Homemade Egg Rolls – Protein Treats By Nutracelle

Homemade Egg Rolls – Protein Treats By Nutracelle

hey guys welcome to Protein Treats by
Nutracelle I’m Melanie Wildman and I’ve lost over a hundred pounds and
managed to keep it off by eating the kinds of foods that I’m sharing with you
today so what I love doing is taking food that’s super unhealthy and turning
it into really healthy yummy yummy versions that help you stay full for
hours so today we are making egg rolls so my husband loves Chinese food and
especially he loves egg rolls but they’re so full of all sorts of stuff
that’s not good for us there’s MSG there’s tons of carbohydrates there’s
often added sugars if you’re getting it from any sort of restaurant or takeout
so I’ve been working for quite a while quite a few months trying to come up
with a way to make an egg roll that had the right taste that was crispy on the
outside and then of course used tons of fiber tons of protein and had almost no
carbohydrates or additives so guess what I’m so excited to show you guys how easy
this is to put together now all you’re going to need is our crepe recipe to
start so I’m gonna put the description I’m gonna put the link to the crepe
recipe in the description below these are super easy to make they only need
really two ingredients on a splash of water so you’re gonna use our natural
Nutralean and half a cup of egg whites couldn’t be any easier so you see
these guys these are going to become our wrapper for our egg roll now to make the
inside it’s the easiest part ever so what I have here is coleslaw mix you
know those bags of salads and veggies you get you can get ones that are just
full of shredded carrot and shredded cabbage so this is one of those bags and
all I’m going to do is go ahead and saute it now I’m going to saute it in
some olive oil and you’re gonna notice that it’s going to lose a lot of its
bulk here so it looks like you’ve got tons it won’t be that much once we start to cook it up now I’ve also got some ground pork here now you
don’t have to have that I’ve made these without ground pork that are just
vegetarian and they’re super delicious on their own but I do have some ground
pork here with you guys today I already fried it up in the frying time but I’m
going to add that and with all of my cabbage and then I’m going to put in
about a tablespoon of soy sauce you can use a healthier soy sauce if you have
one on hand and a little bit of garlic and some ginger to taste and that’s it
that’s all you guys need along with our natural Nutralean so let’s get started
making this just gonna add in my garlic let’s add in my ginger a little bit of
garlic powder here if you have fresh powder or if your fresh garlic go ahead
and use that instead because it’s way better and as it heats up and starts to
lose some of its bulk some of its size just go ahead and keep adding in a
little bit more of your grated coleslaw and then you can add in about a
tablespoon of water here and about the same in soy sauce so I’m gonna add about
a tablespoon it’s up to you if you like a little more soy sauce and you can
obviously add a little bit more but I find this is pretty good to get that
flavor that you really want once your cabbage is nice and reduced
you can tell that it’s starting to become a little bit translucent
you can go and add in your cooked ground pork if you want now you could use you
don’t see use ground pork you could use ground chicken you could even use a
ground turkey or even shrimp would taste really good but I’m using a little bit
of ground pork right now and I’m just gonna go ahead and put it in to taste
I’m putting about a little over a cup in and the secret to making the filling
super filling so you stay full for hours is going to be to add natural Nutralean so all I’m gonna do is take a scoop of natural Nutralean just like
this and I’m gonna go ahead and just sprinkle it right over the top here
doesn’t have to be perfect and then I’m gonna keep stirring and let
that blend all the way in it’ll blend away really really quickly don’t worry
and it won’t affect the flavor at all it’s just gonna give you that prebiotic
fiber you need to help repair your gut flora
so you’re healthier and you stay full longer okay so I’m gonna let that sit over here
and then I’m gonna show you how easy it is to make the actual wrappers okay so
the secret to our wrappers is our crepe recipe and all we’re going to do is turn
these into little squares so I’m gonna go ahead and kind of cut the sides off a
little bit just like this so that they form a bit of a square they don’t have
to be a perfect square so you don’t have to cut too too much off but just a
little bit because it’s gonna make it a lot easier and nicer to roll so just
like that it’s not a perfect square but it’s pretty close okay so all you’re
going to do now is take your mixture that you’ve done and you’re gonna put a
couple of tablespoons right along your wrapper just like this now the two
things that you’re going to need when you do this is some leftover egg white
that you’re gonna use to seal your edges and then some sesame oil and we’re gonna
go ahead and brush the sesame oil on before we put it in the oven I’m going
to show you how easy this is to do so now that we have our insides right here
I’m gonna compress them a little bit so that they kind of squish down really
nice and then I’m going to take my corner here and I’m gonna wrap it all
the way around nice and tight and then kind of pull back on it just like this
so you’re squishing everything down so wrap it push down and pull back a little
bit so you get it nice and compressed and then just like you were folding a
letter I’m gonna take the corner here and I’m gonna turn it right over
the side and I’m gonna dip my finger in the egg white just like that so that it
helps to stick and then the same thing on the other side I’m gonna take it fold
it just like you would a letter use a little bit of egg white to get that
stickiness down and then I’m going to fold it right over the top just like
this all the way around and look at that we have a perfect little egg roll
I’m gonna set that on there and then we’re gonna dip our little brush right
into the sesame oil and then we’re just gonna brush it with some sesame oil and
that’s what’s gonna give it that really amazing taste and flavor just like you
get in the restaurants I’ve used about half my filling so I’m gonna have to
make up some more crepes but as you can see this does about 10 really nice sized
egg rolls I’m gonna get these into my oven at 425 degrees and I’m gonna cook
these puppies for about 20 minutes and there we go these smell so amazing it
smells just like amazing Chinese restaurant in here except we’ve got all
healthy food I’m gonna go ahead and put this on here I think what I’m gonna do
is actually cut it with a knife because it’s gonna be super hot you can see the
steam coming off with them but look at this absolutely delicious yummy pork and
cabbage stuff absolutely yummy delicious homemade couldn’t have been any easier
and you guys these are so healthy for you you don’t have to order in Chinese
anymore you can have filling yummy decadent and oh so delicious yummy food right in your own kitchen I think we should give this a taste test what do
you think you tell them well my family is gonna go
crazy at supper tonight for these these are absolutely so delicious the flavor
is exactly like what you would get in a restaurant you’ve got nice crispy on the
outside thanks to the sesame oil that we put on and oh my goodness these are so
so good you guys make sure you subscribe comment below and tell me what recipes you want me to turn into healthy super foods for
you and check out some of our amazing viewers and some of the yummy recipes
that they’ve been making that we’ve been doing on the show all right you guys I
will see you all back here next week for some yummy protein treats
bye guys



  • Eating Cheating

    Hi! Your egg rolls are definitely yummy! I made today egg rolls too, but little bit different. Check them out on my channel 🙂

  • Julie Bond

    I wish that nutulean wasn't so expensive I can't afford that

  • Candise Smith

    You shouldn't be telling people to eat like that with no carbs and lots of protein. Thats extremely unhealthy! Unsubscribed…

  • J

    I love how knowledgeable you are about healthy eating!! Lots of protein is so important!! Carbs are not!!

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