Friday Night Feast | Mushroom Shawarma, Paella & Lamb Shanks | Series 7

Friday Night Feast | Mushroom Shawarma, Paella & Lamb Shanks | Series 7

Hey guys, so this is our beautiful eating
spot at the end of Southend pier a mile and a half out of sea and this year
we’ve got some amazing recipes, proper comfort food, stuff that you’re gonna
love to share with your friends and family. Here’s a little teaser, enjoy.
Layer upon layer of beautiful mushrooms we’re gonna marinate them, we’re gonna
give them gorgeous spices and we’re gonna get it charred, and dark, and gnarly
and we’ll carve that over beautiful thin flat breads you will go mad, let’s do it,
homemade mushroom shawarma. So let’s start off with the marinades with two garlic
cloves, pinch of salt, preserved lemons bash them, a heaped teaspoon of smoked paprika, allspice, cumin goes in, a little bit of olive oil got an incredible
flavour look at that, oh-ho-ho Any mushrooms you can get your hands on anything that can be skewered is what we’re after. Fresh bay, I’m gonna take a
humble onion so just give it a nice little toss up and that marinade gets in
in between the mushroom. So get yourself a nice old skewer and I want to rack
this kabob up tight and packed so look at that, dum-de-de-dum-dum-dum-dum mushroom shawarma! Come on! So that’s gonna go in a roasting hot oven It’s time now to go and get a kebab, look
at that I know what you’re thinking, is it burnt?
Is it ruined? Na na na na na, this is perfect We can now take that incredible
pomegranate molasses, a little kiss of olive oil, we’ll get our flatbread that high
heat it poofs it up like a big pillow you get crispy bits, chewy bits it’s gonna
be amazing, okay let’s build this kebab We want to start with tahini then yogurt.
Time to carve a shawarma now, just absolutely amazing Hit it up with some whole mint, do blobs of the salsa so you get hits of it and waves of it and then the Ducker. So look
there’s only one thing to do now and there is no elegant way to do it.
Salsa- bing. Mint- Waahh. Little bit of molasses- woohoo. That my friends is an
absolute artisan version of a street food Friday night classic, absolutely
delicious. We’ve got beautiful chicken, we’ve got
beautiful squid, cockles, mussels, prawns veggies, the great South End paella! So on the heat we go fry this chicken off and get a nice golden color and I’ll go into
our lovely paella and push these mussels right down to the bottom, our local
cockles, take the little squid legs prawns and sprinkle over those lovely
squid rings and then those sweet peppers beautiful sweet pea, courgette flowers,
can’t wait to show you what it looks like. So this beautiful Southend Paella has had give or take about half an hour, come on! Look at that! Yes! Finish very simply sprinkling of parsley, some wedges of lemon and that’s it guys, hallelujah. So to be completely authentic which this Pilar is not you
should eat it from the pan and with a wooden spoon, so let’s do it.
Wow, what a joy. I think that might be one of the tastiest things I’ve had all year We’re gonna do lamb shanks that are so
tender they’re just gonna fall off the bone, we’re gonna have a kick of
marmalade, whiskey and a deep rich veggie sauce on a creamy cheesy po barley
risotto, you’re gonna love it Come on let’s get some of that, see how
silky is? I’ll go in with the veg first look at those chunks and what I love is
the way that the dark thick gravy marbles through that silky barley
risotto, wowzers Let’s get amongst it and we know we’ve
done good work on the lamb when you can just shake, shake, shake the meat off the
bone, come on, look at that, yes! Right enough yapping deep flavour, tender sweet meat.
I just got a little hit of marmalade just a little chunk of that orange peel
works so well with the swede, the whiskey the dark gravy. oh, mmm. You will love it



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