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    thank you Yasmina

  • Healing Histamine

    Hi there! That's ok – many people call me Jasmin, Jasmina and variations thereof 😉

    I'm glad you found it useful! Thanks so much for taking the time to watch and comment.

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    Great info!
    Why is it that people with histamine problems hair falls out?
    ( Biotin deficiency , under-methylated )

    Ok – Why do we need biotin?
    We need biotin to make fatty acids to control mast cells problem.

    Ok- Why do we have histamine over-load in are body?
    Methylation gene defects ( Cbs mutation , MaoA mutation ) look up Dr. Amy Yasko's work.

  • Disclosurer Radio

    Histamine is made from histidine and tetrahydrofolate is needed to metabolize histadine to glutamate.  When there is a partial methylation cycle block, tetrahydrofolate is not being produced at a normal rate by the methionine synthase reaction (this is what produces the elevated Figlu on urine organic acids test) It may be that more of the histidine goes into forming histamine when the conversion to glutamate is impeded by low tetrahydrofolate.  The other aspect to be considered is the breakdown of histamine.  If this is slow, histamine can build up.  There are two main pathways for this.  One is a methyltransferase pathway, and a partial methylation cycle block would be expected to interfere with it.  The other is diamine oxidase, which requires vitamin B6 (actually it is an active form, P5p) and copper.  If either of these is deficient, it could slow the breakdown of histamine and produce higher levels of it. 
    What can be done?  Well, together with your physician, you might check the levels of copper and B6, and supplement if low.  If copper is supplemented, zinc should also be supplemented at a dosage that is a factor 10 or 15 higher, to keep them in proper balance.  It's also important not to overdo the copper, because it can produce oxidative stress via the Fenton reaction.  Antihistamines are another possibility.  There are at least 3 types of histamine receptors, and each requires certain antihistamines.  There are some supplements that reportedly decrease the production of histamine, one being quercetin.  In the long run, I think that restoring the methylation cycle function should control the  histamine levels, and together with your physician, you might consider trying to lower dosages of the methylation protocol supplements and raise them slowly.  It's important to be careful so as to avoid anaphylaxis, which can be serious. The elevated Figlu on an organic acid study could be due to a slow liver function or possibly a P450 enzyme defficiency.  The main message here is that you could have a defficiency in folate acid and weak methylation, due to a liver insufficiency or a genetic mutation (MTHFR).  The main issue is that we need methylation, minerals and Biotin, to make RNA, DNA, lipids, and fatty acids to repair the damage and support our metabolic weakness'.

  • KMG68

    Thank-you for this. I'm only just learning how to deal with my histimine intolerance. FYI, cooking in a cast iron skillet is a great way to get needed iron also.

  • CheeseWiZ

    Thanks for sharing!  I found your video fascinating; because, if we were poles, you're the north and I'm the south!  I've tried many supplements, and the first two you mentioned (quercetin and mangosteen) cause impressive reactions.  Quercetin actually causes my skin to become very thin and break open easily…  I'm baffled by our differences.

    Would u be willing to talk more about this?  Maybe we can share some information from different worlds.

  • Jaclyn Downs

    Great, useful info presented in easy to understand terms! And you're gorgeous, by the way!

  • Sunny Midnite

    Eek.  Very high vitamin C for someone trying to watch their oxalate levels!  Not supposed to go over 250 mg/day from everything I've learned.  Is there a quercetin without it?  

  • Sally H

    I have never had any good results personally with Quercetin. I've tried it numerous times in the past with no luck. Other bioflavonoids work a little better but the one I always come back to is Pycnogenol. It's derived from Pine bark extract. I'm very allergic to Pine trees, but I've never had a problem with this. It's quite amazing actually. Mixed with high does of Ascorbic Acid it's really good at lowering histamine levels in the body. Only problem is, it can be costly.

  • Mike Frame

  • tabletop581

    I have real issue with iron. If I try and supplement with iron , my iron doesn't go up, but my Potassium sky-rockets. Scary. maybe there's something in my gut that is holding onto iron and copper? I took 3 hair mineral tests… all show low iron no matter what I do…
    Thanks for doing this video, – very helpful. : )

  • leila laraibish

    Thank you for the video. i just fount out i had histamine intolerance, and this was very helpful.
    I tried to buy the Twinlab allergy-c but unfortunately it was discontinued. do you happen to know any other good brand of vitamin C From Sago Palm ?

  • Liz S

    I am already taking a really good vitamine c supplement in high dose (10 gr). It's a pure one in a powder form. But I would also like to take quercetine. Does anybody know off a good quercetine supplement, without extra vitamine c, as I am already having that ? I have looked everywhere. Thanks !

  • Chris Collier

    Yasmina, many of these supplements are no longer available (Mostly the TwinLabs ones). Do you have any replacement supplements that you currently recommend? Thanks!

  • Super Saiyan Fitness

    your right the prostaglandins do cause hair loss a large source of this is the polyunsaturated fats in our diets check out dr ray peats work limit polyunsaturated fats and do you know if mangosteen is the same as mangos? id rather eat mangos😁

  • htbjourney !

    How did that Swanson's supplement go, in the long run?

  • Truth Seeker

    This will save your life here's the data

  • Otis Tyson Boris

    What kind of vitamin c is the best for histamine intolerance? I have calcium ascorbate vitamin c and have a bad reaction to it

  • Alexandra B

    hello darling i have tried to get my hands on the twin lab quercetin c but it has been continued. Which product have you switched to? xx

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    such nice eyes

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    Marry me please, thank u for the info 🙂

  • Dave Jones

    Thanks so much h for your information on what you take .

  • Ryan Welsch

    Why take supplements instead of reversing the condition?


    I must be allergic to quercetin it makes me feel awful… oh well!

  • Slice of Lyme

    What are people so mean symptoms of MCAD?

  • distortionharmonics

    Thanks for sharing. I'm new to this knowledge and learning since I discovered recently taking some allergy pills for the first time in my life (anti-histamines) cleared up all my depression symptoms instantly! I've been against taking anti-depressants, and always had pets. Never knew why I was always constantly depressed (and I've tried almost everything, sincerely for over 10 years…), but I'm pretty sure its something to do with histamine and mast cells. Also, when I was 19, as a man, I started getting male pattern baldness, and at 26 now, its too thin up front to even bother growing out…yet I look young for my age, it sucks… probably also from a high carb, mostly fruit diet I experimented with for years, raising prostaglandin levels. Thanks for the tips! Can't wait to learn more on this topic…

  • nursewriter

    yeah, no ascorbic acid for me. Whole food C is real vitamin C while ascorbic acid is just a synthetic shell. . AA wrecks the liver's ceruloplasmin, necessary for copper/iron regulation.

  • James Murphy

    Is it posible to eat low histamine on a vegan diet?

  • There is only one KEK and Pepe is his prophet

    People who say things like I just want to let the body heal itself, don't know anything about physiological processes or the mechanisms that drive their actions

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    RIP Yasmine

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    RIP beautiful soul in a beautiful woman.

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    Have you cured your histamine problem?

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    I love Spa Tone.

  • Sheila Dyck

    I just found out I have a rare form of Mast Cell disease called Telangietasia Macularis Eruptiva Perstans – I am working on getting into the Mayo Clinic and researching this disease as much as possible.

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