FAKE Ronnie Coleman Pro Antium | RC Pro Antium Protein FAKE Vs Genuine

FAKE Ronnie Coleman Pro Antium | RC Pro Antium Protein FAKE Vs Genuine

Hey ! What’s up warriors it’s Amit. Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist Today I am going to tell you about ronnie coleman signature series protein powder How to identify Pro Antium Genuine or fake with these simple points First check whether your protein powder contains safety seal or not Safety seal is blue in color Secondly, the safety seal is holographic If you look this seal in well lit place then it should emit rainbow like colors third point to note Safety seal should have “RC Ronnie Coleman Signature Series” printed Look at the logo carefully Logo should be exactly same as mine. Note the place where RC is printed look at the yellow crown, the crown should be crooked third point note down There should be R symbol where RC logo is printed Fake protein don’t contain this R symbol The crown instead of crooked , it’s straight Genuine Pro Antium contains four boxes Which is printed in two variants thirty gram protein five protein sources, performance and recovery People living outside India may have this variant too thirty gram high protein Performance , recovery drink-ability RC logo and Pro Antium both are trademark symbols All the places where these words are printed, at the right side should be a small R symbol If your product doesn’t contain this R symbol then your product is fake



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