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    Too late for Trump

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  • Emma T

    Take di methyl glycine with the b vitamins. Also fulvic acid helps prevent the formation of the altered proteins in the brains of Alzheimer's patients.

  • Marcus Rossetto

    Hey Dr. Greger, when are you doing your next live Q&A? I was waiting on December 27th, but you never showed up 🙁 big fan, have lots of questions lol

  • Raja Shahja

    Finally now these scammers have to tell you the truth,
    poor sheeple !

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  • Blue Skies

    Thanks for reminding us about homocysteine! Important takeaway for me: B6, the forgotten vitamin

  • Curtis 23

    Keep up the good work. Your videos can save billions of dollars in hospital bills.

  • bigbone06

    OMG!!! This is amazing! Gotta share this info!

  • Purple Carrot

    Vegans without synthetic supplements (just a few decades ago no one knew about b12) get brain damage. Let's think about that.

  • X X

    GO VEGANS ! and remember , work with your hands in the garden ! if you don't have one , join a community garden ! the B12 comes from the soil !

  • Marc Gratton

    Thank you Doc

  • Greg Vierra

    How much vitamin B supplements do we need to take weekly or daily? I take a 1000 mg tablet three time a week. Should I switch to daily tablets? I’m 73. Thanks.

  • Raf Naegels

    Not only do vegans have more folate. They might also be lower in homocysteine once they supplement b12 due to the lower methionine content of their food.

  • inkB1

    b e a n s

  • Fred Smith

    Super So HHC is a metabolite of cholesterol …. and cholesterol protects the cells and is essential to the brain …. I bet the BBB is affected too … I really liked this … Aside …. I remember back in 1990s I drove 200 miles to go to Nat Library in Rockville, where I could get 12 art from the old stacks …. now it's online …. saves gas …. Keep up the great work …

  • Emily BH

    I don't even have to watch the video to point out that man made isolate vitamins are NOT good long term solutions because the body can only recognize, digest, utilize and eliminate foods and herbs that are species appropriate. Taking a vitamin supplement, even if it is isolated from a food that is species appropriate, will only STIMULATE….and as every action has an equal and opposite reaction, after the STIMULATION there will be ENERVATION– that you DON'T WANT!

    AGAIN. We have the medical establishment looking at individual so called "nutrients: the lack of which are NOT THE PROBLEM. THE PROBLEM IS THE BUILD UP OF WASTES in the LYMPHATIC SYSTEM. The lymphatic system, that the medical world IGNORES is an intricate plumbing system that runs throughout your body. It is supposed to carry the acid wastes from our 100 trillion cells that eat from the blood…AND THEN POOP out acid wastes….. away and OUT OF THE HEAD (just like the plumbing in your house does). In this case, the cellular wastes would be causing brain tissue to break down. But if the lymphatic system was free flowing AND NOT CLOGGED it would bring the wastes to the lymph nodes to treat to prepare them for the long trip through the network of "pipes" to the kidneys SO THEY CAN EXIT THE BODY in the urine. Other ways they exit is through sweat as your skin is your third kidney. In your head you have eyes, ears and a nose which can help get rid of these wastes.

    People should NOT be mislead into thinking they can eat cooked beans and grains loaded with phytic acid and other cooked vegetables and take Vitamin B 12 and avoid brain loss or any other mental or nervous disorder. Rather it is the LYMPHATIC,IMMUNE SYSTEM that MUST be free flowing no matter if you are talking about brain disorders or cancer or anything else.

    The only way someone can reverse brain loss is to ELIMINATE THE ACID WASTES in the brain and REGENERATE THE BRAIN with an alkaline healing environment BY EATING ALKALINE FOODS which are RAW FRUIT AND RAW VEGETABLES. Period. Good health , no matter what part of the body is as simple that.

  • Battery9876

    I talked to my doctor about homocysteine, she didn't even know what it was.

  • billmanhillman

    Can small kids take 2500 mcg of B12 or do they need smaller amounts per week?????

  • Eelke Aptroot

    I'm wondering how high the % of ex-vegans is that failed to take sufficient B12…

  • Plant Based Primate

    I think we should eat bugs LOL. That'll cover our B12 requirements!

  • nanook kernell

    i also have choline in my list of anti alzheimer vitamins but cant remember why its in the list. keep forgetting things …

  • Abc 123

    Please do some videos about the statistics behind the worlds healthiest centenarians ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  • Abc 123

    Please do some videos about anti aging and food/ exercise, eg: hair loss/ wrinkles/ weight gain/ muscle loss, etc. is all of this preventable and possibly delayed, ☺️☺️☺️☺️

  • Neophyte

    I don't understand how they find populations of vegans where "most" get too little b12 because you learn on day 1 that you should supplement a ton of it.

  • moplet72

    Vitamin b12 supplements give me acne 😒

  • perfectscotty

    Could you please do a video on the detrimental effects of excessive iron? I just became aware of it and it appears to be a major cause of chronic diseases associated with aging.

  • lisa hobbs

    @cool breeze you sound rude

  • Lee Jones

    Beef Liver is especially high in folate.

  • forlornqueen

    Do bean sprouts count as both legumes and greens? I set a goal of at least three types of greens a day and it's winter so I have to grow them indoors so if bean sprouts count then I have more room for dino kale and different types of lettuce. Does anyone know? Also do beans/legumes count towards our fruits and vegies or are they in their own category entirely?

  • B A

    Vegans are deficient in B12, Zinc (Zinc from vegetarian sources is not as available as Zinc from animal products ) and DHA, which hints to a diet that is not in accordance with the way our bodies have evolved i.e. if vegetarianism was the ideal diet it would cause no deficiencies. In my opinion the best diet is one that is low in cholesterol and processed food but rich in vegetables and fruits. Animals products on the other hand should be in quantities enough not to get deficient in aforementioned vitamins. No eggs, milk products or red meat. If a ketogenic diet is black and vegetarianism is white the ideal diet would be very light gray. In addition Gluten, Casein, Lactose (Milk in general) and eggs should be the first things we consider to exclude from our diet on first signs of morbidity. Thanks Dr. Greger, your channel is on the best sources of information on youtube.

  • Marie Rosa

    So for you, we should all become vegan?

  • Paper Tiger

    too late… I keep forgetting to take my B12.

  • AdamSetEnoch


  • Cathy Lynn Pietranton

    Thanks for the information and we do get our vitamin B12.

  • ELIAKIM Joseph Sophia

    Interesting that smokers don't get "dementia" and scientists don't understand why!

  • Andrew G

    Thanks doc!!!

  • Tom

    Can you do a video on whether pyscadelics like dmt and lsd cause brain damage

  • hsvmobileac

    Anyone who ever had to face the mental deterioration of a loved one knows how valuable and important is the information shared in this video.
    Another excellent one Dr. Greger.
    Thank you very much.

  • tdreamgmail

    Meat eaters win

  • tdreamgmail

    To be fair Meat eaters were still deficient in folate. Give the meat eaters folate and then recheck homocysteine levels.

  • Biggus Dikkus

    Veggie burgers, scrambled tofu, vegan mayo, vegan turkey bacon, vegan cheese, vegan milks, vegan sushi?
    What the hell is that all about?
    Innovate, don't imitate!!

    Vitamin B6 sources: Pork, Poultry and fish..

  • Dan Carpenter

    Please do a video on recommended blood tests for health. I am a 43 year old male and want to know what I should be checking every year. Am I deficient. Is my A1c elevated lipid profile etc ? Any warning signs for kidney issues. Cancer etc ? I think u got the skills to answer this question. Thanks

  • spliter227

    Not to be vulgar but I believe I get plenty of b12 from giving my girlfriend oral sex, why isn't this discussed more? Those b12 supps have levels wayyyy to high

  • Aditya Ramanathan

    You are the best I admire your work and recommend watching your channel to everyone who starts talking about nutrition as a vegan and a doctor in training you have influenced me a lot. Thank you so much Dr. 😁

  • C J

    10 + years vegan, whole food only, mostly raw. No supplements. Blood test shown healthy levels of everything. B12, iron, VitD (even though I avoid sun like a vampire) etc. Will not take 'supplements' as I am unsure why, if everything is so good? Messing up my health because some fear spreading out there and propaganda. Have not been ill all this time, not risking it.

  • Abdulelah Alrasheed

    from where can i take b12 vitamin? i mean beside OTC supplement pills and meat?

  • Pattman Smith

    The only way to prevent brain loss is to "USE IT".

  • Pol Espinosa

    You vegans, deconstruct yourselves.

  • Terry Whelan

    Intermittent fasting at least 18/6.
    A tablespoon of nutritional yeast and B12.
    The autophagy during fasting will clean up and reverse the deterioration of the brain.

  • Flat Plane Dynamite

    Wow in 4 years you aged so much that I see that your plant based diet is slowly but definitely killing you…stupid Vegan…….that's why you took all the pics of yourself in 2018..cause you look like shit..

  • Paul Schneider208663531

    I wish somebody could help me understand why there are so few vegans who don't look like they are starving. I have seen many pictures of starving people. If I was asked to select non starving people from a lineup consisting of vegans and starving people, I know I would have difficulty, because they all, to some degree, appear to be starving. Vegan athletes however do not appear to be starving. So maybe that's what it takes for most people to thrive on a vegan diet: a high level of strenuous physical activity daily.

  • Globox822

    This guys has the most puchable sounding voice

    He sounds like someone is pulling dildo out of his ass from time to time and he goes ihhhhhhhmmmmuuu yeah…

  • Inam

    could you please leave links to the references you use in the description. thnx.

  • rollantz

    Seeing you battle it out with Dr. Darren Schmitt would be epic!

  • Craig Castanet, D.C.

    The B-12 factor is reason enough, for an omnivorous diet. One can argue for meat temperance, but not abstinence.

  • Pleiadian

    As always life savers videos!!! Thank You Dr. Greger.

  • Wiolant SunGazer

    Why is that turtle-looking, The Master of Disguise aka VegSource trying to run over nuts? Is he out of his mind or what

  • The Saltwater Gypsy

    Dr.Gregor, how much b6 and b12 do you recommend I take as a supplement daily if I am eating a plant based diet?

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