How NOT to Care for Bearded Dragons – Mistakes to Avoid!

How NOT to Care for Bearded Dragons – Mistakes to Avoid!



  • GoHerping

    Watch all my bearded dragon videos in this playlist!

  • Ava Dean

    I'm getting a berdie in a couple months and I've finally convinced my parents to let me get one from your website! We are very educated in reptiles and amphibians and the way that you talk about these animals is so great!! We can really tell what your doing and I'm so glad I'm getting my new baby from you!!

  • crosita1

    I thought the pores were supposed to excrete a solid that then got scraped off onto hard objects. Since my beardie's have always been scraped down flush with his skin it wasn't until I saw this video that I realized he had clogged ones. Fixed now! Some were deforming the skin near his vent from inside 😬 Thanks for the good video!!

    Also, both the vets that looked at him looked at his pores but didn't say a thing!

    Also also, he's always been kept on healthy substrate but he has other health issues, so maybe that's why they clogged? Poor dude had his first sperm plugs recently…you might want to talk about seminal plugs at some point too! My guy struggles with dehydration so I suspect getting stopped up could be related.

  • Gìñgęr Łįžård

    Awh. The poor babies.

    But thx I needed this

  • Cherwubi

    My mom is dead set on getting a beardie even though she hates lizards so whenever i mention a beginner pet shes like "I WANT A BEARDIE!!!!!"
    So now i have an entire journal on how to care for them because i know damn well my mom can barely take care of a cat sometimes.

    I want a beardie too but i wanted something simple to take care of but yknow

  • Ella Mun-lai

    so glad i watched this because i realized my beardie clogged femoral pores:( gonna bring him to the vet asap because we’re too scared to extract them outselves lol. we don’t have any loose substrate in his tank so we’re confused on why he has them, do you have any ideas of what else could’ve caused this?

  • Mica 123

    Your really look like that guy from the song cradles

  • Goblin Froyo

    alternate title: How not to train your dragon

  • Madison

    stan, back at it again

  • Rickyfyied

    My man popped butthole pimples.

  • Michael M.

    my beardie, quinnie, is stunted bc his old owners literally just fed him freeze dried crickets and like. squash and nothing else. NOTHING ELSE. he was so skinny when we got him. also he had NO UVB at all, the dude when giving him to me handed me one of those infrared bulbs and said "here's his UVB" so yeah needless to say I tossed that out once the dude left

    so he's a little guy and idk if he'll have a full lifespan but for now he seems pretty healthy!
    also, your tips on femoral pores in the past have helped me a LOT with him, nowadays his pores are very clear thanks to your pore squeeze technique. you mentioned a possible separate vid for cleaning the pores and I'd be quite interested if that's something you plan to do, cause you're right most of the ones out there are just not helpful at all.

  • Mariah Lindgren

    5:46 I'm not even done watching and this is my favorite part of the whole video.. the Spongebob walking sound. 😂

    Stan bobbing at Betty 😂

  • Nequisha Thomas

    Thank you for talking about this Keep up the work

  • lacey leaders

    I had a hand-me-down bearded I know all we fed him was crickets and occasionally some lettuce. My family and I didn't really know anything about reptiles then, all we knew was to feed him and water him. We just set up a place by a window for him with all the things that came with him. We got him from a old friend that was living us at the time, they ended up just leaving and never came back for their things. So he had a heat lamp a decent living space, a nice shallow little pond and sperate water dish. He LOVED crickets though he would get so excited for crickets:p I don't know what ended up happening to him my mom gave him to someone kus she hates reptiles. I miss him though. I'm going to get another one someday.

  • Natsu Buds

    Update on woobeewoo and how's she thriving! Please? For the people who own her babies (like me)

  • christiana williams

    Mine is close to 6 months old and refuses to let me hold him. He's very high-strung. Suggestions?

  • MonkeyingAround YT

    Stan thinks he’s a boss! 😎

  • StoryShepherd

    I appreciate all that you do for these animals and all the information you share to prevent these issues from being so common place. Looking at those heavily deformed bearded dragons that, like you said, are only going to get more stress on their joints as they grow do you consider euthanasia? Hearing you say they need to be kept in a small enclosure where they can only physically barely go back and forth from food and light, potentially from being in too much pain to go further, I feel like that's not great quality of life. I don't mean to be rude it just sounds so sad

  • GRUM REAPER 6824

    My name jeff

  • Cutie_ Reptiles

    What size of tank do you recommend for a full grown beardie?

  • Abriana Panzarella

    I'm so glad I did research before buying my beardies. Seeing those poor babies with twisted arms and raw pores makes me so upset :'(

  • Cutie_ Reptiles

    My leopard gecko is on coconut fiber, his pores look dark, should I be worried or take them out

  • jpolhamus71

    Stan Nodding at Betty "sup,sup,sup I said SUP" like night at the Roxbury must be stan butabi!!!!

  • Joann C Knapp

    No Breadie problems, there spoiled!

  • -Beast-

    Hey man can you help me out? My breadie won’t eat her vegetables or even when I put Dubai’s in it she’ll only eat the Dubai’s is there anything wrong??

  • Ish Bunneh

    Please make a care guide for the babies I’m new to this and recently got a baby bearded dragon I could use more info just to make sure I’m doing things correctly.

  • brian rosendahl

    i need help rescued 2 off them they wont eat and they are so week there cage was really dirty so i cleaned it really good

  • Youalreadyknowww Idk

    If i send my bp over would you be able to send her back? she just wont eat. and losing weight.

  • Lexyyah Farron

    For those wondering about MBD, the main cause is that the UVB light helps them digest calcium properly to ensure their bones are growing and forming in the right way! Without it, they don't digest enough calcium, even if they consume it, so they suffer and their bones become brittle and malformed.

  • Wylmer Cruz

    . M

  • Roz Martinez

    I was thinking what if emerald scales got way to many animals that they could fit
    Cause I would give some to Emily and Ed from snake discovery or Bryan whatever his last name was

  • cassidy

    i’m pet sitting my cousins bearded dragon in the summer so this is perfect! i have reptiles but don’t know much about bearded dragons lol

  • Lu

    Great timing on this video, my mom has a "baby" (p sure she's about a year old now) bearded dragon as a class pet and she does not know what she's doing, but thinks it's fine because she previously had two adult dragons that were more or less "healthy". She didn't put in any research when getting this new baby. Like, very poor diet, no calcium powder, very little in-tank enrichment. She's missing a toe and the very tip of her tail from stuck shed. The worst part is that, like I said, she's a about a year old and just barely bigger than those babies off to the side. I hardly see her but my mom brought her home from school when they shut it down for quarantine and it's so stressful because she clearly loves this lizard, her students love her too, but she completely disregards me whenever I'm like "hey maybe you should do this so your lizard doesn't DIE or live an uncomfortable life". Her response is always "it's a lizard, it doesn't care". I had to give her my snake's large hide so she'd have something to actually climb on (all she has in her temporary at-home tank is a half log), and I bought calcium powder for her but my mom never uses it unless I remind her to. Sorry this is long and ramble-y but it's just so frustrating and idk what else to do about it :/

  • Stacy Farina

    Stan is HoRNeY

  • Kyle Graham

    So I got a baby beardie about 2-3 weeks ago, I've unfortunately had to rearrange her tank quite a bit and just today moved her to a 40 gallon tank and now she's just sitting with her nose in the corner… I've tried handling her, I've tried giving treats, leaving her be, and letting her roam and she is still being very anti social.

  • Angie

    just take the beardies to dr pimple popper to squeeze em out

  • TZTMax 123

    I got one from some people and they treated her bad they let cats in the cage and she is missing a piece of her tail an some toes but now she’s doin a lot better

  • Jay

    you got that hoodie from old navy right? have the same one

  • Willow Powell

    Stan bobbing at Betty at 15:49. You’re welcome.

  • Aussie Girl

    i made the mistake of feeding a lot of fruit during juvenile stage and now he’s very picky about greens

  • brothgur legion

    birds are reptiles.

  • Oxy

    A video about femoral pores and care for them would be great!
    Yes, baths and proper substrate do greatly help but there isn't enough information/videos on this topic imo.

  • Bearded dragons 4 life

    Thank you so much you helped me a lot and I’m glad cause now I know I have a healthy beardie

  • Ellie-J

    i would die for stan

  • Orange Jacket Lady

    "Keep them toes" – Alex, 2020

  • Charles Graff

    I have a bearded dragon that’s about 2 years old and she mainly eats mealworms, Dubai roaches, kale, and has eaten blueberries a couple times and I’ve been trying to introduce her to new foods. Does anybody have any recommendations on how to go about this?

  • Obama Prism

    My beardies called Stan too and he loves to run around the entire house and head bob at sockets

  • Loretta loko

    Okay totally off topic but is it just me or is he like cute but like a weird type of cute 😭

  • Stanley Uris

    Oh my lord, Stan in the background!

  • Sweet Honey

    Ive had a bearded dragon. Amazing animal but hard to care for.

  • stormtrooper pelico

    My bearded dragon will teyp some thing fcbvdf d ffhdgcth Really Rex

  • Dare Devil

    Hey I love you vids, but my family just got a baby bearded dragon about a week ago and he has not been eating we have tried crickets and dubias and we don’t know what to do

  • Pableazy530

    Don’t buy a pet…it will just die and you’ll be a loser

  • Colton Nedyah

    I had a female beardie, it was my first lizard. She lived 8 years before dying due to egg impaction, not something I ever knew or even though about. Any advice on how to avoid this and avoid it? My lizard was never in the company of any other males.

  • The Best Helpy

    3:25 look at that beardie lookin at you in da cage

  • Epoch’s Echo

    For diet, we still give mine his crickets and veggies but with the virus, we have pellets as backup

  • Ragnorok RebornNT

    what are those spots on the back legs suppose to look like when they are good and not stopped up

  • Kariologyy

    Hey quick question, my yellow bellied sliders nails have gotten really long, am I supposed to trim them? I’m reading so many different answers online so I figured I’d just ask you or get some advice from anyone reading this, thanks!

  • Anonymous 1

    The dragon in the viv at 5:08 XD

  • darrin st.amand

    My bulb usually goes up to all the temperatures you see usually 98 to 104

  • Antti Korpi

    grose but informative

  • Nolan

    See that creep in the cage with the black beard staring at those kids🤦‍♂️ it’s a pedophile dragon 😂

  • Guenevere Lehman

    one of my bearded dragons died a couple days ago 😭

  • TJ and NH


  • Aaron Sabo

    its so wierd that those beardies are so mal nurished, like i have a bearded dragon in perfect conditions but i never treated him perfectly like never put protiens or other vitamin powders in his food just right lighting and dubias and 1-2 a week some greens and he is perfect its not much not hard en eazy so hpow did those bearded dragon got so bad

  • E18 Owens

    Can you please do one on red eared sliders

  • Emily Dueck

    You can't get wild-caught beardies anymore because Australia restricts the export of their native fauna. Unless there's an established population of beardies somewhere else in the world that I don't know about

  • Marcella Kroll

    Do you have a bearded dragon kit recommendation on Kit?

  • Kiomi Morishita

    Thank you so much for sharing this – Definitely helpful for a first time beardie owner, mine's doing pretty well so far but it's good to know what problems might pop up in the future! <3

  • It’s Always Alyssa

    please do a part 5 unboxing🥺🥺

  • Langley Gaming

    Ah yes, Scaly Neckbeards

  • Lilyovine

    I also wouldn’t recommend eating them

  • LaedeeTyme

    i was just watching stanly and betty front at each other the whole time

  • GirlyPanda Games

    I have a baby bearded dragon we don't know if it's a she or he

  • Ahlamkin

    My question is how often should a one yr old shed?

  • Krystal Kinlaw

    Have you done a video and care for baby bearded dragons, there is so much conflicting information

  • Coco Pika

    Thank you so much . I've been struggling with clogged pores with my beardie since I adopted him

  • Max Kushner

    Where can I get a rescue bearded dragon

  • Natalie Rose

    …u got more footage of that femoral pore squeezing?
    Asking for a friend.

  • maniibun cos

    Me: feeding my beardy
    Also me: seeing her be picky with her veggies , and places a leaf on her head
    me: yet here you are to scared to even touch her -_-

  • slowestbro

    my brothers first pet he himself took care of was what is now my bearded dragon samantha. the reason why she is now mine is because my brother was intrested and was taking care of her for maybe 2 months but then he got " bored " my parents didn't make him keep taking care of her so she would just have poo on her for a few days a few months of this and i couldn't stand it. the poor baby had gotten a infection on her back ankle. i took her away from him but we can't afford to take her to a vet so we just tried to keep it really clean because it was a open wound. now its been about a year later i bought her a cage suited for her size, she was finally shedding a bit better but the wound is still a thing. its healing and that leg even sheded for the first time. is there anything i can do to maybe try and speed the process of healing? she can walk fine and even laid eggs recently

  • Laurel Cook

    9:10 that looks just like my Marijke, but (damn this is gonna be mean sounding) like she fell through a meat grinder.

  • ryan ferguson

    Hey Goherping i have really had good luck with antibacterial ointment with my dragon when his tail peeled when i was drying him after a bath. It healed and you could not see any color loss or any scaring

  • Timeshark

    These break my heart. How can people do this to bearded dragons? They are so easy to keep. Letting them get in that state just shows a complete lack of care.

  • It'sThatOneChickAgain CallThePoPo

    Bearded dragons: "I'm strong and tough! Fear me!"
    Also bearded dragons: rotting limbs because it's not wet

  • Aliah Crookshanks

    Most definitely not a beginner pet I got a beardy in 2018 for Christmas (yes I did research before I got one and I was begging for one that's why i got it because i knew what i was doing) and I looked everything up and I had many other reptiles on my lost but I thought that a bearded dragon would be the easiest and the most efficient pet. Well I started out in a 50 gallon tank since it was 6 weeks old so she had good enough room to run around. Well a couple months later my beardy is HUGE so be he is in a 260 gallon tank with lots of things to climb on and hides and everything and gets dubs roaches very rarely meal worms and some berries and obviously his veggies. Bearded dragons need lots of care yes I know mine has a huge tank but she is a huge lizard like I'm 5 5 and if I lay down on the ground and put her beside me she is half of my size like everyone told me they would stay small huh no. But I love my girl thor. ( her name is thor because i thought she was a boy due she was so cocky and sassy like a boy and i was sure it was a boy but nope it's a girl). Morel of the story DO YOUR RESEARCH ON YOUR OWN AND DONT TRUST THE STORES YOU GET THEM FROM! ALSO BE READY TO HAVE A CAGE TO CLEAN A LOT!!

    Edit: yes I have proper lighting etc but please dont ever use red lights!! They are the worse. I forgot what type if light I use for thor also my lizard if very well taken car off and will wouldn't trade her for anything!!

  • Kathleen Jessop

    Those poor darlings 😢 I'm so glad they are being cared for properly now. Can't believe what some people put their berdies through by sheer neglect.

  • Dezan Fahreza

    I might get a beardie in the future when i can afford to keep it

  • Staci Wall

    I have two beardies. My male I've had since he was the size of a key, pretty much a hatchling, he is now 5 years old, 23 inches long, and in perfect condition. My female i took in last month, age unknown, used as a breeder, emaciated, 2 bad legs she can't really use, with her tail rotting from it being attacked by a another female it was housed with. She is steadily gaining weight and will hopefully be healthy enough to have her tail fixed soon.

  • Gay Goose Socialist

    I wish I lived in the US simply so I could get one of those

  • Red Animacide

    It's a little off-topic but I just wanted to say I'm new to your channel and I really appreciate the subtitles. I don't have hearing problems, but sometimes I just want to be in a quiet place and written subtitles help a ton for times like those. c:

    Your content is always super interesting, and your personality mixed with your editing style definitely keeps me around and excited for what's to come. Thank you so much for all the effort you put into teaching the world about what you do!

  • Oriana Attias

    Thanks for the tips! Oh, and for fellow beardie owners, if you didn't know already, you should NOT feed your beardie meal worms, do super worms instead, meal worm exoskeletons are difficult for beardies to digest, super worms are meatier and therefore easier to digest. That is a common mistake made by beardie owners.

  • T Gillespie

    Thanks, Alex!🦎

  • Nicole Buckley

    I had a beardie who was perfectly healthy as a baby and a sub adult and i was complemented by professionals for how well he looked but unfortunately at 3 and a half he passed away i had left him at the pet store for a week cuz i was going on holiday when i went to collect him they said he wasn’t eating and he was lethargic and they were saying he was going into burmation which made sense cuz it was January, so I brought him home and he took a worm off me but rejected the locusts which was strange becouse he loved them but i just thought nothing of it, he was dark and looked not to well i was a bit concerned but i just thought nothing of it cuz he was in burmation. The next morning my mam found him asleep and would normally call his name and open his eye but he didn’t do this so she went to tap him and be was unresponsive so she picked him up and still unresponsive she held him trying to get a response still nothing and his eyes started to sink and they were open so then we knew he was dead we took him to the vet and they said he was dead but couldn’t give an explanation
    . If anyone has any conclusions as to what happened feel free to let me know 💖💖💖

  • Patty Miller

    Sand for bearded draguns is posonis

  • Jenny&theblacktshirts

    Stan in the background just bop bop bop 😂😂😂😂

  • Lissi

    Heating bulbs from walmart? What kind?

  • Arius Quaries

    Lets be honest a lot of people suck ass at taking care of animals and they thinks it’s a possession, no it’s an honor to have animals they just don’t know that or don’t care and it’s sad since they either get mistreated or forgotten.

  • Mohammed Morshedul Quader Khalili

    Shut up nerd

  • ivy purney

    We use 2 of the same heat lights but different sizes and one mixed one. We've had the mixed one when I was five and burned out before my chameleon died years ago. We replaced it, and never used it because we didn't have use for it. The big heat light we have, and it just burned out after 7 years of having it. My bearded dragon died not that long ago at a young age (5 yo) and I don't know why because none of these pointed towards him. 2 weeks for instance.. He ate a hopper (mouse) and crickets. He ate nothing ever since then. On the time he was showing signs, it was truly to late. He was so malnourished and I made him kale puree but still.. ;-; I miss him. But the thing is that we took him to the vet like a month before that day so I was so confuseddd. What could be the cause of his death tho?..

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