Going Carnivore? What about Vitamin C [2020]

Going Carnivore? What about Vitamin C [2020]



  • Sun Kissed Keto

    We’re in! Today was day one and it was easy, and tasty and my tummy feels great!🌞💋💋

  • John Ralston

    ….uummm… please talk about the carnivore diet & GOUT… that's the only reason i haven't started it to date ; )…if you've ever experienced gout, you'd understand why i' don't wanna get pissed, butt rich meat like liver usually does it's work with me ; )… much appreciated.

  • Zi Fi

    I would love a video on transitioning from plant based to carnivore… I have been veggie for over 15yrs and have yet to bring myself to eat meat. But since I gave up most carbs(45 days ago) and switched from vegan keto to a modified keto egg fast I feel so so much better. Inflammation and bloating has dramatically improved.

  • Stuart Dodson

    What about “Lyme disease?”

  • Joseph Moore

    Why does the government/USDA promote the food pyramid, myplate, and other dietary programs that promote “balanced diets”, dividing your plate, etc instead of keto or carnivore diets? Thanks

  • Gale Martin

    I don't think the "carnivore" diet can be very healthy. Your body needs veggies…fiber. meat is acidic….. veggies offset that. Plus with meat only….how often does one poop??

  • James Bradley

    excellent information, appreciate it. 😎👍

  • Brigitte Lawrie

    Dr. Berry, may I add, cheese, cream and mushrooms?

  • Homajoon B

    can i have spices?

  • Stacy Orick


  • gort400

    I like Liverwurst with mustard. Does that qualify as "Eating Liver"?

  • sticky fingers

    Too much moo! he's growing little white horns from his ears

  • Art Lover

    7 days in for me…….already lost back pain, burning pain in legs. Impressed. NO cravings either. Atm, I also have coffee with cream and tea (herbal) cutting them out in a week. Mry plan is to go full carnivore. I may keep the grass fed butter and eggs

  • MIKE Mike

    Im doing 80% carnivor with some veg and OJ

  • Robyn Weihen

    Doesn’t cooking the meat destroy vitamin C?

  • litch cool

    well put!!! you are incredibly awesome

  • Roseann Dealba

    Can you eat cheese??

  • Lyn Thompson

    Learning learning! Thank you Dr. Berry for helping us. It’s really nice to have you on our side instead of big Phams!

  • Beth Ann Zaretsky

    I am not a fan on liver but I live liverwurst and liver pate. I hope those are just as good as plain liver.

  • Cj Shaffner

    what about cheese? is it better to eliminate it?

  • Bette Hutchens

    No one in the carnivore community seems to be talking about fibroids. However, fibroids are a big problem for women in our country. The only dietary suggestions I find for fibroids are very vegetarian slanted. Could you please look into this issue and share your views. Thank you.

  • i don't have a name

    People who only eat ramen can develop scurvy because ramen is completely lacking in nutrients mostly. But it makes sense that meat is not.

  • Master Richie

    A sugar/carb free diet totally works! The key is will power, motivation and positive support. Of course I would be missing all three rt now. 😞 someone please pray🙏 for me🥺!

  • bruna mrt

    What supplements do we in need in carnivore diet?

  • Ketocarnivore Farmer

    Ok. Last month I tried carnivore for one month. I hated it–at first. I was craving greens and cheese.
    Once the month was over and I did my shopping, I purchased the greens and cheese. However, I have only eaten 2 salads. I think the cravings were mental and not physical. I couldn't care less about the veg or cheese.
    What have I been eating? Meat and eggs.
    Go figure.

  • H Far

    Thanks for sharing this information, I started carnivore diet since 3 monthes ago, and I'm getting better in every way, physically and mentally.

  • Ketocarnivore Farmer

    Love your videos. I have been doing carnivore for 7 weeks. I am not sure how much protein I need. Everyone gives a ratio based on lean body mass. I have no clue what mine is. Nor will I ever. Anyway, I would love to see your take on this. I'm sure I am not the only one.
    Keep up the great work.

  • 급식급식

    I am a Korean woman doing Carnivore. Your article on vitamin c has been very helpful to me. I thank you.

  • Rose Morris

    What about fiber?

  • suchalad242434

    look how red this guy is XD
    good luck with the disease

  • Nancy Salvaggio

    What about calcium? I’m a 66 y/o woman with osteopenia.

  • Anne Leonard

    What about VEG. You didn't address this. I could do this diet,but not without my veg.

  • Tom Sparks

    Can I at least put some ketchup on my giant chuck roast?

  • eclectic tyrone

    Liver…No, I won't, I can't.

  • Dante Monte

    Can you talk more about your experience with the Carnivore diet? Are you still doing the carnivore diet? I saw your previous carnivore video. But all your recent videos are Keto. Please update us on your current status and your findings of the Carnivore diet vs the Keto diet after one year.

  • Just Me

    There are people who've been on a "fruitarian" diet for a long time as well and it didn't kill them. I don't know much about how healthy they are, but saying people have been on a carnivore diet for decades and seem OK isn't enough to convince me.

  • Tracy Rowe

    liver, spleen, pancreas. Nope, nope nope

  • followurheart11

    This carnivore diet confuses me!! Lol. I need to “read” in order to understand, can anyone guide me to a good read?

  • angelfoodcake1979

    I cannot visualize any actual meals on this diet. Does anyone know a meal plan?

  • Texanboiii

    You recommend ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate?

  • Y Ghatavi

    I guess you need to eat more than 2 pounds of meat to take your daily essential need of nutrition isn't it easier to add a little fruit? god has made fruits to be eaten right? if you are not on kitoses for a lot of protein does it matter to take a bit of carbs?

  • Leesa0221

    How about gizzards?

  • sebastian langley

    Short answer,: liver.

  • Quantum Physics

    I just can't do organ meats. Okay to drink fresh lemon juice in lukewarm water every morning instead?

  • Victoria Albastra

    I've been craving liver for years. Thankfully they've started selling organs in stores in Germany lately. There used to be no organ meat available.

  • Alma Dunn

    I just can’t get into the organ meats

  • Jur Goumans

    Can I eat the liver raw with some fava beans and a nice chianti?

  • John Karni

    Common sense basic earth ecosystem for natural and optimal energy transfer: sun -> grass -> cow -> human

  • the7thwreck

    I get my vitamin c from chicken liver, doesn't honey have vitamin c aswell? I have lost 18lbs and feel amazing since being carnivore for a few months. The amount of benefits I've seen is miraculous! Everybody needs to read 'Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A Price'.

  • SuperQuickfix1

    Most of the northern tribes drank a ton of tea made from spruce or labador tea leaves, both are high in vitamin C.

  • MyPreciousss

    What about a multivitamin??? Someone please answer

  • rachana dave

    Doctor I am vegetarian since birth. Do you have any vegetarian diet plan for weight loss?

  • MrApplewine

    Carnviore does not mean a subset of ketogenic diet. It can be much more meat than fat. That will increase glucose, which may cause inadequate vitamin C, maybe now. Test glucose on carnivore diet. Ketogenic is 2:1 fat to protein and lower glucose.

  • dee kay

    spline as a flavor is a cross between chicken liver and bone marrow

  • mayzo51184

    I’m not a fan of liver, so can I drink orange juice to get my vitamin C? I do like the idea of the carnivore diet.

  • 39simpleman

    Dr. Berry what kind of snacks can be consumed on a carnivore diet?
    Will carnivore help me with lowering my blood pressure & weight loss?

  • beckm1t

    The texture of liver is just so gross 😖

  • yehmiyah

    HalLeLu YAHshua MessiYAH

  • Miri Can01

    What about seafood? Is that ok to eat?

  • Ratter2E

    I notice you didn't include Chicken , turkey duck etc in the Carnivore diet foods, is there a reason for this?

  • Kim Bird

    Hi Dr. Berry. My husband and I went on a semi-carnivore diet. I am still using canned full-fat coconut milk in my tea in the morning because it helps keep me from being hungry most of the day.

    I have osteoarthritis in most of my joints, extremely bad Gerd, diverticulitis flairs, no gallbladder, and I’ve had over 18 surgeries for one thing and another over my 56 years. I was full menopausal when I was 36. I’ve tried everything to get healthy. I did A semi-ketogenic diet for the last couple of years, but still never felt good.

    This is my last attempt at trying to get healthy. I am having extreme oxalate dumping issues the last 2 weeks.

    I have a question about the coconut milk and the tea. Is it okay to continue drinking that in the morning?

  • John Wolf

    How about a very inexpensive supplement package or list… Ate carbs because meat costs..now a billion of supplements seem to be needed

  • David

    Where’s the vegan community lol

  • Jaycee Van

    Thanks Dr Berry!!! Love it

  • sniper coder

    Dr. Ken Berry talked about the Inuit. But he doesn't realize that Inuit eat most of their meat raw. Since vitamin C is easily cooked off and lost during cooking, they get their vitamin C from eating raw liver.

  • Chance1957


  • Niko F.

    calves liver once a week

  • Sjoerd Veldkamp

    I really liked te video 🙂 One question: What about vitamine c 'killed' during heating?

  • Rosie C

    Why did pirates get scurvy when they only ate meat ?

  • Thefirstoneofmykind

    Yes, heat kills vitamin c, eat raw meat like me Instagram @Thefirstoneofmykind

  • Sandra Harris

    Been following carnivore for about 6 months. Tons of my hair is falling out!

  • Marc

    Will someone just tell me where to get Vitamin C other than Liver? I ate liver one time and got campylobacter and died from it. Not kidding. I died and they brought me back to life. It was the worst 15 days in my entire life. I once was also beat with a baseball bat and robbed. I also what my friend Adams blow up infront of me from and IED in Iraq. I would relive those day 10Zillion times over than the pain I had from eating that liver.

  • Jon jon

    Liver!!! Blaaaa

  • camerrill

    Eating pancreas??? Ick

  • Darcy Thompson

    Dr Berry, could you address an ad telling people keto after 40 is dangerous and they have a new secret that gives you all the benefits of keto, while eating your favorite carbs, /They say its all about the hormones instead of the diet. In fact this ad popped up over your video. I have lost almost 60 lbs. Nothing else has never worked for me before and this ad says if older people perist on keto they will eventually lose 95% of their metabolism and a lot of their muscle mass. I hope you shred them a new one. I need to believe what I'm doing is right. Thank you so much for everything you do.

  • Moon Moon

    Does skin count as organ meat?

  • K. Roberts

    Carnivore Challenge January 2020! Wish me luck.

  • Fxjlk

    Humans cannot safely get vitamin C from meat only since humans have a stomach pH of 4 to 5 while carnivores have pH of 1 and below. There can be many harmful bacteria in raw meat and digestion of raw meat is harder and more dangerous for humans than natural carnivores.

  • The Big Big Beat

    what about vitamin b9?

  • Gadolini Rutherfordium

    A small amount of broccoli is a good enough source of vitamin. 75 grams works best.

  • Conny Bannowsky

    Where can I ask the occasional question and get it answered? I'm concerned about my carnivore eating. Fatty cuts of meat make me gag and now I've lost most of my appetite all together. Not eating at all will mess everything up, right?

  • M. McHugh

    What about protein? I am on Keto (feeling great) and have read that too much protein becomes glucose, so only a small amount is allowed. Carnivore diet is much more rich in protein. Does it not become sugar? There is probably a simple answer but I cannot find it. Please help.

  • LagiNaLangAko23

    Too bad meat is expensive

  • Miss Me

    You look good caveman 🔥 Thank you for your service

  • Susan myer

    I recently found Dr. Berry. Loving all the videos. Started the carnivore diet today. Since I have about 80 pounds to lose I’m hoping this will give me a jump start. Can anyone tell me if its okay to drink beef bone broth??

  • World’s Okayest Marine Grunt

    What can I eat on the carnivore diet to get all of my vitamins and minerals in one day? I don’t mind eating the same thing every day

  • tanda1206

    I have gone from Keto to Carnivore, and can't get over the difference…even though I do not like meat. I do add eggs, 1Tbl heavy cream (once a day) and very seldom a little cheese. I eat once a day, occasionally twice…lost 16# my first month, feeling great – BUT – I do wake up very weak every morning. What am I doing wrong?

  • Sebastien Garcia

    Does pig brains have vitamin C too?

  • Lori Dukes

    Please reach out to Mr Rush Limbaugh and cure his cancer with your expertise 🙏🏻

  • Sonja Walker

    What about when you cook meat verses having it raw? Will you still get vitamin C from it?

  • LaserFalcon

    Does cooking liver destroy the vitamin C because of heat?

  • MountainMan1478

    Dr. Berry until i found your YouTube channel i had heard of but didn't know the details of what eating ketogenic was and After finding your YouTube channel now i find i have been eating this way all my life it gave my mother and brother fits when i would get to the stew pot first and would eat all the beef or what ever meat there was in the stew Now i am going to be looking for those meats and organs that you mentioned here in this video Thank you for elevating my concerns with this info

  • John Joe Meyer

    Or just have sauerkraut nah?

  • arie mulchand

    Try vegetarian food. Hurting no animal.

  • Susan Green

    I put lemon into my green tea. Just can't drink tea without lemon.

  • flstudiomaster

    Heating Destroy Vitamin C xD

  • Mary Ceballos

    Thank you doctor for you information

  • Steve Pimentel

    if a cow eats almonds and shits it out would that mean that those almonds are carnivore?

  • Marlene Gold

    How much liver per week?

    How many times per week?
    Can one eat too much liver?

  • Limabean Living

    Great video!

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