How NOT to Get Big Triceps (SKULLCRUSHERS!!)

What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. Today we’re going to talk about how NOT to
do the Skullcrusher if you are trying to get bigger Triceps. And like we do here at ATHLEANX, we’re going
to put the Science behind the Strength but I want to keep it simple. Because I know a lot of guys out there, do
this exercise incorrectly. And we have to make sure that you’re doing
it right, so I want to break it down. Keep it really really simple and we’re going
to do that with just a couple stick figures, ok. So now we’re looking at the Skullcrusher,
we know we’re all familiar with the exercise, down here, build up bigger Triceps with a
easy curl bar, whatever we do. You’ve got a guy laying here on his back,
here’s his head, his arm goes straight up here, right. And then we’ve got the barbell, the dumbbell,
whatever he’s holding there, in his hand, and this is the finished position, ok. Stick figures, Dick and Jane right, we’re
going to call this one Dick, ok. So here’s Dick. Then we’ve got the other guy, this is hopefully
going to be You after this video is over. We’ve got You, laying here on the bench, here’s
your head and your arm’s going to be angled back that way, And then of course the bar is there and that’s
the finished position. Now if you move this barbell, dumbbell down
in an arc, what happens is this hits this guy in the Skull, the Nose, the Skullcrusher,
Nosebreaker. And this guy, it actually never comes close.
The arc goes back and forth back here. This is the one that’s right. See, you don’t
want to be a Dick when you’re doing your Tricep Extensions. Ok, you never want to train like a Dick. You
want to do this right. So what you do is, you position the bar or
the thing at an angle here so that we get better Tricep involvement. Because this is doing nothing. See putting the physics here back into what
we’re doing here, you always have to remember that, whatever the lever arm is, ok let me take
out a different marker here, the lever arm in the case of the Triceps in this exercise
is your Forearm. You never want the lever arm to be parallel
to the force that’s acting on the weight. And in this case gravity’s acting straight
down. So as you see here, this is coming straight
down, this is coming straight in line here, these are parallel. There’s no work being done by the muscle in
question when the two forces line up and are parallel to each other. You don’t want this, right, this is training
like a Dick. So what you want to do is, you want to make
sure that your arm here, even at the fully contracted position is not parallel but is
at an angle to the force of gravity. You’ve got an angle here, you’ve got an angle
like this, so you’ve actually got some work still being done in the fully contracted position. This isn’t doing anything. So I think the biggest problem here is the
name, we’re following the name of Skullcrushers and we’re following the name of Nosebreakers, both things that you don’t even want to come
close to doing. So if you watch me do this exercise here you’ll
see. I’ll do it improperly, I’ll train like a Dick. And then I’ll show you the right way to do
it, train like You, right here. So there you
have it guys, hopefully this little tutorial,
again keeping it simple, stick figures and all, will help you to understand how to do this
exercise properly, especially if you want to use it to build bigger Triceps. And if you have people that are telling you
to do this exercise this way, we know what they are guys, they’re Dicks, they’re training
like Dicks. We need you to start training like an Athlete,
alright. So guys, head to ATHLEANX.COM if you want
to train like an Athlete not a Dick, start training with the ATHLEANX Training System. I hope you guys found this helpful. If you
need me to draw more stick figures and cover some other exercises, I’ll show you how Not to train like our friend
here and how to start training like an Athlete. Just let me know below and I’ll make sure
I do more videos like this in the future. Alright guys, I’ll be back here again in just
a couple days.



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