Hair Vitamins Nearly Destroyed My Skin! Avoid my mistake.

So apparently hair vitamins can give you
acne, and I have a story for you about that. Hello and welcome to the Queendom. I’m Sarah Ingle and today we’re going to be talking about the world of hair
vitamins because it seems that whether you’re just like at Target or at the
grocery store even just scrolling for your Instagram feed, everywhere you look
you are bombarded with hair gummies, skin gummies, like, gummies for this, gummies
for that like the just one here it’s “glowing skin” and then this one here is
like “hair skin and nails” and this one over here is like oh you’re gonna live
to you’re 300. There’s a gummy for everything. Okay then, let’s just like
bring on the gummies. I’m all for like candy for breakfast.
Sounds good to me. Well, it’s some good marketing, but vitamins are not, on one
end a magical cure-all, and then on the other end, they’re not just little gummy
bears you can be eating like candy. They actually have medical consequences, so
that brings us to story time. So in the past several months, this channel has
become more and more a hair channel. Last year I made a video called my 18 tips
for long hair and at the end of that I mentioned some tips that I had heard
about that were good but that I didn’t necessarily do myself and one of those
was hair gummies and at the time I didn’t really use hair gummies at all
but is something that is thrown at us all the time and I was like you know
what we’ve talked a lot about these I’ve seen a lot of them. I was studying
all this hair stuff so I was like yeah let’s get ourselves some hair gummies
where things really get interesting as I watched a video from a pretty big
youtuber who was talking about how she made her hair grow super fast she’s
super well attention and really believed everything she was saying but it wasn’t
as I learned the hard way the most informed video the gist of it was, was
the way she got her hair to grow super fast was to be taking the regular hair
gummies which the main ingredient of those is biotin and there’s 2,500
micrograms of biotin and these which is eight over 8000% of your daily value
that you need to get in a day and then her key was not only that
but that you needed to eat it with vitamin b12 gummies because otherwise
your body wouldn’t be able to absorb all about biotin she also went on to say if
there’s more than your body needs it just flushes it out and so you can eat
as mint much of these as you want and it doesn’t have really any consequences so
she’s basically she just eats in like candy and I was like great cuz now I can
eat candy it tastes like candy and it’s actually good for me so what I think is
like an entirely separate event all of a sudden my skin progressively stirs just
get worse and worse like I had never had breakouts like this I had in fact just
made a video on like my 18 tips for clear skin shortly before all of this
and so when I start having like these breakouts which were very
uncharacteristic of me I go back and I watch my own video it’s like okay Sarah
tell me what to do and tip number one was know your body and you’re like I was
like you know what that’s right I know that the foods and the things that I put
into me and just I should know myself and as somebody who lived with myself my
whole life I know that certain things like for me caffeine and sugar make me
break out stop being the caffeine stopping in the sugar I’ll be fine well
that didn’t happen and that was the first time ever that that didn’t happen
in fact it was like it was worth an I come across this little guy the kale
and green tea spinach vitamins more vitamins superfood cleansers from a
youth to the people this is highly recommended by a lot of skincare gurus
and for most people like they love this stuff but as somebody I don’t know why I
didn’t listen to my own advice to know your body I should have listened I know
that I have extremely sensitive skin the more I cleanse the worse my skin gets
but my skin felt like it was on fire like it was like full-on like allergic
reaction or something I don’t know but even things like after I would use this
if I would put something on my skin that I’d used for years my skin literally
felt like it was burning it would hurt and I was like okay clearly this is it
for me I might be for some people was not for me I actually wanted to
replacing it with this matcha hemp hydrating cleanser that has vitamin b5
in it which we’re gonna talk about a little bit later and I didn’t realize
that until just now and it actually further proves what I’m
gonna tell you in a little bit it works way better however my skin was still
just being for me disagreeable I’m gonna start doing more research when I come
across a little bit of information that I wish I would have known biotin which
we talked about is that main ingredient here one where you get eight overeat
thousand percent of your daily value is known as some people – they’ve been
reported cases of making people causing acne and those people making their
breakouts worse if you remember the other friendly acquaintance here this
little guy a vitamin b12 it makes your skin produce away more sebum which then
in turn makes you break out so very recently like a week ago I stopped using
both of these completely it’s been much much much much much better I tend to
have dry skin but I remember it would get like oily the one week since I
stopped this that has stopped completely my skin is still calming down some but
it’s already gotten so much better so what’s going on here first I think there
needs to be a little bit more education around vitamin B in particular and
perhaps some day let me know in the comments actually if you ever want us to
do a whole video on like supplements and vitamins but one thing that I know I
didn’t understand before this was I’d heard like yeah there’s like vitamin b12
and vitamin b6 and vitamin B like all these different vitamin B’s but it never
really clicked in my head oh there’s a lot of different types of vitamin B’s in
fact there are eight different types of vitamin B’s okay and I don’t know if I’m
pronouncing these correctly because all the literature I’ve read on this I’ve
read didn’t hear it with my ears so there’s a vitamin b1 which is thiamine
there’s vitamin b2 which is riboflavin vitamin b3 which is niacin so there is
no vitamin b4 8 10 or 11 because basically people thought originally that
they were vitamins but then they found out later they’re not actually essential
to humans like Pluto what is Pluto today is it a planet an asteroid arisen dogs
we’re all the above we don’t know vitamin b5 pantothenic acid vitamin b6
i ro da pyridoxine pi r I don’t know Kyrie pyridoxine vitamin b7 is another
name for biotin vitamin b9 is another name for folate vitamin b12 which is
this guy right here is there’s nothing for it as Cobalamin. and there’s a word up on the screen you can read it so
basically some of these vitamin B’s are good for your hair and your skin but
some of the vitamin B’s can give you acne and then some of them can stop
action another little interesting thing here is biotin basically this idea that
biotin makes your hair grow faster but in all the research that I’ve read and
from what I can tell there’s no actual evidence that biotin can make your hair
grow faster there is evidence if you are deficient in biotin it can lead to hair
loss however the amount of biotin that the average person needs the average
person most of us were getting and the foods were eating on a daily basis and
it’s a ton of natural sources for it and especially somebody like I eat a lot of
eggs a lot a lot a lot a lot of eggs but I like we’ll have like eight eggs for
breakfast but I know it’s a good source for biotin so the only reason that I can
find this you actually really need a biotin supplement is if you’re deficient
in it and that’s to keep your hair from falling out not to keep make it grow
faster so do you need to throw your hair gummies away probably not really you
should probably talk to your doctor because I’m not a doctor but I can tell
you what I’m gonna do so I’m going to do going forward I’m going to
continue with the multivitamin I think that’s probably smart for a lot of
people interestingly enough this one that I usually use a smarty pants
women’s formula actually already has by a ten-minute it also has vitamin b6 and
vitamin b12 folate with b9 that’s in there niacin was b3 that’s in there
diamine b1 riboflavin b2 b3 vitamin b5 is not in here if I already have a
multivitamin that already has but much less but does still have some biotin in
there I’m not going to be deficient in that there is no need for me to be
eating these wasting my money on these and there’s sugar in them in there if
it’s gonna make me any more likely to have acne I don’t know if I really want
to risk that this guy which I bought it because it said they were chewable b5
gummies well then I read it’s b5 multivitamin yes there’s b5 in here
but it also has b6 and b12 and folic acid which is also another one and
biotin but basically basically the five is one that we could go into all the
science of it you could look it up we’re not gonna spend all the time at data
basically vitamin b5 is one that could actually really help if you do have acne
so what I’m gonna be doing is I’m gonna be probably literally returning this
bottle and getting one that actually is just vitamin b5 so I’m just adding that
before hair thing I have read some research on this has collagen and
hyaluronic acid in it I’m eating like half of the suggested amount of this and
just seeing kind of like what happens now I’m much more leery about it
but I also did some research on it and did not see any sort of weird side
effects associated with this I got these these taste gross but I’m eating them
anyways it’s a prebiotic and probiotic which is another we’re not supposed to
help with your skin and a whole bunch of things the more I research about it and
like oh I should probably probably be taking one of these magnesium I love
magnesium I think it’s fabulous I think it’s super helpful for people with ADHD
super helpful for people who have anxiety it’s just a lot of things and
these ones are like little gumdrop in fact these little gumdrops they’re so good
they make this in a powder too that you can make really tasty lemonade it’s so
good there’s one more if you suffer from acne it’s it’s hormonal and you know
that it’s like right before your period your skin breaks out this something
called dim like capital D capital i capital m it’s basically a concentrated
form of a whole bunch of cruciferous vegetables there’s some really really
interesting research around this that says that it can help with basically
your estrogen levels and it helps keep them like in a healthy balanced way so
I’m gonna try the dim stuff out but I feel like I need to wait I’ve got enough
other like weird things going on I think that’s a key to hair and skin care is
that you can’t expect overnight results patience is key you can’t change
everything at once if you change everything at once first of all you’re
not gonna know what about it your skin does or doesn’t like there can be
something in there that your skin hates and something that your skin loves and
you might throw all that out just because you can see you’re having a
horrible reaction or maybe it cancels it out and don’t think it’s doing anything
you kind of gotta introduce things like one at a time ideally give it time give
it a few weeks and see how it’s going add a note for clear skin zinc is not a
supplement that can help with it and another one is
vitamin A so vitamin A even though it’s a vitamin basically retinoids
are a type of vitamin a retinyl aids are one of those like miracle like Holy
Grail products though a lot of dermatologist talked about is what’s
something that helps your skin produce more collagen it can help with acne it’s
almost like a chemical exfoliant – there’s so many benefits of like almost
anything I was like one thing that so many dermatologists agree on especially
for anti-aging and there’s a lot of skin health things and it’s a big one if you
guys have heard of accutane it’s that crazy intense prescription medication
that doctors give to people with severe severe acne and it’s like has food all
these really horrible scary side effects and so but for that reason a lot of
people steer clear from it a lot of doctors will even steer people away from
it it’s only if it’s like extremely severe accutane is a derivative of
vitamin A okay if I have to summarize some of the ones that really do help for
if you have acne zinc vitamin A vitamin b5 and dim are really really like great
so I guess the moral of the story is do your research read the labels and even
even just like do a quick google search of the ingredients that you are using
especially if you’re doing like a concentrated like just vitamin b12 so I
want to know from you guys in the comments below do you currently take any
sort of vitamins or supplements and/or are you planning to because I’m just
really curious to see like how many of you are currently doing this and if
anybody else has experienced this problem if you guys want more videos
like this or remember to subscribe but we put
new videos every Monday Wednesday and Friday so ring at the little bell if you
want those to come right to you thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll
see you next time vitamin I don’t know is it a moon it’s a moon of the Sun
we’re all a moon for you get to information for all a moon of the Sun
like there’s a lot of value and a lot of these vitamins if we know what they are
because right now I feel like it’s just vitamin ABCD efg hijk LMNOP I’m not
gonna take this I thought maybe it like landed right-side up, and it did not.



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