How Much Could A Bodybuilding Gorilla Bench Press?

How Much Could A Bodybuilding Gorilla Bench Press?

The bench press is considered a hallmark of
all powerlifters, and a true test of your raw, physical strength. With some light training, pretty much any
human is able to bench press their own weight, but what about a full-grown male silverback
gorilla? How much would a wild gorilla really bench
if they were trained to do so? Mountain gorillas are pound for pound, one
of the strongest animals in the world. In fact a ranking looking at animal strength
versus body weight found that the top four strongest animals in the world were, in order:
number one, the dung beetle which can lift weight up to one thousand times its own body
weight. That would be the equivalent of the average
human picking up a small building and chucking it over their shoulder. At number two is the rhinoceros beetle, that
can grow to six inches and carry weight up to 850 times its own body weight- that would
be the equivalent of a human carrying a train passenger car! At number three is the leaf cutter ant, which
can carry weight up to 50 times its own body weight, or the equivalent of a human carrying
a not-quite adult hippopotamus. At number four is the gorilla, capable of
carrying objects up to 10 times their own body weight. Gorillas need all this strength too in order
to defend their group of younger males, females, and babies from wandering predators or other
males looking to take over a group for themselves. While rare, fights between big silverbacks
are vicious, and often end in death or severe injury to one or both of the animals. Because of their massive strength, it’s perhaps
surprising then to discover that gorillas actually prefer not to fight, and actively
engage in threatening displays and false charges to scare away competitors. After all, even if you were a big, bad silverback
in charge, you probably would rather find a more diplomatic solution to a problem than
going toe to toe with another gorilla that has almost as much strength as you. With great power comes great responsibility,
but also an extremely high risk of death or injury, and gorillas simply rather not risk
it most of the time. In fact, gorillas are amongst some of the
most peaceful primates, next to bonobos, though they have suffered a maligned reputation around
the world thanks to their fearsome displays and massive size. In truth, a wild gorilla would prefer to avoid
a confrontation with you, and if he did charge it’s almost certainly going to be a false
charge meant to scare you away. Outside of zoos where animals can be extremely
depressed or stressed by their living situation, wild gorillas have only ever been recorded
attacking humans who were actively hunting them or when in fear of being harmed by the
human. But let’s say that we wanted to train a gorilla
to go for the world record in bench pressing- well actually a gorilla would easily be able
to beat the world record even without training, but let’s say we wanted to find out what the
maximum power of a gorilla would be. Because they use their arms for walking around,
climbing, punching poachers in the face, and pulling down thick tree branches so they can
munch on leaves and fruits, gorillas have seriously more developed arms than humans
do. Their upper body strength is around six times
greater than the average human, so breaking that record is no problem for even the weakest
gorilla. But what would the maximum a gorilla be able
to lift be? Right now the world record for a raw bench
press is 739.6 lbs (335.5 kg), set by American Julius Maddox. This isn’t the greatest weight ever bench
pressed, as those numbers were accomplished with the help of a bench shirt. A bench shirt is a shirt of extremely rigid
fabric or materials that artificially moves certain muscles into better positioning, allowing
for more lifting potential, and we’re not interested in having our gorilla cheat, he’s
going to do things the all-natural way. Also a lot of those record holders for non-raw
presses were never drug tested, and once more, we’re not going to let our gorilla cheat his
way to glory. At one of his latest weigh-ins Julius weighed
a whopping 449.5 pounds (204 kg), meaning that he was able to bench press 164% of his
body weight. Assuming that with training, a gorilla could
match the level of physical fitness Julius has, that means that the average male gorilla,
which weighs 430 lbs (195 kg) would be able to bench press a whopping 4,242 lbs (1924
kgs). The largest gorilla on record was an animal
shot in 1938 who weighed in at 483 lbs (219 kg), and if he had been trained to power lift
instead of being shot by idiots, he would’ve been able to lift an incredible 4,753 lbs
(2,156 kg). That is a serious amount of lifting potential,
and a trained powerlifter gorilla would definitely come in handy when moving day comes around. A Stalin era scientist once dreamt of creating
an army of genetically engineered human-gorilla hybrid soldiers, who would have the strength
of a gorilla and the intelligence of a man. For us though, we think this scientist was
in the wrong business, because if we used the power of genetic engineering for evil,
we would definitely create a moving company made up of hybrid human-gorillas who could
effortlessly lift furniture over their head. Moving would be a snap, and because they aren’t
really people you could, much like the average American worker, deny them health insurance
or benefits of any sort while literally paying them bananas! Do you think we could ever train a gorilla
to be a powerlifter? How much do you think a hulked-out gorilla
would be able to lift? Are you an unemployed geneticist with few
if any moral scruples looking for an exciting business opportunity? Let us know in the comments! And if you enjoyed this video don’t forget
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