Herbalife24 Rebuild Strength Part I in hindi की जानकारी, लाभ, फायदे, उपयोग …

Herbalife24 Rebuild Strength Part I in hindi की जानकारी, लाभ, फायदे, उपयोग …

Great!! A very healthy good evening to my friends.. welcome back to our YouTube Channel How are you all today? Today I’m very excited to share this information because we’ve been waiting for years to get this supplement in India & now its finally arrived If you’re a fitness freak person..do you like to enhance your fitness level? Then the newly launched supplements H24 Rebuild Strength is the Answer to it.. its a must try supplement for you all.. because its a result oriented supplement and it supports amazingly to achieve your desired fitness goals.. What makes H24 Rebuild Strength so wonderful..? What are the benefits of H24 Rebuild Strength? Today we’ll take a review & discussion over H24 Rebuild Strength We’ve got a lot of information to share you about H24 Rebuild Strength, so we’ve decided to dedicate this information to you in 2 parts.. Today’s video is dedicated toward the background of H24 Rebuild Strength Before starting, let me remind you if you haven’t SUBSCRIBE our Channel ..SUBSCRIBE it now & take this opportunity to know about Herbalife Nutrition’s Supplement like never before & make sure to hit the BELL icon.. So lets get started about H24 Rebuild Strength As you can see in your screen my friends…the name H24 Rebuild Strength itself suggests many thing To understand it even more better..do analyse your body by yourself As of, if you do regular exercise/workout let me inform you Whenever we perform exercise/workout body’s muscles CONTRACTS Muscles get beated because of which the Glycogen which is present in the muscles, uses it as a FUEL so that we can do workout At the same time, when we do exercises the Muscle’s protein gets breakdown & damaged.. To get it REPAIRD, our body automatically perform its action to RECOVER, REGROW & the GLYCOGEN level which is deficit now But if you don’t provide your body with proper amount of nutrition & don’t follow the right meal program Then your body’s recovery get badly affected We got a lots of comments regarding ‘ Sir we’re doing regular Exercise/workout & even following the routine’ but our body is not able to achieve its right fitness level (output) The main reason behind is that you are making your muscles work but you’re not providing proper amount of input (nutrition) because of which the muscles don’t get recovered & ultimately your health goals gets affected Keeping this thing in my mind & saw the same trend Herbalife Nutrition India has launched H24 Rebuild Strength which has got some unbelievable results, if apply it in your daily routine Now lets understand about the background of H24 Rebuild Strength H24 Rebuild Strength is designed & prepared by Sports Nutrition Experts H24 Rebuild Strength is fully tested supplement for Banned Substances In the market outside there are X no. of brand which has got banned ingredients used in the supplement H24 Rebuild Strength is certified by Informed Sport Its a sport program which certifies the sports supplements in the market Do they contain any banned substances..& the best part is that H24 Rebuild Strength is fully tested for it H24 Rebuild Strength is easily consumable.. H24 Rebuild Strength has got 10 sachets (50 gm each sachet) H24 Rebuild Strength is available in sachet form.. One serving of H24 Rebuild Strength gives 176 Kcal of Energy Precisely informing you friends, we got 24gm of protein which helps our body to recover wonderfully H24 Rebuild Strength has got some key ingredients to it namely Casin, Whey protein Isolate, BCAA, then L- Glucatomine Each ingredients has got some special benefits to our body & well being which we’ll speak in coming videos so stay tune for coming videos & information.. H24 Rebuild Strength comes in Chocolate flavor.. There is NO Artificial Color in H24 Rebuild Strength H24 Rebuild Strength also provides Vitamins & Minerals to our body As informed earlier, H24 Rebuild Strength comes in Sachet forms total of 10 Sachets in H24 Rebuild Strength There is NO Artificial Sweetener, Colour or flavor in H24 Rebuild Strength which speaks its quality let me inform you one more thing my pals, the supplements prepared from (GMOs) Genetically Modified Organism it’s harmful for our body & even to our environment H24 Rebuild Strength is prepared with Non- GMOs ingredients There’s no use of Genetically Modified Organisms which tells us about that Herbalife Nutrition is not only looking for Healthy body but also keep our environment Healthy So this is it all for now friends, Stay tune for 2nd part..we’ll be back soon we wish you a Healthy & Prosperous life..take care..




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