Foods For Healthy Skin And Hair | Nutrition Guide

Foods For Healthy Skin And Hair | Nutrition Guide

If you love watching Glamrs videos and would like to be notified everytime we drop a new one, please bash that bell icon below! Any foods that give you a glowing skin? So, include a lot of vitamin C products in your diet like oranges and did you know oranges have less Vitamin C as compared to broccoli. Yes! So include a lot of broccoli oranges, and include healthy nuts that will give you omega which also helps in glowing skin. Include almonds, walnuts, seeds and include some Vitamin A, beta keratin like carrots, beetroot, red, green and yellow pepper, all these are really good that help you get a glowing skin. So like the saying goes ” what you eat on the inside shows up on the outside.” So, whatever you eat it, it’ll automatically bring a glow to your face. What to eat for healthy hair? Protein is really important when it comes to hair fall. If there is not enough protein in your diet it gives a lot of hair fall. So what you can do is you can include pulses like dals, lentils in whatever form you want to eat like salads or vegetables and include a lot of dairy protein also which is first class protein so curd, milk, yogurt in the form of kefir. A lot of selenium in the diet also helps. So that will come from fish, and if you are a vegetarian you can go for Brazilian nuts which is not easily available but you can find out. Even two a day will fulfil your need of selenium for a day. And if you can’t include protein in your diet you can opt for whey protein. So including a spoon or two of lean whey protein is good. Kefir is a probiotic drink, which is made of yogurt and it has a lot of live bacteria inside it. So it’s very good for the gut and some people just perforate as a source of protein because it taste better. It’s like western lassi. On that note, thank you so much sneha for answering all those questions it was a pleasure having you here. Have a great day and Stay tined and stay GLAMRS



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    How and what to eat, to increase collagen production?

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    For skin: Oranges,, broccoli, almonds, walnuts, seeds, carrots, beetroot, red, green and yellow pepper

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    #askGlamrs can anyone have PCOS with normal testosterone level. Though I am facing acne & facial hair from past 2-3 months. My testosterone level is 26. My menstrual cycle is regular. Plz take my query. Thank you !

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