Funky Monkey Smoothie with NO Bananas! Protein Treats by nutracelle

Funky Monkey Smoothie with NO Bananas! Protein Treats by nutracelle

hey everybody welcome to Protein Treats
today we are making a funky Monkey these are so delicious but ours are gonna be
even better for you because they’re low carb low in sugar high in protein high
in fiber and it tastes absolutely amazing so stick around okay to make a
funky Munky normally you would use a banana some chocolate and some peanut
butter now in my household we’re not free because two of my kids have nut
allergies and I used to weigh 100 pounds more than I do now so I try to stay away
from fruits that are really high in sugar and for me a banana is too high in
sugar I don’t use it in my smoothies I don’t use it too thicken my smoothies
so I’m actually going used a little bit of banana flavouring I’m gonna use
some banana extract but you can also use a sugar-free banana flavored syrup if
you want you’re gonna need also one cup of
coconut milk which is really low in calories and most importantly low in
sugar and you’re going to need about a cup of ice and a quarter cup of
unsweetened peanut butter or soy nut butter which is what I’m using and two
scoops of chocolate Nutralean and that’s it that’s all you need this tastes so
good so let’s work our magic here and put this smoothie together
all right I’m adding in my coconut milk now if you wanted to make this extra
healthy you could add a tablespoon of coconut oil in here and it wouldn’t
change the flavor but it would give it a nice smoothie consistency now I’m adding in the ice and my soy nut butter in your case unsweetened peanut butter and
I’m gonna put in my two scoops of chocolate Nutralean and that’s gonna
give you lots and lots of prebiotic fiber it’s gonna give you tons of whey
protein that’s gonna help you feel really full for hours that’s what’s so
great about making a protein smoothie and now I’m going to add about
1 teaspoon of my baking extract I’m using the banana flavour here we go and
we’re gonna put our lid on and get shaking alright guys that was so easy and oh my
goodness this is so delicious now I get to actually enjoy the flavor of the
bananas without all of the sugar it tastes absolutely amazing hmmm this is
my son’s one of his favorite smoothies if you wanted to make it extra healthy
you could even add a little bit of spinach or some kale leaves to it but
it’s perfect just how it is make sure you comment below tell me how yours
turned out and of course subscribe so you get another awesome recipe next week
thanks guys



  • Victoria Gainey

    I Love your videos I'm gonna promote them in my Bariatric pal account, I hope you don't mind..

  • Lovelylyn walkafaith

    thank you… you are a blessing

  • David Damron

    How much sodium does shake have?

  • PetitelyNatural

    Delicious. I used almond milk and peanut butter still good. Thanks

  • Caitlyn Smith

    Nice recipe I'll try this out

  • Matab Dhillon

    Mine turned out great thanks for the video and recipe.

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