[Hindi] How to prepare herbalife shake हर्बलाइफ शेक बनाने की विधि

[Hindi] How to prepare herbalife shake हर्बलाइफ शेक बनाने की विधि

A very good evening & welcome back to our YouTube Channel my friends!! How are you all Today ?? Today’s video will be an outstanding video And today we gonna share you about Herbalife Nutrition Shake Preparation..about its recipe We have received many requests & doubts about Herbalife Shake Preparation they’re confused whether to prepare shake with water or skimmed milk or juice So make sure my pals to completly watch this video till the end so that you can get proper knowledge Herbalife Shake Preparation or its recipe for morning breakfast it combines of Herbalife Nutriton’s two Premium Supplements i.e., Herbalife Formula1 Nutritional Shake Mix..about this supplement our channel has already dedicated a special information ..we’ll provide you the link below in the description box..make sure to go through that video so that you can understand about its benefits & usuage Today’s recipe, it includes Herbalife Nutrition Shake (chocolate flavor) apart from this flavour Herbalife Nutriton India has got a total of 6 flavors in the Shake Category as per your taste, you can consume the nutrition shake & prepare it the morning breakfast time Herbalife Shake Preparation is incomplete without its second important supplement ie., Herbalife Personalised Protein Powder This protein powder supplement is How much beneficial & important …for that we have given you a series of video ..if you’ve missed that information Don’t worry we’ll provide you the link of playlist below Make sure to completely go through it & include protein in your daily lifestyle too As you can see friends, Herbalife Shake Preparation can be prepared with Tropicana Juice or skimmed milk or even normal water can used for its preparation Today we gonna prepare a delcious Herbalife Shake which is chocolate flavor For this, we’ve considered 100ml of cold water in the shaker cup you can even use cold water or chilled water we took a 100ml of cold water in the shaker cup We’ll use skimmed milk in it using skimmed milk, provides your body with milk intake & low fat in content keep one thing in mind, there are lots of people who has got milk intolerance, their body is not able to digest milk properly so for those they can use normal water or juice for shake preparation As you can see friends, now we’ve got a total of 300ml of medium we’ve considered skimmed milk, you can also use soya /tonned milk as available in the market Now quickly we’ll add 3 scoops of Herbalife Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix (Chocolate flavor) If you’re preparing for yourself (any individual) we’ll use only 3 scoops of it Take proper measurement for the preparation of Shake as you can see, whether its a Herbalife Nutritional Shake Mix cane or Personalised Protein Powder cane make sure to give it a good mix so that the nutrients don’t get settled, ill show you later on We’ll also discuss, what if we prepare shake in water or juice medium..what’s the calorie & what’s the difference What’s better for you? Now we’ll add 1 Scoop of Herbalife Personalised Protein Powder but before adding it, we’ll give it good mix as infromed before so that the nutrients don’t get settled Same thing take proper measurement of it too we considered 1 scoop of protein powder you can also add fruits to it or ice cube, we’ve ice cubes so we’ll add some ice cube to the mixture so that we can get chilled shake as well as thick shake Now we’ll blend to it for 1-2 min. you can also prepare in shaker cup but best option is to prepare in the blender so that you can get proper shake using blender will give us a delicious shake & all the nutrients gets properly blended now we will blend it.. wow.. So our Herbalife Shake Preparation is almost ready..its gonna be very tasty since we’ve used Chocolate flavor if you can see properly, we’ve considered 300ml medium but the shake what we prepared is doubled so if you get your shake prepared in this manner, then you’ve got a perfect shake prepared for you Now we’ll see how it looks, we’ll take this glass………wow…wow.. amazing …very very beautiful you can use fruits, Tropicana juice or just water medium for shake preparation the difference is not that much big difference would be in calories If Herbalife Shake Preparation is done with Skimmed milk we’ll get 240Kcal energy If prepared in water medium then we’ll get 117Kcal energy This is low calorie shake, so if you prepare this shake may be you’ll feel hungry soon Better recommendation to prepare it with milk Speaking about using juice as a medium(once in a while), we’ll get 252 energy keep everything in my mind, so that you apply properly to your diet & well being Got any doubt or query related to Herbalife , drop you comments below If you want to start with this product, you can shop it at the link mentioned below, THANK YOU!!



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    Good video bhai 👌

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    Sir soya milk me bana se kitna calorie milega,or soya milk healthy he ki nahin

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    Kya hm isme niteworks or add krskte hainnn ya nhii

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    Sir harbalife sek ko kitne sal se use kr skte h plz reply

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    मैं weight लॉस के लिए harbalife का प्रोटीन पाउडर और फार्मूला 1 ले रहा हूँ।

    शेक बनाने में सिर्फ पानी का यूज़ कर रहा हूँ।

    क्या मुझे मिल्क का यूज़ करना चाहिए..?

    अगर मिल्क का यूज़ शेक बनाने में करूँगा तो वेट लॉस होने में और ज्यादा टाइम लगेगा क्या..?

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    How to increase masal mass from Herbalife products,pl tell me fast

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    We can use normal milk.


    Tropicana juice me shake bnayenge to kya wo wt loss/ gain walon ko digest hoga???
    Aur kya ye juice hmari body k liye perfect h?? Chamical to nhi h es juice me ydi hm shake bnaye to???
    Bcz abhi tk hm skimmed milk or water ka hi use krte aaye h..Aur aap es juice ki bat kr rhe to eske bare me detail btaye please..Aur kitna calarie milega..?

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