How the Mysterious and Life-Changing Nutrient VITAMIN K2 Was LOST

How the Mysterious and Life-Changing Nutrient VITAMIN K2 Was LOST

During the 1930s there was a desperate
health message that was tragically lost. It all began with the dentist named
Weston A Price who was a Canadian that practice in Cleveland Ohio. He was concerned that the
patient’s he saw in his practice had declining oral health
and it was connected to their diet. His suspicion set him off on a research
project that would see him visit societies all over the world. It would
also begin a 70-year mystery that has only recently been solved. Price’s work
captured a fleeting snapshot in time that looked at the interface between the
modern diet and where traditional societies live with food practices that
have been a part of their culture for thousands and thousands of years. What he
found was that they had spectacular straight teeth with wide jaws and
nearly no tooth decay. He compared what happened to them when
they began to introduce a modern diet and eat the foods that we eat today.
It was then the crooked dental arches and cavities shot to the rates that we
see them today. Price’s method was to analyze the dental health and the diet
and anthropological history of the societies he visited. His findings showed
that every society shared one thing in common. The foods they considered
sacred and crucial were rich in the fat soluble vitamins A and D. He thought that
these two parts of the diet were crucial for building blocks of the stunning
dental health that he exhibited. But there was a mysterious third factor in
the foods that these societies would eat. Price would call it Activator X. His
death in 1948 would mean he would never find out what it was. Activator X was
actually Vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 will go down in history as
the most underappreciated nutrient ever. It’s a fat soluble vitamin which is closely
related to vitamin K1. We know in vitamin K1 is crucial for blood clotting and for most of the 20th century that’s all we thought the vitamin K2 did.
But K2 is a similar, yet different set of molecules. It’s a fat soluble
vitamin and like A and D, it works to build strong bones and teeth. See K2
activates proteins that carries calcium out of your soft tissues and into the
bones and teeth. Without it, your body cannot manage calcium in your body.
Vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin K2 work in a sacred trilogy to give us a strong
skeletal system. The misunderstanding of Price’s work means we’ve ignored the
dietary role of growing straight, healthy teeth and bones. Today we know the
physiology of vitamin K2 and it’s time to start building our nutritional
guidelines around dental health. In The Dental Diet we’ll join Price’s work with
the modern scientific research and physiology to show how your food is
crucial for the human jaw and teeth.



  • Fatima Ben Mekki

    Hi ! Can Vitamine K2 helps me from getting braces if my teeth are not straight ? Thanks

  • Tone E

    Japanese people eat natto which is high in k2, yet they have crooked teeth . Why would that be

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    And was all suppressed by the MAN

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    This guy pronounces 'Canadian' as 'Cana-yan'. Learn how to articulate dude.

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    This is pure quackery.

  • Carianin 52

    More dentists need to do more than just fill cavities for their patients. People need more education about how nutrition affects their teeth. Wish I had known about K2 years ago.
    Your book is amazing. Should be required reading in school.

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