Health Insurance Brokers: 4 Myths You Need to Stop Believing

– Let’s dive into some facts about small group health insurance. (playful music) (lively jazz music) Did you know that brokers cannot negotiate
the cost of your plan? That’s right, for small group plans, no broker can get you a better rate. That’s because premiums
are completely fixed by regulations, so even if you got quotes from dozens of different brokers, your price is gonna stay the same. Since the price is going
to remain the same, make sure you look for the broker that provides the best
customer experience. Did you know you do not
pay extra to use a broker? For small group health insurance, carriers pay brokers a set commission that’s non-negotiable and
approved by the state. There’s no additional cost to you, and not using a broker
won’t lower your premium. So there’s no reason not
to get their help, no? Did you know you do
not need a local broker to get local coverage? Modern brokers come in
all shapes and sizes. Gusto for example, works
with over 100 carriers, and offers over 3500
plans across the country. Did you know that you could switch brokers at any point throughout the year? It’s your right to pick the
broker that’s right for you, and doing so won’t affect your policy, or your contract with
your insurance carrier, so there’s no risk. Learn more about how Gusto
can help your business with health insurance at (lighthearted music)



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