Got The Winter Blues? SAD, Vitamin D & Sunshine

Hey guys! This is Heather from
I don’t know if you can tell but it’s a little bit dark in my apartment today because
the sun is not out and shining. It’s a cloudy day. It’s getting to be winter. Things are getting darker, the sun is rising
later. This is the time of year where it is really easy to start feeling kinda blah, its
cold out. You gotta bundle up. You can also have a lot of fun in the winter but a lot
of the time people will find their energy levels, they’re mood kinda dipping. And for the most part that’s just your average
winter blues but for some people it can be actually cause some real issues. There’s
something called seasonal affective disorder. The acronym is SAD, S-A-D. And that’s kind of the most full blown consequence
of low sunlight in the winter but you can have anywhere in between too. So you might
not be quite at the level of SAD but you can have some low hormone levels, some kind of
vitamin imbalance. And the most common thing with seasonal moodiness
is the lack of vitamin D because vitamin D is produce in our skin when we’re exposed
to the sun. With lower time that the sun is out with the sun being at a lower level in
the sky, it’s not as intense and well its cold out so I’m not running around in a
bikini outside so there’s less of my skin that’s gonna be expose to the sun. All those things add up to the fact that we’re
not getting as much sunshine so we’re not getting as much natural vitamin D produce
in our bodies so this is the good time of year to either start supplementing with vitamin
D or to increase your vitamin D supplement. The RDA was recently increase by the US government
from 400 IU to 600 IU and a lot of health experts still think that that’s pretty low.
It’s the amount that you need to prevent a severe deficiency but it might not be enough
for optimum health levels. And vitamin D is really really closely related
with the hormone system with your body. Some people actually call vitamin D a hormone itself
because it acts really closely in that system. So if you don’t have enough you might be
finding yourself feeling moody, maybe you’re really really tired all of the sudden or you
just feel like you have very low energy levels to the day. Now you can take too much vitamin D when you
take it from a supplement that is possible. But you have to get up to the pretty high
levels in order to get too much. About 1 to 2000 IU a day seems to be pretty good for
most people. Actually I saw one study where they showed
that 4000 IU a day was safe for most people. So what I do is I stick with a thousand through
the summer and 2000 through the winter. What you do is up to you of course and I can’t
really recommend a specific amount for a specific person because everyone needs it differently. The only way to tell for sure is actually
to take a blood test once you’ve been taking supplement and see where your vitamin D level
is in your blood. Now the quality of supplement that you take makes a huge difference. You might find a cheap bottle but you won’t
get your money’s worth out of it unless you’re actually using that vitamin. So you
want to get the most active form and there are two active forms for vitamin D. One is cholecalciferol, I’m not sure if
I pronounce that correctly but you can find the spelling in my article over at,
that is the D3 form of the vitamin and that is source from the lanolin in sheep wool so
it is source from animals. For vegans you would want to go with the D2
form which is ergocalciferol and that is they’ve show it to be just as active when your levels
of vitamin D are adequate so it can maintain just as effectively. What they’ve seen is that if you have a
deficiency of vitamin D then D3 is more effective but there is a new source of vegan D3 that
I haven’t tried out yet but it looks pretty interesting so that is promising for vegans
who have vitamin D deficiency in getting caught up. There’s also fortified foods, a lot of people
don’t like to take supplements and prefer to get vitamins from foods. Unfortunately
for plant foods the only way to do that is through fortified food which are just supplements
added to things like milk or cereal. So personally I prefer to choose my own supplements
rather than getting it added by the food company but it’s up to you if that’s the best
way for you to take it then it’s better than nothing and even with animal food that
have vitamin D, the levels aren’t that high so supplement are good idea for anyone regardless
of what you eat. It’s a difficult vitamin to get to your
diet and that’s why most of the time we get it from the sun but in the winter when
it’s cloudy grey, not so easy. Alright guys that’s it for me today, I’d
love to hear from you and whether you use supplement through the winter with some vitamin
D. I have the supplements that I think are the highest quality posted on my article if
you head over to And try to smile, they’ll really helps through
the winter, spend some time with some fun people and look forward to Christmas and go
out, I don’t know, get a nice cup of apple cider.



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