Gym Twin Workout Routine – My Muscle gain transformation with Freeletics Gym

Hi, I’m Marian. I’m 26 years old and currently a student. All my life I’ve been very skinny. I’ve always had problems gaining weight. But I always dreamed of having an athletic body. I went to the gym for half a year and even trained quite regularly. But somehow I didn’t see any results. But that only resulted in me gaining a lot of fat. I will test Freeletics Gym in the next weeks and I’m really curious about the results. During that time period Julian got a lot stronger as he kept training and I couldn’t. But I couldn’t just take that. That’s why I started training five times per week. Alright guys, we’ve trained for 18 weeks. It was really, really exhausting at times. But we are so excited about the results. It was really worth it. And you can do it as well. So get started!



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