frame houses guys would come in huge arms I think man this guy is going to kill this job they wouldn't even last an hour how can someone so big be so weak body and mind what a shame

  • cahaps

    Nice side grey

  • Dashing_Davey

    I can't get that bicep head to save my life 😭

  • NoBDi Special

    Really good tips! Especially on paying attention to the detail on the form throughout both exercises. That's probably the most important part to get those specific results

  • Aniecia Eastman

    your bicep very big

  • Rucker 77

    Didn't realize how big his arms was

  • Semi

    Thanks for the tips man I’ll be sure to use them in the weight room👍

  • MMG-6

    Looked like there was a tennis ball in your bicep when you flexed


    My bicep is 13 inches

  • Llan Mitir

    Intimidating it is!
    Flexing every move is!

  • Zeus

    XD I'm rewatching this after five years

  • Drake Danos

    Anyone know a good routine for this workout?

  • Nick Olson

    Jeff you used to be a beast what happened? You lost alot of weight.

  • Leo Feza

    Why are people apologetic about flexing? Is it the fear of hurting the less fortunate or what?

  • josh Haiti


  • Josediego Lopez

    3.8 k 👎 are haters jealousy fool looser . thank you sir for teaching me .

  • Eddy Jimenez

    Im gonna look really cute screwin da barbell at gym, 🙃

  • John

    Lebron james

  • Logan J

    How many sets should you work your biceps? I read something about only like 3-4 sets but that seems like too few.

  • Nick Meyer


  • Nick Meyer

    yeah thats why ur small

  • Anik Sheikh Prince


  • SteveO Rules

    He makes a good point. I remember when I was an amateur boxer and the first time seeing the dude across from me with big guns..You can't help but to be a little intimidated, but I also learned that physics don't win fights luckily.

  • Jasiel Witherspoon

    When ur trying not to flex on people but there’s no way around it.

  • Techa Man G


  • reggie furlow

    Can't I just do a preacher curl?

  • Lol Hi

    French press is wrong you dont need to go that down

  • Craig Vaughn

    This skull crusher caused me a tendon tear with the exact weight you are using. Can you explain why? I have asked this several times to you. Thank you. I'm gunshy to ever try this again.

  • sakitha senarathne

    i don't have triceps

  • Honey Singh

    Tell me if anyone get results from this

  • Charles Charles


  • 5000 subs with no effort

    Holy shit his biceps are insane

  • Thoms Williams

    To much talk!!!!!!

  • Venom Warrior

    One paper cut and he’s dead

  • happyending tsunami

    This guy is humble and really genuine.

  • Samuel G

    His biceps have their own biceps

  • Jacob Forshey

    Him: flexs
    Me: OY MY GAD

  • One God One Christ

    video too long, keep it simple

  • Loris

    The long head of the triceps isn't the most visible though

  • NOBO Takoda

    Can't argue his arm size but not much time under tension there. A bit too much momentum used imo. This would be better, slowing the motion up and down on the bicep exercise.

  • lexbogie1

    How many sets and reps of each?

  • Dante Guerrero

    So is it best to find a good rhythm or just take each lift slow and enjoy the burn?

  • ana garcia


  • Łukasz S.kyWalker


  • sjakkelino

    You could kill someone by simply hitting them with your bicep. It's harder than a rock, like wtf

  • David Barnes

    I just want to look the best I can! Why is it important to be intimidating?

  • David Barnes

    Holy fuck! Those Triceps are crazy bad ass! Lol

  • OG Moonman

    Omg I just realized. You dye your hair! Lmfao. Still though you could kick my ass and have 10 plus years on me hahaha

  • A. Devon Dykes

    You had me til you said Kobe Bryant…😂🤣😂

  • Rickety Cricket

    Big arms….gain 300 lbs.
    You're welcome

  • Juan Cazadore

    For the average person 2/3 of the arm is the tricep and 1/3 is the bicep. With Jeff, four thirds of the arm is the bicep and five thirds is the tricep.

  • Juan Cazadore

    For the average person 2/3 of the arm is the tricep and 1/3 is the bicep. With Jeff, four thirds of the arm is the bicep and five thirds is the tricep.

  • The Devine

    2:50 Biceps & 6:10 Triceps

  • Logan

    The best trainer & a great teacher, thanks Jeff!

  • White Wolf

    Your biceps look like filled balloons😂 Damn I wish I had those arms

  • FromBeToReality

    THUMBS UP !!!
    then watch!!!

  • darcy65

    6 minutes in Jeff – I could stay here all day…yeah Jeff like you could go a few days without doing facepulls lmao

  • playswith squirrels

    Only Jeff can get away with curling in the squat rack

  • Nicolas Orozco

    Nice techniques.

  • ValidUs

    He looks exactly the same 2019. Really strange


    I challenge anyone to find a comment under this video from 6 years ago when it was made.

  • Сьлвьвьв Овьвьвьв

    А за год можно накачаться как джефф кавальер с хорошой с генетикой?

  • Сьлвьвьв Овьвьвьв

    A year can be started as Jeff Cavalier with good genetics?

  • Cor ina

    I just started working out like 3 months ago.i'm not taking no supplements or drugs. How long does it take for a beginner to get ripped in the arms? I been training 4 hours a day.

  • Luis Bercian

    Any one know what the bicep exercises is called?

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