How to Do a Perfect Russian Twist | Female Bodybuilding

How to Do a Perfect Russian Twist | Female Bodybuilding



  • Southeast Depression

    does this work in guys too?

  • Anne Hyogo

    Thank you

  • pamela lewis

    I will be adding this to my workout today. Thank you

  • pamela lewis

    I will be adding this to my workout today. Thank you for the tips.

  • ZDProletariat

    Is this the same as the "Mummy Twist"? Are they the same, or is that something different? I can't find anything on the mummy twist online, yet some people recommend it.

  • Richard Mitchell

    I need this thing must have.

  • Brian Washington

    lol christian

  • Antoine Allen

    Cross your legs isn't perfect form at all. Don't cross your legs. Because people will always cross the leg which leads to an imbalance. Your legs are strong enough to hold themselves up individually. If you want some free workouts check out channel. You don't need Any weights

  • Jessica B.

    I love these! I dont cross my legs though!

  • S Robert

    The twisting motion should originate at your hips, with your upper torso/arms to follow. She's doing less of a twist and more of a rocking motion with her arms.

  • industry stalker

    brilliant vid

  • A. G.

    she is fat. how can she give give advices with a fluffy body like hers?

  • C Tucker

    H inch c"'

  • Michelle Geraghty

    i just had my first personal trainer session this weekend and she made me do this with a medicine ball.  but no crossing the feet, and you have to go slowly, not quick like that.  its a LOT harder going slowly!!  and keep shoulders square and move the whole torso, not just the arms.

  • Louna Candelaria

    I do not think that it's the right way to do the "twist".

  • cheyenne dunn

    am I the only one thinking she should lose some weight?? she's kind of fat

  • Ebony White

    thats not a russian twist. you're supposed to hold the weight out in front of you. and the weight doesnt touch the floor.

  • Leana Carrillo

    Far from perfect. I agree her legs shouldn't be crossed, her motions are short ranged, and she is concentrating on arm movement.

  • Rina K

    Y is it called russian tho?

  • Michael Ragusa

    And maybe play certain songs by Chubby Checker for inspiration. 🙂

  • Shark DJ

    Thank you so much! You're the best!

  • Svetlana Yanush

    This is my type of girl. And 3 times pleasantly neutral, harassment-free. YEAH. USA.


    What if you keep falling back

  • Lisa Moore

    I do my Russian twist using a medicine ball

  • bob bob

    This isnt a russian twist actually. Your supposed to keep your arms close to your body and move your waist side to side not your arms lol

  • Ruby L

    During my new daily workout, I had to spend five minutes searching up the last exercise, the Russian twist. This was helpful, I appreciate it.

  • Jazzy Jane's Gaming Corner

    lol is this a joke? Why isn't she moving her core ? And why on earth is she doing this on a bench? No h8, just curious about this novel way of doing russian twists.

  • Trydson

    Ok… this one actually looks easy.

  • Novus Grimnir

    Whenever I do this my lower back begins to hurt almost immediately. Any thoughts?

  • Samantha

    I like you😊😊👌💟

  • SmellamyBlake

    "Any type of weighted object…" Grabs obese cat. Let's do this!

  • Богдан Бронецкий

    сиски норм

  • DroidSage

    she looks like michelle Obama if she was white

  • Hanna Struggle

    This isn't a perfect Russian Twist.. 😀

  • Erica Delany

    never cross your legs – hip flexor length discrepancy

  • LeoChilly Blossom

    do you HAVE to be on a bench?

  • Andrew Ruiz

    wow this is a really bad instructional video. the point is to work out your core but shes not even doing that, shes just moving her ams side to side

  • White Lightning

    Please concentrate on full range of motion for best results. You'd be better off alternating between the boat(boat pose) and real Russian twists. 3 sets of each (6 total) for 20 counts (or more)

  • GraceDcastle

    For how she looks i think I'm in a better physical condition…

  • TEA

    Does this help slim your waist

  • Jimmy Two-Times

    What is the difference to this vs the V-Sit exercise?

  • Dangyras S.

    1st learn to do exercise properly!

  • Idc

    Jennifer why you so extra lmao just sit on the floor

  • NutzLast

    0:43 "that is called the russion twist"
    uuuhm. no?! thats called uneffective movement.

  • mi channnal

    In former Soviet Union we do the twist sitting down

  • Mix R

    in Soviet Russia, russian twist YOU

  • juju bone


  • Theresa F

    You make it look effortless. I am sore and winded just watching.

  • Sreekuttan SH

    I usually watch Youtube without signing into my Gmail account; but took that extra effort now just to dislike this video. This is completely misleading and the action is nowhere related to Russian twists. This can be used as a case study to teach what a Russian twist should not be like! Thumbs up for that!

  • Chia Ming Liu

    don't do those movements that real russisns have never seen before

  • Chia Ming Liu

    or Indian or Sushi or whatever

  • Ren Etta

    "Make sure you feel the burn!"

  • Rhiannon Angell

    if you want to know more about workouts, just go to Unflexal workouts, there you'll find your answers 🙂

  • Dutchfantom

    Only thing perfect about this is her looks not her form lol. (insert 12y old: beeewbs!)

  • Jose Patricio Valdivieso

    tiene los mansos michelines la basalla qlia care raja

  • EnragedSephiroth

    How to obliterate your lumbar spine.

  • Julius H Monck

    Oh no this had no core :,,(

  • Philippe Elyoussefi

    She's so gorgeous

  • jose2883 pv

    Horrible, awful.. please remove this video!

  • Beged Boy

    this Channel really had potential

  • wda monk

    you lose weight first, muscles won't help if you're fat

  • Amihan A.M.

    whatever is harder… I'll take that as a life lesson…

  • oOo Finn

    Nice pectorals.

  • daedaarstad

    …..and this is why you r still fat and weak lady. You have to twist!

  • Necia Schedin

    This is an awful video seeing as though she's not even doing them correctly. All she is doing is moving her arms back and forth.

  • S Moon

    When I tried to do this after watching this video, there was no weights around.. and the most suitably sized object I had was a bottle of lotion. Now I call this 'Lotion Twist' and always use lotion bottle.

  • Jeremy Smith

    Finally a awesome and easy workout for losing love handles. The woodchoper looked too hard.

  • Virtus

    Not accurate really, but maybe there's a difference in doing these twists for men and for women. Because your body should be twisting a bit and not just waving your arms around

  • Domerciful

    How is female bodybuilding different from regular bodybuilding? Serious question

  • Viktor

    Girl is ㄒ卄丨匚匚 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


    We had to do this exercise in pt one morning it really worked my core when we were done I went to release my bowels lets just say I was literally was 4lbs lighter afterwards. "More pt! More pt! Make it hurt first sergeant, make it hurt!"

  • spinklerook108

    "A can of frozen orange juice will do" ….excuse me, but wtf, who buys frozen orange juice…canned??

  • bremenfan29

    Russian twist is not a good exercise to do. You're sitting in an uncomfortable position without any support on your back and as you twist you're putting stress on the lumbar spine. People should never do Russian twist. This is why people experiene lower back pain after doing Russian Twist.

  • Angel Perry

    lmao issa jOke

  • lovie 2 Cook

    Russian twist 20 timea

  • Nikita Patel

    skip 0:40 seconds to see the actual workout. Rest is just woman talking

  • dz cs fragger

    this should be rznamed to Californian twists cuz there's the range of motion is absent here

  • Jakub Nowakowski

    I can see russian, but ain't see no twist

  • DM5Marc

    Ich führe diese Übung langsamer aus und bewege meinen oberkörper etwas mit

  • Mikhail Stepounin

    How to penetrate her

  • Rap

    You move the upper body with your core in order to do it right…try it; not as easy as it looks. She's not moving her shoulders back and forth; it's the core she uses. Imagine a bar across your chest that can't be broken from deltoid to deltoid now go…crossing the legs is up to the individual as well as speed. She's assuming anyone advanced enough to watch this type of exercise knows about core training

  • SuperAlfaDogg

    Bad form. Bad advice.

  • India Love

    May sure your back is straight, and legs are at a straight angle because it will mess with your back and spine if you don’t do them correctly

  • Miguel Queyquep

    I keep leaning to my right

  • Vaderstar

    Erin you need to practice these you're not twisting just moving your arms ? Awful technique

  • Anna Jámbor

    This is a really bad video. OMG

  • shqiptar

    Legs should be straight

  • oh

    sis I have never seen it but I know for a fact that you’re supposed to move your torso not swing your arms.

  • Ray Sr

    1.First incline to a point so that you can feel your abs working
    2. Try maintaining that posture
    3.Now slowly twist your abs to the side of your weight (ex left side)and make sure that the opposite shoulder tries and aligns to the midline or atleast hips
    4 hold position momentarily and then repeat it on the other side
    During the whole time maintain position

  • Moeshaak Shakur

    She got belly fat galore

  • Kristian D'souza

    Great body 👌🏻

  • Celine Walters

    Do we have to use a weight?

  • iMMortster

    Lol and she grabbed some 1 kg weights like they are supposed to do something, my cat weights more

  • Filipe Neves


  • Jarome Jacksan

    I learned how to do it with Unflexal page. I think unflexal's guide is the best way to be salubrious.

  • Mike Blake

    It always amazes me people that critique others that are trying to help. If you don’t like it just change the channel.

  • jagdambe yadav

    This is Really a tough Exercise

  • Bronislav Koval

    Физические упражнения-зарядка всем на пользу в любом возрасте

  • Bossnian

    Wow u get paid for this? So bad

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