How much vitamin C should I take with collagen?

How much vitamin C should I take with collagen?

Patti Beverlin says, “How much vitamin C should
be taken with a standard daily dose of collagen?” Well, there’s no evidence that you need to
take vitamin C with collagen. There is a study by Keith Baar, who showed
that 15 grams of gelatin, not collagen, but I suspect the collagen is exactly the same,
15 grams of gelatin but not 5 grams, the dose is important, with 50 milligrams of vitamin
C taken before exercise improved collagen synthesis in the tendons. They included 50 milligrams of vitamin C because
it’s made for collagen synthesis, but they don’t show that you needed the vitamin C.
They just had the vitamin C in there. I don’t know if it even matters in that context
whether you need the vitamin C. I also have no reason to think that you need 50 milligrams
instead of 10 or that 100 milligrams wouldn’t work better because they didn’t test the different
doses. They tested the different doses of gelatin. I see no reason to think a high dose of collagen
is any different in this respect. Let’s assume that it’s the same. What that means that I’m very confident that
you need 15 grams instead of 5 grams when you take it before exercise to increase synthesis
of collagen in tendons if that’s what you care about. I have no confidence about how much vitamin
C you need if you need any. But if you want to do what they did, then
I do feel confident that 50 milligrams is enough to get some effect. I just don’t know if it’s enough to get maximal
effect and I don’t know if it’s necessary at all or in that dose to get that effect. If you’re not taking it before exercise to
benefit your joint health, then it just plain out doesn’t matter at all. Get your vitamin C in anytime you need vitamin
C, but you don’t need to specifically match it to the collagen. If you’re trying to increase collagen synthesis
in the context of — Pamela asked the author that studied. The author is Keith Baar. If you Google it, his name and gelatin will
probably come up. If it doesn’t, Google Danny Lennon’s name
in with it because Danny Lennon did an interview on it, and it will probably come up faster. Also, I did a Chris Masterjohn Lite episode
on this. If you Google the topic and my name, you’ll
probably get that, and that probably has a link to the interview that Danny did with
him. But look, here’s the take home. If it’s for joint health and if it’s taken
before exercise, the timing is important because what you’re trying to do is leverage the exercise
to get more blood flow of the nutrients to the joints. That’s why the timing matters. In that case, you take the vitamin C with
the collagen, 50 milligrams is the dose we know works. We don’t know if it’s necessary, and we don’t
know if it’s optimal. We just know that it works. If you’re not taking it for joint health and
you’re not taking it specifically before exercise, you still need vitamin C. But the timing doesn’t
matter and pairing it to the collagen doesn’t matter. Thank you, Patti, for your question.



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    Brilliant work! Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

  • Hans S

    This is the study discussed

  • WTF Happened To Me

    There are so many different forms of vitamin C I never know which is the best to take… Any suggestions? Or can you do a video about this?

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    thanks for the reminder. I used to take gelatin after exercise, that was obviously not optimal.

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