• frank corral

    all days the same?

  • Eren

    Chris Im so happy I found you out. After two months of watching your videos and training, I increased my grip time from 10 secs (I know its terrible) to more than 90 seconds and I also increased my pullup sets from 4 to 10. Thank you for everything, my next step is muscle ups. Stay strong 💪

  • Victoria Sojkova

    You are my Idol

  • Roku

    I‘ve wondered, what do you eat, and do you recommend protein skakes? Because I get very unclear skin from that.

  • g ī b b y

    ayo guys drop down a link of the diet I need to gain muscle while doing this type of exercise, thx


    Ля, кто-нибудь из русских здесь есть?


    Do this once every day?



  • smajdzio

    How many routines should i do. U didnt mention that

  • Yung Emu323

    Just when I thought my 30 day program couldn't get any harder I find this haha no excuses let's gooooo

  • Minh Le

    how often should i do this workout routine in a week?

  • Christopher Boit de l'eau

    Everyday ?

  • Komang Indrayana

    Bad push up….

  • Dávid Komačka

    Hey Chris , I've got a question , let's say I'm not able to do 60 australian pull ups at once , can I adjust the rep range ?

  • Nicolas Carinelli

    Hey guys, I’m “doing” (at least trying) the 30-day program and I’m deeply curious someone actually do all the reps and series to the 100%? During all the 30-day program I couldn’t complete more than 2 days to the full

  • egiro emil

    Is this healthy for me am fourteen but I play soccer in Germany

  • __KRASUCK__

    Can't wait to put this in practice at the gym!

  • Jeevan Tamang

    Hy sir I am from Nepal and i follow your videos and those are such a great video's.

  • Fluxity Void

    Chris plz do a kids workout for age 13-16 it would help many people btw I’m 15 and I follow all ur workouts but some are too difficult so can u make a kids workout thank you Chris ur a great inspiration to many people plz reply if u see this comment
    Btw everyone like this comment so everyone can see this video

  • Ammar Qaqa

    will it really help to gain muscles??

  • Jayaram Banka

    I don't know how to handstand

  • DmArmada

    Can I do this everyday as my workout routine ?

  • collarmole

    Push-ups are so effortless for you guys!!!!

  • collarmole

    "That's how you build muscle with calisthenics!" Yeah…. and how does a beginner build muscle with calisthenics? I can't do any of those…

  • Luke Tae

    i can do like 3 pull ups then im done for the day and he's talking about 60 per round..

  • Razor Raze

    so i dont understand this training is this like whole workout is like in 7 minutes???

  • Mikail Kılıç

    Hey Zay, bad jumping squat dude :/

  • marcel chalobah

    10 muscle ups. 10 dips.10 pull ups and 10 push ups

  • michael guild

    This was an awesome routine, thanks

  • Bernard Franjic


  • Ankur Sharma

    Some day I will be able to keep up with you guys! Not just with reps but with speed as well.

  • Spiros Kouzoupis

    Im doing kickbox.. Can i compine these two; or what can i do that fits as an excercise to kickbox?

  • Dime Ques

    Thank u for this work out this is what I was looking for.💪👏👍

  • humandopamine

    Just wondering, will jogging help my leg gains? I live in a really hilly area. I’m kinda skinny down there and I wanna build my calves and thighs as well. Thanks 😊

  • SlendieMC


  • Matheus Henrique

    Bellamy!!!!! 100

  • gioignacio kzn

    Maquina <3

  • Marshall Smith

    to be honest I just want to have enough muscle to throw my girl around. flip her around in all types of ways

  • Gaelan Andrade

    can’t even do one toes to bar 😑

  • Cristian Ignacio Canales Chaud

    Bad Bunny?

  • Ethan Fernandez

    So 1 set?… or 3 after a break between… or should I do this twice a day (1 set for each)?

  • KaPo W


  • Zain Era

    How can I develop my lower back

  • _M_O_S_

    Hell yeeah

  • gdrumz

    How many reps can I start w/ if I’m new to this?!? Also is this the whole workout or do you repeat the series?!?

  • William Bryant

    I thought less reps, higher weight is better?

  • Vix Sagoo

    Basically a HIIT workout, nice workouts get the heart going

  • The Millennial Entrepreneur

    Chris finally found a t-shirt

  • Giuseppe Bux

    Beast !! 💪🏻🔥

  • Davi Lima

    Zay is awesome!


    Can you add Hefesto and other "get on the bar" tutorials?

  • Jordan The Chosen 1

    Waiting for that ..and make sure you guys do this 4 times hahaha. Greatjob thenx bros 👊🏽

  • Mihai Mihai

    I need to do x2 or x3 ?

  • Wand06

    Hi from France

    This set of exercices only one Time or we have to repeat it 2-3-4?

    Thanks 👍🏻😊

  • Duman Gözlüm


  • Unstoppable

    Now is too late for Summer? Just One way to find out.

  • DeviL Tuấn

    Sức trâu và sức bền quá

  • Sagar Kumar

    Please one video hight increase


    I wish I had a pull up bar lmao

  • AshfordAH1Z

    More like this

  • Anand Kumar

    can 13teen old boy do these workouts

  • Dani Tran

    But how many sets tho?

  • Nitin Sharma

    I can do handstand 10-15 sec only how will I do handstand pushup lol….but m still trying putting my leg on the wall.

  • zeyrald

    Let me guess that's his bf? dissaponting. T_T

  • Fahimus Alimus

    Where can I buy the THENX shirt?

  • 張凱崴

    what's the t shirt you wear

  • Piyush Parmar

    Share a video about your diet and how you cook it with each step….please

  • Anton M

    Amazing! Btw what's the song at the end?

  • Kat Tekkel Dean

    You guys are crazy strong! If Chris is struggling, what chance does any other human being have?! 😂🔥💪

  • Charles McKinley

    I cannot wait to do this while routine tomorrow at the YMCA

  • regis richardo

    Thank you for the subtitles in french ; )

  • Maverick

    I thought with more reps you got definition instead of gaining muscle, no idea it would have both results. Definitely going to try it out.

  • eric kelly

    Great stuff

  • Hüseyin Armağan

    Dear Chris firstly i want to thank you for these terrific videos. Then i want to use these musics in my presentations in the school if it is ok! Where can i find & download them?

  • Scanteie87

    Why don't I see full motion on the push ups? Since when is rep count more important than full motion?

  • Trust Robin Wound Care


  • Vish

    Chris said toes to bar, I heard toasting bar.

  • mojgan mirhadi


  • Miroslav Celler

    Song from 3:20?

  • Paul C

    That arm flick intro though….. Gets me pumped up for some reason…..

  • Timo Oksanen

    3-4 sets

    60 x Australian pull ups
    50 x push ups
    40 x jumping squats
    30 x dips
    20 x pull ups
    10 x toes to bar
    05 x handstand push ups

  • Jonathan Ortiz

    se puede desarrollar musculatura haciendo altas repeticione? o seria mejor lastrarse?

  • Suresh Choudhary


  • Nick

    Ok I have to ask a couple of questions….normally people say heavy enough weight to fail at around 6-10 reps….then in this video its opposite….I am down for this don't get me wrong as its nice to see numbers but just want to confirm. My 2nd question is those push ups…I have been doing chest to floor and if I done them like that I would probably double my number which would allow me to reach 50, is that ok when doing max reps or should I stick to chest to floor?

  • Reynold George

    I am a beginner, should I do this daily or should I take rest in between days? Please help!!

  • Core2DuoBoii

    Want new muscles ? f*** your old muscles .

  • Apoorv Kasnya

    "Runnin' runnin' runnin" – refering creed 2 🔥

  • Alison Tang

    Honestly I am big fan of Chris, but first of all push ups, they are not doing full range of motion, then squats looks silly , his partner is doing 1/10 of squat.

  • Tanmay goel

    Bob Morley 0_0

  • Jay F

    How often should you train to build muscle? Also would you recommend compound exercises?

  • Losh Mi

    You are not from this planet…

  • Lenka Ubauba

    How often am I supposed to do a workout for the best results?

  • luigivallillo

    Excuse my ignorance as am new to this but how many sets or does it not work like that?

  • mr hudu

    Bro this is so difficult😣😖😫😭

  • steady_eddy_2020

    I'm quite experienced in calisthenics this routine 2 round had to scrape face off floor with spatula

  • nerd wizrad

    Amazing video, how many times should i watch this video before i get six packs and big arms?

  • Daniel Maliko

    Best legit trainers ever!!….thumbs up dudes


    Did anyone notice they did 50 push-ups in 40 seconds wtf

  • Priscilla Cabrera

    As expert, I do believe Custokebon Secrets is good way to lost a ton of weight. Why not give it a chance? perhaps it can work for you too.

  • حسين الخزعلي

    تحياتي الك من العراق لحبيب استمر يابطل 😚😚😚🇮🇶🇮🇶

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