Grow Your Butt At Home | Lean Muscle | Booty Workout

hey everyone, so today. We’ll have a booty routine that you can do at home, and that’s right You can get nice round booty at home So he can do this routine with your body weight but really recommend you to use some ankle weights I have the 2.5 k on here This are heavy ones and those are better in my opinion and also you can use some resistance band and uumm both Are Different as well, this routine is definitely going to leave your booty sore the next day But if it’s not then you’re probably not squeezing your butt high enough, so if you’re not squeezing hard enough, or Your ankle weights to light or your resistance band is too elastic or What else or if you’re just flapping your legs around not really focusing on your muscle, so mind Muscle Connection is very important when it comes to growing muscle, and also the diet if you want to get nice booty Please give this video a thumbs up and also subscribe Shameless [i dont understend] and also my Instagram pages while I’m at it i can’t do this guys Let’s just do the workout. Yep Today we have six exercises fifty seconds for each leg and one minute rest time after you finish both legs I’ve given a bit more rest time because it’s going to burn if you use enough resistance or weight And you’re definitely going to want that one minute to rest before your next exercise But if you’re new to the routine you can try it with your bodyweight first The first exercise is Rainbow leg lifts this is pretty much drawing a rainbow with your leg pretty self-explanatory Don’t arch your back by keeping your core tight Basically tense your core muscles and also engage your glutes while lifting up you’re leg And this helps to the roundness on your booty Now that was done with one leg you got to do the other side too ones you has one side of the glute do it on the other, that can be sexy too, what else? Okay, next exercise is glute Kickbacks you can either do it in a high plank position with your palm on the ground or In a low plank which is resting your elbows on the mat do whichever you prefer So this exercise is really great for our glutes Remember to engage your glutes and your core the key to grow muscle is muscle mind connection So you got to think about the muscle that you’re working on and then you smash it smash those muscles real hard Okay, we’re done with one side. Let’s move on to the other side next is fire-hydrant. Keep your knee bent and bring your legs to the side Like a dot taking a piss basically very sexy, I know So this exercise works on the site of your booty and my booty are always burning so bad after doing this exercise So make sure your weight are challenging enough, if any of this workout does not burn Then you’re probably not thinking about the muscles that you’re working on Okay, we’re done with this side, and now let’s show some look to the other side next we have laeg raise with pulses raise your leg up and lower it down slowly and At the last 10 seconds do little pulses on top Remember to engage your core and keep your back neutral you don’t want to hurt you back we’re done with one side and let’s move on to the other side Next we have clams Keep your knee bent and rest your body on the ground if you like to you can rest your head on a mat too then spread your knees apart And I’m also using a resistance band here too you can start with Bodyweight first if this is hard uummhh And then you can add resistance band next time and this exercise really activates the side of your glutes try it guys Now let’s do the other side too The last exercise we have here is Elevated glute bridge you can also do a regular glute bridge But if it’s not as challenging and so I’ve used a bottle bowl here you can always use a [i don’t know] or a basketball or a Medicine ball if you have that, a box or just something to get some elevation and make sure it’s safe Yeah, so lie on the ground with your knees bent. With feet either on the ground or on the ball Lift your hips off the ground until your knees hips shoulders Form a straight line then squeeze your glutes hold it for two seconds then bring your hips back down So that’s pretty much it do this two more times. I’ll personally do this Totaling of four times if you want to get results, so if you’re not sore the next day Then you know you haven’t tried hard enough Or you haven’t squeeze your butt enough or your weight is too light or you’re too used to the routine It’s probably a sign that you have to increase your ankle weights Some ankle weights have to adjust the ball weight so try to get those you can get up to 5 kilos or 10 kilos Okay guys, so let’s do the second round and I won’t be doing any more voiceover remember to keep your back neutral your core tight and squeeze your ass That’s the workout guys I’ll personally do two more rounds to complete the workout Just repeat the video one more time anyways, that’s it, kill it guys and I’ll see you next week Bye!!



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