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    In a nutshell and again, spinach is healthy! Eat your greens people. 🙂

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    Veering a bit off the focused topic here regarding tart cherry juice. I drink it for a different reason. It is proven to help with better sleep and has helped me quite a bit over the last few years with insomnia.

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    I knew he wouldn’t say ice cream 🙁

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    So does it promote muscle growth? Or just reduces the pain?

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    It makes a man, a better man…..a great athlete, a super athlete by harnessing all his strength….Let me educate you

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    True true and true, the more I add spinach and fruits post workout I noticed less sore muscles and I'm back to the gym faster. So happy science is proving the benefits of spinach feeling like popei

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    I think that anyone who made the switch will tell you that their improved recovery is the most noticeable effect they get on a vegan diet !

    But the fact that muscles get less "oxidized" on a vegan diet, does it mean that it's more difficult to build muscle ?

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    More videos like this please!!! 😀👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😁

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    been having spinach and berry smoothies after my workouts, it's no coincidence that the muscle soreness has stopped recently… :O

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    Good thing I have my half marathon this week, time to really start pounding the spinach.

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    I've been a distance runner, year round, since 1973. I experienced the normal aches and pains and soreness after hard worouts and races … until … three years ago when I went on a plant based diet. Zero soreness or pain after workouts or races these days. For example, yesterday a 10 minute warmup run, then 20 minute run at 85% max heart rate / 3 min rest / 90 sec run at 95% max heart rate/ 3 minutes rest. Then 3 times [20 half squats, 20 power skips, 20 lunges] / 2 minutes rest, 2 X 20 single leg half squats/ 90 sec rest, 2 X 30 standing hamstring curls with ankle weights/ 2 min. rest. Sure my legs are "tired" today. And I'll jog for an easy 50 minutes today, but not sore. I'm 62. Plant based nutrition works.

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    Yes yes yes yes more sports nutrition videos please!!!

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    What about muscle growth?

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    what the hell? i remember reading over a decade ago that spinach was bad for muscle recovery.

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    I googled "good foods for muscle recovery" around 3/1/18 and found dried apricots & figs with Dr Greger's website and am now a certified groupie of his

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    Great content!

  • Only herbivorous animals get atherosclerosis

    Great video, Dr. Greger. More videos on fitness would be great 🙂

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    Here is an idea of the most vibrant vegan diet(Not to necessarily strive for but just to know its there for times of necessity, disease, health imbalances etc.and the vibrancy that can be experienced) .. Try to keep an open mind as there are only a handful of people that know about this and almost none who have truly experienced it…. here are the four elements of the diet you consume each day..

    1) (A lot of) whole, fresh wheatgrass (grown in the ground only)
    a)It is amazing and savory tasting when you know how to grow it… the stuff in trays has multiple issues which is why it tastes so imbalanced
    b) it is a fallacy that grass cannot be digested and that we need multiple stomachs. I have empirically experienced this diet for 18 years and until you experience it you’ll never understand,

    2)(A little) slightly sprouted wheat

    3) (A little) clay

    4) (A little) water

    There is way too much to say about this diet on a comment but I’ll address a few things you’re probably wondering right off..

    A)The low-calorie aspect of this diet is not a problem-You’ll understand when you feel how active and generative your cellular force becomes when you eat this diet. You will also feel perfectly satiated as all the material will be metabolized right inside the cell(with perfect chemistry and blood sugar balance) as opposed to some of the toxicity of acidic/alkaloidal diets where the material is stuffed outside the cell as bloat and inflammation. Poisons(natural or synthetic-but mostly natural are where most people ingest poisons) irritate and starve the alimentary canal.

    B)The vibrancy of a diet for the body or the soil is measured by fertility/life force. Grass is a complete food in itself and is the only plant family that has no natural poisons/toxins/anti-nutrients/pesticides/dehydrants/etc… Your water system works on a whole new level in the absence of toxins and when the chemistry and generation is perfect. So your mouth and body stays wet, sweet and alive all the time. Fertility happens when there are no poisons and nutrition is complete. Wheat is simply the most fertile of all of the grasses as one can see with their own eyes it’s the most elastic food. What you are seeing in its elasticity is acute molecular organization with a tensile strength and amount of cells that no other plant has. Grasses are the only plants that do not decay- meaning their chemistry does not change when they break down. That’s how alive they are. The odors that come from your body are sweet only.. which exemplifies absolutely no disease causing microbiology that it could ever attract.

    C) The idea is to not think about extremes and how extreme this may seem.(even though environmentally, financially and healthfully it’s the least extreme thing on the planet) But to understand what the top is and to experience it fully for an allotted period of time so you will always know where the balance and real stability and life force lies.

    D) The taste is actually extremely palatable and the more you do it the more your cells desire this taste. You start to lose the taste for the acids and alkaloids that are in fruits, vegetables, herbs and so forth.

    E) I’ve been vegan for 24 years and have experienced this for 18. When you eat grass you are getting the minerals that you don’t get from fruits and vegetables, not to mention the anti-nutrients that make a lot of them not absorbed. So yes, you are eating what the animal eats. So I understand why the meat eaters think we need meat but meat is simply grass second hand.

    F)You’re not lacking fat on this diet. Some people feel they do well on diets with plenty of fat but when you’re eating that much chlorophyll from grass it has a similar effect to fat(this is too much to cover here) even though it is loaded with the essential fatty acids in the predigested form.

    G) Not only are you not constipated on this diet, but every bowel movement takes on the shape of your G.I. tract. What that means is you are simply feeding and cleansing every crevice possible. You’ll start to realize that feeding, generating and cleansing are one in the same when you eat complete, clean and perfectly metabolized food with perfect chemistry.

    H)"Gluten Intolerance"? my belief..
    a)gluten is the protein of wheat,rye,etc. which has perfect chemistry so by definition it cannot be an "allergen"
    b)people "react" to it because they eat it cooked, they eat too much and without any of the green grass that grows out of it,
    their system is so toxic that they do not posses the micro-force/enzymatic action to break it down, they eat it with other plants
    such as tomatoes, alcoholic substances, etc.that further destroy microbiology, people don't understand the value of eating clay
    for probiotics, chemistry balance, detox, making everything else they eat more absorbable(there is way too much to say about
    clay here)
    c)when you feel how alive, limber and elastic the raw wheat gluten will make you feel on the proper balance of this diet you will
    never question gluten again

    I)At this time, I have no interest in trying to teach this, prove this or debate this on a YouTube channel. I have no commercial interest in this whatsoever. I’ve been slowly writing a book on this for years but it’s just to have all of this experience and knowledge in order. Believe me, I realize an unbelievably small percentage of people would connect to this at all including the vegans.. My reasons for finally reaching out are many I could discuss later.

    I really appreciate your work and I hope to deliver all of this information to you soon.

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    Popeye had it right.

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    Hi, thanks for this. I can get sour cherries dried. Is that okay? I would think it would be even better than tart cherry juice.

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    2:29 They must've used spinach pills, because how do you make a placebo salad? 🤣

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    What about with kale

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    Popeye was right…

  • alicia ali

    There is very common Indian/Asian vegetable called bitter gourd and it has amazing sugar lowering effect also
    Black plum or jamun in Asia
    With tons of vitamins and antioxidant , can you please
    Give information on them.

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    spinach is overrated n the green w the most anti nutrients

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    Someone know a study on de Nuevo lipogenesis that tell efficiency ?
    Mathematically, 9 gram of carb should convert to 4 gram of fat but I strongly doubt that the case !

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    You taught me to heal myself, eternally grateful.

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    The real question is, should I eat spinach raw or cooked ? I boil my spinach. Am I doing it wrong?

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    I cook my spinach, is that still good for me? I cook it in things like burger.

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    A follow-up to one or all of the cases would be great. Like, is the effect of the spinach the same if you use kale or broccoli? Can I get the same results with strawberries and blue berries as they got with cherries?

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    What about the huge amount of oxalates in spinach and berries?

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    does anyone know more foods that have a similar effect?

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    Spinach? What for is not even close to the real deal. In comparison is useless

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    Dr. Greger have you ever encountered Dr. Sebi's theories? Alkaline vegan diet? Avoiding starches?

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    Whys this guy stutter worse than a tweaker?

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    So Popeye was correct

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    Watercress is better

  • mjs1231

    For all you athletes. Pay attention. Pre work is 5 medjool dates in 2 cups water blended till frothy. Have a few gulps before you lift, sip it while lifting.

    For giant recovery you need 3 granny apples, 1 peeled lemon, 1 full bag of baby spinache, half a bag of watercress, nickel size ginger root. Juice that combo after every hard workout in a juicer and you will see results that are so good that you will freak out. Dates for mass energy and a big green drink for recovery. And there are many other benefits.

  • xscott902x

    My post work-out recovery smoothie recipe:
    150g Frozen Mixed Berries (the kind I buy has blueberries/blackberries/raspberries/cherries)
    50g Spinach(could do more)
    1/2 Banana
    1/2 Golden Kiwi(may help boost immunity to common cold/flu)
    1.5 cups Soy Milk
    1 scoop Vegan Protein powder(optional)
    1/4 tsp Turmeric
    Pinch of Black Pepper (to activate turmeric)
    1 Tbls ground flax
    1/4 tsp Cinnamon (anti-inflammatory)

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    Wheat grass would be wayy more effective.

  • Jennifer Stone

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Someone answer this please:if we eat too much veges,can we put too much pressure on kidney due to high oxalate level???

  • Marujita Díaz

    You missed to mention whether those antioxidants can hinder adaptation to physical training, since some reactive species are known to have a role in the signaling required to elicit muscle repair and remodeling:
    • Merry TL, Ristow M. "Do antioxidant supplements interfere with skeletal muscle adaptation to exercise training?" J Physiol (2016 Sep 15) vol. 594 (18) pp. 5135-47 DOI: 10.1113/JP270654
    physoc.onlinelibrary.wiley. com/doi/abs/10.1113/JP270654
    ncbi.nlm.nih. gov/pmc/articles/PMC5023714
    ncbi.nlm.nih. gov/pubmed/26638792

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    do u have the foods mentioned before your workout specifically or just included it in your diet regardless of when you have it?

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    I love ❤️ spinach and broccoli 😋 it’s so freaking delicious. I like to drink self made smoothies with banana, coconut milk, rice milk, 2 full spoons of organic and sugarfree beanut butter and 2 handful of spinach . I drink that often after working out 🙃😋😋😋

  • empty_01

    lol I've been eating 1/2 cup of (cooked from frozen) spinach a day (which according to cronometer, is about 95g) because of the vitamin K and because I liked the taste, good to know it actually helps me recover faster, proven by science!

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    I keep hearing that spinach can harm the kidneys, any truth to this?

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    El cacao y la avena que recomiendas al final son elementos duros que irritan el aparato digestivo, particularmente la avena tiene avenina que es similar al gluten e inflama.

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    This guy's information is interesting but his vocal fry is insufferable…ugh!

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    I shall eat moar spinach!

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    Lots of healthy nutrition from vegetables alone definately speeds up recovery. Explains why I have less muscle soreness the next day.

    I like this video. Now I have a way to determine if I ate enough veggies. And I don't have to feel disapointed when I don't have that much soreness.

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    Hi people
    So 10ml/(kg/min) means how much grappe juice quantity per day?

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    Fascinating subject. I wonder if it would help my sore legs (DOMS) the day after cycling.

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    Do you believe that kale would have the same effect as spinach?
    I love spinach but I also love the kale!
    Maybe eating both is for the best 🙂

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    Beets + Their leaves = Beets + Spinach
    Basically 😀

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    A few coaches are now talking about how we shouldn't be suppressing exercise induced inflammation because it's there to do a job. Just because DOMS is lower, it doesn't mean your body has adapted and compensated for the damage that was caused by previous stresses. It seems like it might be a tricky one to study though.

  • Beyond Your Belly this is the best food


    thank u doc ! spinach definitely helps

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    It would’ve been interesting if you mentioned if spinach and cherries and grapes had something in common, or what it was in these foods that caused the effect. My boyfriend went vegan last year and he said he definitely noticed a difference after workouts, he doesn’t get sore anymore.

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    I'm not following, can someone explain?

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    Too much spinach can kidney stone too..

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    This is all a ruse. Dr Greger making massive amounts of money by promoting fruits and vegetables. The fruit/ vegetable organizations are just trying to promote unhealthy eating and sell more carrots and beets. Oops, I think I mean meat, dairy and processed food companies, junk supplement dealers, pharmaceutical companies, and our so- called medical profession. Keep us sick, fat, and looking for that magic health providing, fat burning, etc…magic pill. Just messing around. Dr.Greger , best Dr. I've met so far.

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    Popeye can attest to this!

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    My go to smoothie is mixed berries spinach and beets

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    Was it organic spinach though? Spinach is one of the fruits/vegetables that contains the highest amounts of pesticides(extremely susceptible).

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    He mentioned in his book, a seed that helps musle growth. But i cant remember what its called!! … please help.

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    Good content. Might want to use a different narrator though.

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    Which grape juice should I buy? I'm not sure which is the healthiest. Or he mentions "concord grapes" are those just regular grapes at the grocery store? Or do they need to say concord?

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    They say milk is brilliant for recovery. I must say I have found it so.

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    You're doing God's work, Doctor. Also, I love all the languages CC'd. Learning Dutch and nutrition simultaneously.

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    What about arugula? It's higher in nitrates.

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    It appears the common thread from this analysis is the dark pigmented plant foods that contribute to better athletic performance and recovery.

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    Popeye got it right after all

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