Healthy Costco Haul | Stocking Up on Essentials!

Healthy Costco Haul | Stocking Up on Essentials!

– We’re being very brave We are filming a Costco
grocery haul in Costco, get this, on a Sunday. Do you guys see this? – [Matt] Costco’s always full. – Oh my god. (lively music) I like mango. Hey guys, welcome back to my channel. Today, we are actually in the parking lot of Costco on a Sunday morning. We are gonna do a come
shop with me grocery haul sharing our essentials that we get at Costco pretty much every time we come. I actually want to do more
Costco hauls like this and maybe I can do different themes. but today, just to kick things off, we thought we would share just
like our Costco essentials and some things I think
you guys should pick up when you’re shopping at your local Costco. Let’s hop right in. Before we do actually, make sure you are
subscribed to this channel. It’s free. I do grocery hauls, I do
recipes, I do routines. Matt and I vlog every single Friday. Lots of videos for you guys to check out. I’ll have a link down below
for you guys to subscribe and without further
ado, let’s go shopping. I’m just getting miked up so
you guys can actually hear me in there ’cause, you
know, Costco’s a warehouse, there’s a lot of people. Let’s do this. I’m yeah, I’m gonna leave
my jacket in the car. (lively music) The aisle Matt goes in every time: TVs. – I think want this. – [Nikole] I want the one behind you. – Yeah, it’s like 75 inch. – [Nikole] Look at his face
when he sees a TV. (laughing) – Look at this guy; imagine that one. – Oh wow!
– Get some Call of Duty on there, there Chloe. – All right, move along sir.
– Okay. – Move along. Costco actually has an amazing selection of really great breads. This one is Sprouted by Silver Hills. They have some other ones
here that are amazing and not just one of each
brand, but multiple. Like there’s three of this one. I’m gonna try this one. I don’t know if have
I’ve had this one before, it’s the multigrain but Sprouted bread is really good for you. It’s easier to digest,
higher in protein and stuff, and it’s delicious. I usually, this is a double pack. I’ll freeze one and I’ll keep the rest to enjoy throughout
the week ’cause I never go through two loaves in a week. It’s just Matt and I. I’m grabbing some organic chicken. I love their organic chicken here ’cause it’s so much cheaper and I usually get the wings and the thighs. I think dark meat is really underrated and I usually will cook up half of it and then freeze the rest for later. Cheese, we don’t eat a ton of cheese, but we definitely love
cheese and crackers, grating some on pasta or for lasagna. This one’s really good. Their butter is amazing, Kerrygold, but they also have a really good cheddar. I’m gonna grab some of this. Hummus, this is my favorite one. It’s caramelized onion hummus,
so flavorful, super creamy, and we always hit the double pack ’cause we go through it. Every week, we go through
hummus, so I always get it. (lively music) This is my absolute favorite salsa. I feel like once you
get hooked on this one, other more tomatoey salsas
just aren’t the same. It has like some sweetness to it. It’s organic, there’s
no added sugar in this. Oh wait, there is, there’s a agave syrup. When did that come in here. I swear this didn’t
have sugar in it before. That’s why it’s so good. It’s okay, it’s like near
the end, it’s my favorite, it’s so good so I’m gonna grab some. This is the coldest section of Costco that you normally just
like run in and out of to get your goods. It’s so cold. (lively music) Grabbing some cucumbers and
I use these a lot actually in my smoothies, which I
know is an unconventional way to use cucumber and I also just love them for dipping into hummus
and just having as a snack. I like that they have
a three pack here for, $4.50 seems expensive for
cucumbers, but I swear, they’re getting more expensive every day. I think I’m making them more popular, so, I’m sorry cucumbers,
but I’m gonna grab ya. Hi, how are you?
(laughing) I thought you looked up
at me ’cause I didn’t know if Chloe had the camera up and I thought you’re like, oh it’s for you. So we’re trying to be like incognito here. – On a Sunday, you guys
came at the worst time. – We’re about halfway through, ran into a subscriber who, funny enough, I run into her so many times. Shout out to Kelly and we’re almost done. We haven’t got kicked out yet. We’ve run into a lot of employees, but we have not been spotted, so I think we’re gonna
be able to wrap this up. How you doing, Matt? Matt’s had to pee for like– – Yeah.
The whole time. You’re like a little kid.
– The Whole time. – Why couldn’t you pee before– – I worked out this morning.
– Before we started. – I worked out this morning,
I drank like three bottles of water while working out. Hydration is key.
– I know, I know. He keeps whining every second. I’m like, listen–
– When you gotta go. – I got period cramps, I don’t
want hear about your pee. Okay, let’s go. Next up, we got some eggs. I love eggs: poached, scrambled,
they’re great for baking, and I love that they have organic here, so I’m gonna grab a large pack. (lively music) I’m grabbing some sparkling water. This is my favorite. I don’t drink pop so this
is kind of my version of pop and, I swear, we buy
a case like every week and it goes so fast ’cause everyone’s like in and out of our place. You know, we’ve got the
HealthNut team coming in and out, so we always try to have
lots of delicious drinks and I like these so they
don’t have any sugar in them. I’m also grabbing a large
pack of some lemons. I use lemons all the
time in my lemon water in the morning and it’s just one of my favorite citrus fruits. You can get a large pack here for, we’ll put how much, I forget. These are really good, too,
and they’re nice and large. Sometimes they don’t
fit and lemon squeezer, but they’re delicious am
I gonna grab some, too. (lively music) I like mango. (laughing) I love Costco’s frozen fruit
selection and even vegetables, but I always get the frozen mango. Besides banana, this is
the next most popular fruit that I put in my smoothies. It blends up really creamy
and I love this brand, Nature’s Touch; their
mangoes are really delicious. so I’m gonna grab some of that. (lively music) There was like an actual
customer behind us laughing at me ’cause I was so embarrassed. Um, yeah, well, I’m sure
they’re laughing with me. Do we need these? He’s gone. They’re so cute. I bought a similar one
like this last week, so maybe I’ll leave that one. I am a huge fish and seafood lover, so Costco really has a great selection. They have salmon, cod, rainbow trout, really, tuna, anything you need. My favorite is the rainbow trout or I’ll get the wild
salmon that they have here. This is such a great quick thing that you can just cook up on a week night with some veggies and you’re set. I’m gonna grab the rainbow trout today. This pack of almond milk,
there’s three in here. They’re unsweetened and you guys know I go through almond milk,
oat milk all the time; smoothies, baking,
cereal if I’m craving it. This is a really good pack to grab if you go through it a lot. Nut butters; you guys
know I love peanut butter, nut butter, almond
butter, all the butters. This one here is really good. It’s a creamy almond butter. This one here, I believe the
ingredients are really minimal. It just has roasted
almonds and when it comes to almond butter, I love roasted. It just has a better flavor
and this one’s super creamy. Next, I actually have two items. These are like the all natural sweeteners that I get every time. This is an organic unpasteurized honey and then I always get the
Canadian maple syrup they have. We basically go through this a lot, in baking, Sunday pancakes. These are my two favorites. Why is filming in Costco on a
Sunday morning so stressful? I swear, there’s someone behind me every time just judging me, like why are you filming, why do you think you’re so special? Olives, I get these every time. These are my favorite kind. I think they’re Italian
olives, I don’t know. It says green olives
but they’re really big and they’re really vibrant green. They’re more of a mellow tasting one if you find Kalamata
olives too kind of sour. These are delicious and I
always stock up when I’m here. They’re so good, you
guys have to try them. Pasta sauce, now when
it comes to pasta sauce, you want to try to get it in glass, and this one here is really good ’cause it’s a marinara, which is like my favorite
type of pasta sauce. You can use this even in lasagna, but this one is also
organic, which I love. (lively music) Next item is quinoa. I love quinoa, it’s actually a seed, but it’s full of protein
and fiber and it’s just such an easy grain or seed to cook up, and I love to put these
in like Buddha bowls, even soups, stir-fries. There’s so much you can do with quinoa and I just think it’s a
really versatile product. I go through a lot, so
we’re gonna get a big bag. Two oils that I love to grab here is avocado oil and coconut oil. Oh, this one’s really heavy. I love avocado oil because
it has a high smoke point, so you can use it to roast
all of your vegetables and fish and chicken this season and it has a very neutral taste. It’s not like olive oil. You can put in anything
even baking and it’s amazing and this is a really good brand. Mary’s cracker, we get
these every single time. They’re one of the healthiest
crackers that you can buy and they’re so much cheaper at Costco, because in a regular grocery store, for just a little pack is like $6. You get, I think this is like four packs in one and it’s under $10. Always get these. (lively music) Just essentials, that’s all I’m getting. These are Matt’s essential, this popcorn. I don’t even know what’s in these. Three ingredients, not too bad. (lively music) Oh, should I get some socks? I feel like every time I come to Costco, oh, Matt’s lost us, I’m
like, do I need more socks? They have the best ones. I have a lot. I’m gonna leave it for today,
but, these are really good. (lively music) We’re back now, we’re done our shopping. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. I’m actually gonna have a poll
in the top right hand corner for the next Costco themed video. If you guys want to see
like all their organic stuff or shopping on a budget at Costco. That was Matt’s idea. Or even just like their freezer essentials that I love to get. Let me know, vote, and I’ll
definitely do that for you guys. Thank you so much for watching. As always, don’t forget to subscribe. I post new videos here every single week and I’m gonna have a playlist down below of other grocery hauls, if
you like these type of videos. Thank you so much for watching. Happy Costco shopping and I’ll see you guys in my next video. Bye guys. (lively music)



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    Also, maybe idea for another video- using Costco purchases for weekly meal plan video!

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