• mobby 1033

    Love your videos very educational and interesting value thanks👍👍🏿👍👍🏿

  • xxx xxx

    Adopting Vegan diet has been the best for my body. I'm glad I took it seriously at 30, because it's the beginning of higher aging and veganism has made me feel better especially with my depression.

  • Hench Herbivore

    Sad that Loma Linda (where the Adventists live) is now the only blue zone left after the diet of the other four became westernised. The Okinawan's really did NOT need McDonalds and KFC opening up there! What a travesty 🙁

  • Vincent Esposito, MS, DC

    Ahhh the Blue Zones! Love that book! I think that was the first book I read that really turned me onto nutrition. That was when I first started taking charge of my own health and at least thought about making real changes.

    It took me a couple more years to really put it into action, but now that is my norm, and what I think is most helpful for the majority of my pateints/clients. It also is nice to know that there is research to back it all up!👍

  • Russell Vincent Salonga

    Whenever I go vegan, I become more loving, caring and compassionate person. Maybe meat, eggs and dairy are toxic for my body and my spirit as well.. Just a thought tho.

  • Grace Morgan speaks Youtube Channel

    Okinawa diet is really good for the body. I wish everyone good health, joy,peace and happiness

  • Chaz Lon

    some of that information was from 1949 though….come on now.

  • One green piece

    The greener you eat, the longer you live 🌱

  • Hulagu

    The American occupation of Okinawa is having devastating effects on the Okinawan economy, they are the poorest province in japan and a devastating effect on the health of Okinawans they are the fattest in Japan because of american fast food, sad!

  • Lloyd Christmas

    More plants. More life. More peace.

  • sooooooooDark

    imo sweet potatoes rnt vegetable
    they r a loser version of a fruit (tho they make up for it by having the best color <3 uwu)

  • Ceem Play

    Consume the foods your body wants to eat

  • Dave Panther

    That food survey was done in 1949- post war years of great austerity and not necessarily representative of the Okinawan traditional diet. The pig population was greatly reduced for example. I wish people who put foraward the 'okinawan traditional diet' as a whole food plant based diet would address this, and/or point to some convincing evidence that this sweet potato/plant based low animal produce diet is what the Okinawans actually ate, rather than it simply being a temporary post war austerity diet.

  • telford penfold

    No one would centre a diet around bitter melon

  • Soy pusher

    Greger will live to well over 100yrs, he’s doing fantastic for 75. Wouldn’t have thought he’s a day over 65 🥑🌽🍆

  • Stephanie Nelson

    Can you do a video on California Adventists? 🙂

  • Zehra Hitit

    Bütün videolarınıza Türkçe çeviri rica ediyorum. Teşekkürler.

  • ela goon

    Thanks for your amazing videos. I have a lot of questions about How Not to Die vs. Nourishing Traditions… Can anyone weigh in here?

  • Dionyzos

    It's not only diet and exercise, these people socialize more, they're happier in general.

  • Mody Safa

    Great video

  • Mike Symth

    The diet wasn't vegetables, like in a variety of different types of vegetables, it was sweet potatoes (69% of calories) and white rice(12% for of calories) Andrew and small amounts of fruits(1%) and beans(6%). If they lived to 100 with little heart disease and cancer with that diet than why eat the "daily dozen". Where are the people who lived to 100 who ate the daily dozen each day? The daily dozen is complete BS

  • Eman Name

    There would most likely be far less animal viruses mutating to infect humans too. Some people will never learn.

  • Ph

    I'm a SDA vegan and practice a lot of exercise 💪😷💪

  • jojomonsta7777

    great video

  • larryvietvet

    After watching all the videos regarding arsenic in rice, always wondered what percent arsenic Okinawa rice has past and present.
    Also wonder if rice picks up arsenic regardless if chicken fertilizer is added to the soil. Example, grow other crops in the chicken fertilizer soil and test for arsenic levels and compare. Then same test in low arsenic soil.

  • J C

    Legendas de português e espanhol estão trocadas…

  • Jeanne Amato

    Why is it that most of the things we export are plastics and poisonous food?

  • Carneval

    This nutritional data was gathered during the post war famine. The traditional Okinawa diet contains lots of pork and seafood. I hope no one is stupid enough to believe that eating a nutritionally deficient diet of mostly sweet potatoes will do anything for anyone's longevity.

  • Challenge 2020

    👍Es lebe die Kreativität 🙋🏻‍♀️

  • jarrad2000

    Can you give an update regarding nooch (nutritional yeast) and beta glucans? Do the immune boosting effects make cytokine storms like the ones caused by covid19 worse? If so, this would be an urgently needed update

  • QuartzTech

    i like eating sweet potatoes i knew i was onto something

  • Bill Ding the constructor

    Let’s say you eat this diet, and exercise, but also use smokeless tobacco products—still live long?


    aloha from Hawaii!!!

  • Veganimal

    It's misleading to say the traditional Okinawan diet is centered around vegetables, when the main source of calories is sweet potatoes. Sweet potato is a starch. When most people think of vegetables, they're thinking of non-starchy plant foods. You can't live off vegetables like that; they don't have enough calories. You'd have to eat vegetables all day long and still may not get enough calories. Dr McDougall is right that we are starchivores. Dr Greger focuses on micronutrients and not on what we should be basing our diet around: starch.

  • brian woodward

    Bart Kay debunks this charlatan over and over. Greger is a fake.

  • Bruno Marcantonio

    Perhaps the W.H.O. should consider Declaring the American System of Health & Nutrition a PANDEMIC.

  • vegan til I die

    The Okinawans are not vaccinated against the flu. IT makes you more vulnerable to COVID. Almost all deaths in Europe are elderly flu vaccinated. Have a strong immune system. Take vitamin C. 3000g per day. NOT 250G LIKE HE RECOMMENDS.

  • BetterYouBetterWorld V

    please make a video about the rda's and how important they are because i find it hard to hit 100 percent everyday for alot of nutrients

  • Valentina del valle

    Las traducciones de español y portugués están cambiadas

  • kjell159

    I still wonder how an archipelago nation (Okinawa being one of many Ryukyan islands) be eating such small amounts of fish?
    It looks kind of fishy to me.

    Ok, that was a stupid pun, but seriously?

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