Gain Weight to Achieve Your Best Body?

Gain Weight to Achieve Your Best Body?

Our culture in many ways is consumed with losing weight, so what if getting the body that’s best for you meant putting on pounds? Think about that for a minute. There’s a new fitness trend taking the world by storm and it’s called (giggling) Screw the Scale. Yeah. Here to explain what that is and what it mean and how it works is lifestyle and weigh loss coach, Stephanie Mansore. (audience clapping) Alright, Stephanie, I like the term “Screw the Scale”. Good, I’m glad. Talk to me, what’s this trend all about? Alright, so now a days it’s all about looking and feeling your best and creating your perfect body on your own terms. So, this “Screw the Scale” trend specifically focus on building muscle, so you may actually gain weight according to the scale even though you’re happier, you’re healthier, and you feel more in shape with your own body. So I love this as a weight loss coach. The fact that muscle is more dense than fat, right? Exactly, muscle weighs more than fat and muscle burns fat faster than fat burns fat. So, you’ll see in the transformation photos the before and afters that are posted everywhere online. That these people are weighing more on the scale, but they are looking better, they have more energy, they feel more fit and they feel really empowered that they can create their own version of a perfect body and not focus on just being thin as a rail. So many people over fixate on that darn scale. Exactly. It’s gonna be wrong, start kickin the scale. Right. It’s very unhealthy, to like, weigh yourself several times a day. I mean, that will lead to a lot of problems. Eating disorders, potentially psychological issue. I like this. Part of this trend, which I like, and this is something we’ve been doing more and more on our show is, you’ve got movements that people can use that you can do at home. Yes. You don’t need a fancy gym membership, so how are we going to screw the scale? Yes, so we’re going to screw the scale by making sure to incorporate at least 30 minutes of strength training into your workout three times a week. So, I’ve got some weight here. I’m gonna show you guys some moves Oh you showoff you. (giggling) So, you could do these at home and what we’re doing is combining two exercises into one. So you’re really getting the biggest bang for your workout buck. So to start, we’re going to act like a lady. Which I know you guys are excited to do. We’ll come down there. Go act like a lady. (audience laughing) Alright, so this first move is a curtsey lung. You’re gonna take a little bow here, stepping back. That’s what a curtsy is. Yes, yes. That’s a really regal curtsey too. That’s a very royal curtsey. I like it. Yeah, it’s a very royal, feminine curtsey. So, this curtsey is working the standing legs thigh, the glute, and the hamstring. Now when we’re talking about getting more rounder shape, especially in that booty. We wanna make sure that we’re also working the glutes medius, so I’m adding in a side lift here as well. So instead of getting that bubble butt shape, we’re getting a nice round, plump, and firm backside. So we’re doing they lunge, coming back to center, and the side lift. You’re gonna do about ten of these. That looks great! Yeah. Hard to do in heals. So, we’re doing about ten of these and repeating this three times throughout the exercise. Great for the hips. Really opening up those hips. Wow! Yeah (giggling). So the next move is using dumbbells, here. Now if you’re at home and you don’t have dumb bells, feel free to grab laundry detergent or gallon of milk. Smart (giggling).
Yeah. I like it. We’re gonna start with an overhead press. So, I’m gonna hold the weights here at my ears, arms 90 degree angle, abs in tight. Press the weights up, over head. That is working the shoulders and upper body. Come back to center and then we’re going to do a side crunch. So, lifting that knee up towards the same elbow. Yes. So we’re going to put these together. Up and crunch. Good, whew. That looks great Dr. O. (giggling) You wanna try it with the weights? Why do you sound so surprised? (audience laughing) I got a few miles left on me. Somewhere. (grunting) (audience clapping) Boom! Boom! Oh, yeah! So, this is great because we’re working and developing the upper body, but we’re getting this sleek and toned look and then we’re also doing that side crunch to whittle the waist line, so you really have that curvy, hour glass shape that a lot of women and men want definition, but they still wanna feel like their tight and feel really confident in their clothes. Three words, screw the scale. Whew! Thank you so much! (audience clapping) Good job. And obviously work your way up to this routine if you’re not flexible. A guy like me, this would be one of those I’ve fallen and I can’t get up. (laughing) Thank you. Thank you.



  • dr burhan

    Is this depent on my diets

  • Bitch G

    Omg this bitch

  • Wiki Health

    amazing video

  • This is what u want? - this is what u get!

    This is a lie to make you think you can escape your overeating by adding muscle. IT DOES NOT WORK LIKE THAT!
    When you have more muscle you will eat more but still add proportionally the same amount of fat.
    The only way to stay in shape is to not eat more than you can without adding fat.
    You wont look better either with more muscle. Muscly women are not attractive.

  • Sandria Basile

    Would these exercises be good for someone who is trying to GAIN weight? I need help.

  • Brendagee Moreno

    Quit talking shit lmao

  • MiVidaBellisima

    This is nothing new ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„
    Any doctor will tell you muscle weighs more than fat.
    The best way to gauge your progress is to look at your physique and how your clothes fit. Kudos to her for capitalizing on a very simple, common sense notion.

  • Larry Putra

    I think the title is a question,you did all realize that right ?

  • PM

    I think it's called Bodybuilding ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜….

  • gay bynight

    Didn't know this was a thing. Was already doing that in my personal journey. Glad it's changing people's perspectives.

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