Home Made Protein Bar/ No Protein Powder / لوح البروتين المنزلي بدون استعمال المكملات

Home Made Protein Bar/ No Protein Powder / لوح البروتين المنزلي بدون استعمال المكملات

hey guys protein bar can get very
expensive sometimes what are the prices today two dollars, I think even more how
about if you want to have one or two every day it’s gonna get very expensive
in the end of the month today today I’m gonna help you look lower this cost 50% hell even more, and not only that today we are cooking one of the most delicious
healthy protein that you will ever taste my recipe will help you build muscles and
lose belly fat yes you heard it good lose belly fat today no exercises no workout
today we are cooking So put your sleeve up and follow me to the kitchen ok guys we’re gonna take the egg white and we gonna put it
in a big empty bowl and then after that we gonna take the maple syrup this is sugar-free maple syrup we gonna pour above it and then also fat-free
milk we’re gonna pour it also above it in the bowl
and then we’re gonna take vanilla we’re gonna put some vanilla and then whisk the whole thing together very good for a couple of minutes when we finish
whisking it we’re gonna take also the soy flour and then we can put it above
it and then after that we’re gonna take some peanuts these peanuts are hand
crushed peanuts if you like it smaller you can put it in the blender as for the also almond they are hand crushed almond I prefer a hand crushed
but you can put in the blender as also for the walnuts they are and crushed now we take the blueberries we’re gonna put it above it I have to say that
blueberries is very good for losing belly fat and then we’re gonna take the
dried coconut and then we’re gonna put it above and then we have everything
together we’re gonna start mixing it for a couple of minutes if you like mixing
it by spoon do that I prefer mixing it by the hand because it’s more effective and it’s faster and now that it’s mixed very good we’re gonna put it in a glass bakeware I use butter paper to prevent sticking it’s very important to use it otherwise your mixture will be stuck on the bottom of the bakeware spreaded very good height 1 into 2 centimeter then put some coconuts on the surface as much as you like and now that is ready for baking we gonna bake it in preheated oven for 20 minutes on 160 degree Celsius so after
20 minutes of baking we’re gonna take it out and then we’re gonna wait until it’s
completely cooled down and then after that we’re gonna cut it in this video
I’m cutting it this way so this piece that I’m cutting right now a complete
piece that contains 22 grams of protein I’m gonna cut now a second piece as you
see and then also this piece contains 22 grams of protein and that means one
serving but because it’s little bit difficult to store it in this way so I’m
gonna cut each serving into two pieces so it become every piece 11 gram of protein so for one serving you need two pieces of those okay guys our protein bar is ready now you can save a lot of money doing this protein bar at home I hope you’ll like it I hope you’ll find it tasty be sure there will be a lot of
recipes for more protein bars and also shakes for losing body fat like share
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