GRIN Influencer Marketing Software Testimonial Review: Trifecta Nutrition

GRIN Influencer Marketing Software Testimonial Review: Trifecta Nutrition

Trifecta is about 4 and 1/2
years old and in 4 and 1/2 years, we’ve grown to become the
largest organic meal delivery service in the United States. We’re feeding Tens of thousands
of people all over the country. The most challenging
part of running an influencer program is
largely around the tracking and management of the
influencers our first program was Google Sheet and as
the company grew incredibly quickly. So did the program. And by the time we had 30
or 40 celebrity athletes we were working with it was unmanageable. So we utilized GRIN
as an influencer CRM to manage and track the
entire influencer marketing program. And we loved the feed
of influence content. I want to be able to look at
influencers by segment check post frequency or these metrics. And we really wanted in
the reporting section to be able to create
custom columns. And we need to easily be able
to see campaigns reports. I don’t want to have to
pay somebody to constantly be tracking what’s
going on across all the different social
media platforms. So GRIN is aggregating
all of that data into one place for me. It’s become a massive repository
of organically created content in the content feed
ultimately being able to see what’s
going on across all the different social media
ecosystems in the content feed is hugely valuable
for us. For us, it was a lot of the CRM
style functionality. The tracking of
influencers, the feed of the content, the
ability to run campaigns against influencers. We were looking for
a nimble company that was going to be able to
adapt quickly to changes that happen in social media. And that’s largely what we
found with the GRIN team. They were very open to feedback. Does the team take
really good care of you when you’re going through
the onboarding process? What does the
training look like? Ultimately is the company well funded and stable? GRIN
checks all those boxes.


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