How to AVOID these little-known protein powder scams…

Coach Dan Long with
Get Lean in 12. You caught me reading. And today, I got
some answers for you. If you’re curious to know
what protein that you should be consuming for fat loss shakes
and also for overall health. Today, I’ve got my choice,
my go-to for my shakes. It’s how I keep a
lean body and also everyone else in my household. But I want to make sure
I get to let you know, I’m Coach Dan Long
with Get Lean in 12. I’ve been in the fitness
industry for over 20 years. I have trained everyone
from moms, dads, children, Olympians, MLB, NFL,
military, you name it. And it’s hard to find a very
good protein on the market, because I know that
you go into the store right now, a vitamin shop,
or you go into a GNC. And when you go in there, you
see this huge monster wall of all these different protein
powders from every shape and size and every
kind of marketing ploy to get you to buy. There’s even Walmart
protein, right? You can go into all these
different stores, Sam’s, Costco, and you see
these proteins in there. Well, let me tell you, a
lot of them are a scam, OK? And that’s why I’m here today. I want to make sure I get
this information to you. And let me tell you
at this link up above, at the end of this
video, you’re going to be able to find
something that’s going to go great with your
protein to maximize fat loss and get the body
that you desire. So you caught me reading. And you know, what
protein do you know when you buy it comes with
its own complete ingredient manual and telling
you everything from tip-top shape to what
to do with your protein. That’s the brand of BioTrust. Now, I use this
protein, because there is some very unique
things about this protein that you will not find
in other proteins. Now, you may be
someone out there that right now is consuming
a plant-based protein. You may be consuming a protein
that’s made out of soy, right? Or you might be consuming
a protein that is made from whey or casein, right? It depends on what it
is that’s your choice. Now, I prefer a
blend, and there’s a reason why, because
in this type of protein, there is actually something
that is patent that’s inside that helps release the
enzymes to maximize the absorption of the
proteins so that you get more in the body that you can
absorb out of your protein. So it’s important to
know those things, because people
don’t even realize that when you buy certain
proteins inside the stores, especially those
monster containers that you see for a
very cheap price, do not be fooled, because
let me let you know, a lot of times you
get what you pay for. And when it comes down to
it, you cannot fake protein. The whey it’s inside, the casein
inside, is it cold filtered? Is it not cold filtered? I promise you 90% of those
big, huge tubs that you see, they are not cold filtered. And cold filtered helps
with the process in how the body absorbs the protein. So you’re getting more
for your money per ounce. That is key. So now, what I want
to do is I want to go over a couple of
things here with you. 1, I want to show you
here, “time-released, 4-protein blend, hormone
RBGH and RBST-free proteins. Only 4 grams of net
carbs per serving made with natural ingredients.” Important. OK? All natural ingredients. If you cannot pronounce
what’s on that label, it is not good for you. And then you also want to look
for, “no artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors. Non-GMO. Soy and gluten-free.” So I know there’s a lot
of gluten people out there that have issues. My wife does. She has an autoimmune disease. I tell you this protein supplies
all the needs plus more, because it’s so hard to
find something for fat loss. And the number 1 thing that’s
the hardest to find is taste. Holy cow! There are some nasty
proteins out there. And if you have
tried proteins, you know what I’m talking about. I have been eating
and drinking protein shakes since I was a young kid. I always wanted to put
some lean muscle mass on, and for me to do that, I
had to have the protein. Well, little did i know that
the nutrients inside are key. If you don’t see this
on a label of what you’re trying to buy, remember,
it’s not the quality of this. So you get what you pay for, OK? And also, if you’re
looking to basically be able to know
about the products, and you want to know how the
product is made, how it shifts, how it works in the body,
you should have something like this that goes with it. Or you should be able to go
online and find the information readily available to you. And if they don’t make this
readily available to you, it should give you a red flag
to know that that protein source is probably not
the best source for you or your family to consume. Now, if you or your
loved ones love to stay nice and
fit and healthy, you have got to have protein,
because what does protein do? Protein burns more fat
than any other source of any food on the planet. So if you consume the protein,
not only does it help you burn more fat, but it
also helps keep you full. OK? So one of the shakes, as a
matter of fact, you know what? I’m going to go ahead
and make my shake for you right now, because this is
how simple it is for me. A lot of people like to
make their shake with soy. They make it with almond milk. There’s all different kinds of
ways you can make a shake, OK? I’m one of those guys that’s
simplicity most of time. And I’m on the go. And I don’t have a lot of time. So what I do is,
you can always tell I got an 8-ounce right here. So in my mug here, I
pour my 8 ounces of water in, very simple, just like
so, get to 8-ounce mark. Then I open my protein. Then all I do,
because I’m trying to consume a minimum of about
30 grams of protein in my shake. And I don’t want it
to be too extra thick. And by the way, this
stuff, when you open it up, it smells like a
chocolate factory. It smells like I’m in
a chocolate factory. And it tastes amazing,
which most proteins do not. So I just 2, 1,
simple like that. And then I do 2
scoops just like that and maybe a little
bit of a quarter, because I’m a big guy, right? Put that in just like so. Close that up. I put on my top. Make sure it’s nice
and tight, right? And then snap it down. Get that snap. You’ve got to hear
that snap, right? Then shake it up. Now, they call this
the 30-second trick, the 2-minute shake, whatever
you want to call it. You know what? In the end, this is
going to give me what 1 portion of sitting and having
a steak dinner or a chicken breast, or a piece of fish. This is going to give me
that protein that I need and also keep me from being
hungry to solve my cravings so that I can lose weight and also
feed the muscle what it needs to maintain lean muscle, right? So it’s important to remember
that your lean muscle has to have protein. OK, so there, look,
nice and shook up. I know I’m good. I’ll open up my top,
usually lift the top off so that doesn’t drip
all over the place. And then I have to
on the go ready to go a shake not only with just,
by the way, it’s so amazing. Oh, and by the way, with
this particular protein, remember I was talking, it
had something inside that was actually patent. Well, let me tell you, if you
don’t consume it right away, I’m going to read
this for you, there is a patent on something
called ProHydrolase. And inside this, “its
reasearch-backed blend of specialized enzymes designed
to dramatically enhance the ability of the body
to break down, absorb, and utilize whey protein. The latest research
shows that ProHydrolase is substantially more effective
at delivering whey protein to muscles than any other
enzyme used in other protein products.” This here has that inside. And if you do not
consume this protein within 15 minutes of shaking it
with whatever liquids that you put inside to drink your
shake, then believe it or not, what ends up happening
is, it says right here, “Consume immediately. The addition of liquid
allows ProHydrolase to begin hydrolyzing
breaking down the proteins, causing the finished beverage
to become bitter over time if you don’t eat it right away.” That’s a benefit. And the benefit is
because protein powders don’t have that. And so what it’s
doing is is it’s allowing you to absorb more
out of your protein shake, get more fat loss for the
bang for your buck, right? And your overall
health, it’s giving you more of what you need
when it comes down to the health, and
benefits, and the minerals, and all that are
inside these products. So I recommend, and I
choose this type of protein, although there are
a lot of people I know that do plant proteins. And I also know a lot
of people that do soy. But preferably for
men, especially, you don’t want to consume soy
for estrogen problems. OK? So this is my go-to, Biotrust. It’s been an amazing one. It’s a 4 blend. And it’s also a milk chocolate. They come in numerous
different flavors– mango. They have also a mocha. They have numerous different
1s that are amazing. So this is on the go. This is easy. And I recommend this,
because it’s probably 1 of the easiest and
best-tasting products that you’ll ever have. Now, in order for you
to actually maximize your fat loss, you’re
going to need to exercise. This is supposed to be consumed
right after you exercise. You can do a post-shake, or
you can do a pre-shake right before you go to
work out, right? So a pre-workout. Now, either way is both fine. I highly recommend that you
do it after you workout, because that’s when your muscles
need the protein the most, because they go
into repair mode. OK? Now, high-intensity
training is what you should be doing to be able
to get the flat stomach, right? The 6-pack abs that
you’re looking for. And then you come
back and give it the protein that it needs so
you can burn more belly fat. That protocol that you need
is specifically designed. And I know of 1
that is specifically designed that we created that’s
called Over 40 Ab Solution that goes perfect hand-in-hand
with your fat-burning shake that you’re going to find
at this link up above. Now, before you click that link,
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from them and are interested to see what
they have to offer, we’ll put something down
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the exact protocols to help you maximize your protein shake and
give you everything you need in 1 system that’s going to
help you drop inches of fat and pounds of fat
in no time at all. All you have to lose
is that belly fat that you’re sick and tired of. This is coach Dan Long
with Get Lean in 12. I want to thank you for
being here today with me. Don’t forget. Make your comments down below. Click the link up above right
now and keep going strong.



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